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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Love > Hate

Love > Hate
Thursday, March 8, 2018
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I've been slowly putting together this post over the last few weeks partly because I didn't know 100% on what I wanted to all put into it because to me there is just so much I could say, but mostly because I just haven't had time. Between being slammed at work (read: our receptionist/legal secretary walked out) all the home VGK games which kept Wayne busy and me being a single parent most nights, putting our beloved 11 year old cocker spaniel, Puckett, down after him being sick for 3 weeks, Disneyland with the family and just life in general.

I just haven't had much time for this little space as I had hoped for this year so far.

But back to the topic of this post because I am still seeing various things in which I want to touch and write about.

I've seen a lot of various responses from people over the last few weeks when someone, like me, brings up even the topic of gun reform and the hope of one day seeing some sort of gun reform talk be STARTED. Some sort of change. I am not naive to the fact that it's not going to happen overnight and that it will not solve or fix all the gun problems or violence in this country. There are way too many issues for that.

But when I say Nevada has little to no gun law. That scares me. When I know there is no state to state gun law. That scares me. When you can buy guns at a gun show or online and there is no regulation or registration for that.

And I am not saying I am the most knowledgeable about guns or laws, but that shouldn't matter if you are or not. You should still want gun regulation.

Instead I hear:

"Let's just love one another."

"If people were more accepting of other's, than things like this wouldn't happen."

"Gun reform isn't going to change anything."

"Guns are not the problem, _________ is." Insert another excuse.

Now let me preface this with saying, I agree. In a perfect world we would all love each other and be more accepting of others, there would also be no poor people, no hungry people, no homeless, everyone would be able to be their authentic selves without getting ridiculed for it. The list goes on and on.

But to me the one constant from these people that I keep hearing these GOD DAMN excuses from are people who voted for Trump and support someone who is the epitome of hate and nonacceptance. Someone whose main goal is to stir the pot and make sure it's being stirred on a daily basis.

Some of these people also support a Vice President who believes that "conversion therapy" ACTUALLY works. Really? We're back to that?

I don't like to lump all Conservatives into one basket. Just like I don't like it when someone lumps all Democrats into one basket.

But I cannot support a political party who doesn't support the LGBTQ community. A political party who supports white supremacist groups. Who still use words like fa**ot and ni**er. To me THOSE things are what are driving this country into the ground. In no way shape or form is that "Making America Great Again."

How can you preach all those inclusive things when the very people you are supporting are the exact opposite of love and acceptance?

Don't tell me that if the shooter wasn't white, then the excuses would be ISIS or religion or whatever else you can pin it on. It's always an excuse.

Preaching love and acceptance, but then not really supporting it in the real world or calling someone out on their bullshit when using derogatory words like that because it's all just in fun. I have people in my own family that still use those words and have this way of thinking. Don't think that they don't know how I feel about it. They do.

Talking about humanization and how people relate to each other, but then not being accepting of someone for who they really are and supporting an agenda that tears people down instead of lifting people up.

I say you look in the mirror. What are you doing to help with that?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I'd Be Lying

I'd Be Lying
Thursday, February 15, 2018
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I'd be lying if I didn't say that the mass school shooting this week didn't affect me differently than it ever has before. I first got the alert on my phone through FB as some of the news stations in town were picking it up. I login to FB and pull it up on my work computer. I watch the news footage as they don't have the shooter apprehended yet. He was still "at large." My stomach dropped.

It comes out that it is a student, later to be found out he was an ex-student. Shortly thereafter he was taken into custody in a nearby neighborhood. Not even on campus anymore.

As they are showing various footage of the hospitals and outside the school campus, the news stations start interviewing the kids as they are coming out and parents as they are picking up their children after this horrible event.

As a parent I can't even imagine what was going through their minds. Some of them getting texts from their children while at work saying "the school is on lockdown, but I am safe."

Followed by "I'm scared, Mom." or "I love you, Dad."

I hope I never receive a text like that from either of my kids (or anyone I know for that matter). My wish would be that no parent ever has to receive some sort of text like that. I know my Husband went through some version of this with me on October 1st. He also prays that no one has to go through what he went in his position of having a loved one on the other side of this.

The scenes that some of these kids...just KIDS...were describing were the same types of scenes for me at Route 91. Running past bodies, not really knowing if they were dead or alive. So much blood. The sound of gunfire, crying, screaming and yelling. The mixed feelings of being scared and hopeless and then total confusion and shock of what you have just witnessed and went through.

My heart aches for these children and adults alike that had to experience what I experienced. For those people that have experienced it in the past and for those that will experience it in the future because as sad is it is, it will happen again. I never would wish anything like this on anyone.

Not only is it a mass shooting, that in and of itself is scary and heart wrenching, but then on top of that to be at a school.

A parent sent their child off to school that day not knowing that they would never see them again.

A spouse sent their significant other off to work that day not knowing that they would never see them again.

To be honest, you don't have to be a parent and be outraged. You should be outraged no matter what that this keeps happening. They all use the same gun. Literally google the phrase "what gun did the shooter use" and it will be the AR-15. If this is the same gun people keep using over and over again, why has nothing been done? People just throw their hands in the air like it's no big deal.

I just don't get it.

And to be more honest...I'm sick of the "thoughts and prayers" response. I'm sick of the "our nation needs to come together in this time of crisis" response. I'm sick of the "it's too early to talk about guns and gun reform." No. It's not. Because you can't tell me that it's not going to happen again. All I hear when people say that shit is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I've heard it all before and I will hear it all again. At some point it falls on deaf ears.

Words at this point mean NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING to me.

 And let me tell you...people that are pro gun reform don't want to TAKE AWAY ALL YOUR GUNS and if you think that then get out of your own damn head and into someone else's that has been through this shit firsthand. Have a fucking conversation about it and talk. Don't just revert to the 2nd Amendment and it's my right...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

And is this the solution to it all? No. This is just one step in a fucked up system that needs to be changed. But we have to start somewhere. We can't just throw our hands up in the air anymore and "pray" about it and "think" about it and continue to make EXCUSES for NOT DOING ANYTHING.
Friday, January 5, 2018

Roomba by iRobot

Roomba by iRobot
Friday, January 5, 2018
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So this year for Black Friday I had been eyeing a robotic vacuum. I kinda knew what I was looking for, but nothing super specific. Well, Target had just what I was looking for on sale on Black Friday. My sister Amie was in town, so on Thanksgiving night we went to Target at about 7pm thinking there would be total chaos, and there wasn't. The Target right by our house was totally organized and we were in and out with no long lines or anything.

I had put it out on the interwebs that I was thinking about getting one and I had so many people tell me beforehand that it would be such a game changer and let me tell you it is!!! It seriously is so great, especially with our 5 dogs. I have the app on my phone and can start it or stop it from that. It runs for about an hour or so and can run up to once a day.

I can also check to see how many minutes its been running and when it's done and on it's way back home to the dock.

It also tells me when it's stuck.

I love it so much and would totally recommend getting one!!
Monday, January 1, 2018

My Word for 2018

My Word for 2018
Monday, January 1, 2018
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I haven't done this in a few years, but one of my goals this year is to get back to blogging more regularly. So I decided what better way to start the year off than to pick a word. There is one word that has been continuously coming back to me and that is ............

This word has had so much meaning to me the last few months and I decided I want to carry that into 2018. STRONG has so many variations and meanings for me now:


Mentally STRONG

Emotionally STRONG

Physically STRONG

Friendship STRONG

Relationship STRONG



All around STRONG.

With everything that has happened the last few months, being mentally and emotionally strong has been a top priority for me.

I know that not everyone that survived 1 October has support like I do. I have an amazing and supportive Husband and two kids that need and depend on me. They were my driving force that night and continue to be my motivation every day.

I have friendships that I cherish very much and want to continue to grow. I have this blog that has always been an outlet for me that I want to continue.

My relationship with my Husband is number 1 and I want to continue to have date nights and take time for just us.

I have really been lacking on working out and taking care of my body. It is something I really need to focus on this year.

With all that being said, I really feel like STRONG is the best word for me this year. It just fits every aspect of my life right now. Let's make 2018 the STRONGest year yet!
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {Ten Twenty Six Sixteen}

What's Up Wednesday {Ten Twenty Six Sixteen}
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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What we are eating this week...
I made tacos late last week, so we try and use the rest of the taco meat and make nachos or have a taco salad. Just another way to enjoy tacos!

I also made tater-tot hotdish on Monday and have been eating off of that all week.

We are going out to dinner with a friend at Hard Rock Café to Culinary Drop-Out tonight. It's one of our fave places in Vegas.

I really need to get back on Pinterest and look at some new recipes. I've been in a food rut lately.

What I'm reminiscing about...
Griffin has grown up so much in the last couple months. Especially, with him starting at daycare (we call it school) at the end of July. He is learning some sign language, which has been fun and nice for communicating. I want Griff to be able to communicate better, but I also want him to stay my little guy forever.

Hailey, too, with her starting Kindergarten at the end of August. She is really learning how to spell and read and it just amazes me how fast they pick things up.

It's so bitter-sweet having them grow-up. Now I know how my parents feel about me. 

What I'm loving...
The cooler temps coming to Las Vegas. I can finally wear leggings and boots. It finally feels like Fall.

What we've been up to...
It's been a busy one...iHeart Festival at the end of September, Route 91 at the beginning of October, Wayne's last minute eye surgery, Green Gramma staying with us, Weston's birthday party, Griffin's hernia surgery, Keith Urban. Uffda. So busy, but not complaining AT ALL!

What I'm dreading...
It's getting darker earlier and earlier. I don't like it. I dislike Christmas shopping, too. I like giving gifts and watching people open them, but I just don't like the actual activity of going to stores and buying stuff and wrapping them. I usually resort to gift cards and stick them in a card. Call me lazy, that's fine. I LOVE getting gift cards. I know some people hate it, but you know what? It's better than nothing, right?

What I'm working on...
Trying to get my pictures on lock down, off my phone, uploaded to FB. Also, blog posts up.

What I'm excited about...
We are going to Disneyland in mid-November and we couldn't be MORE excited. Wayne is broadcasting live from there for the first weekend of Christmas. We are not telling Hailey until we get there. She is going to freak!!

Any tips or tricks you have for going with a 5 year old and a 16 month old would be wonderful!

Also, we have plans to go home to Minnesota for Christmas. Which we are equally excited for, too!

What I'm watching/reading...
Other than blogs, I am not reading much. I am watching a lot though. It seems like a lot, but I usually have it on in the background while I'm cleaning or cooking dinner or in the middle of the night, too, when I'm up with Griffin.

Secrets and Lies
This Is Us
Chicago Fire
Chicago Med
Chicago PD
How to Get Away with Murder
Ben & Lauren

We also watch WWE in our house and NFL football.

Wayne and I are in the middle of The Ranch on Netflix.

What I'm listening to...
While I'm at work, I listen to iHeart Radio through my computer. Usually 95.5 The Bull. That's usually what I listen to in the car, too. Otherwise, I have the music on and I'm chatting with Hailey after school when I pick her up.

What I'm wearing...
More cold weather pieces. Closed toed shoes, leggings, tunics and boots! I'm in desperate need of some new winter pieces, but we'll see.

What I'm doing this weekend...
As I mentioned, tonight we are meeting a friend for dinner, Thursday night Hailey has a game night at school, Friday evening Griffin has a Halloween party at his school, Wayne scored more premiere tickets to the movie Trolls for Saturday. Him and Hailey went last Saturday morning, but he got passes for this Saturday, so I might take Hailey again this Saturday. We still haven't gotten any pumpkins or Halloween candy to hand out, so we have to get that done at some point, too. I can't believe Halloween is on Monday already and it's almost November.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
November is Disney and Gilmore Girls month!!

What else is new...
Nothing new with me.

Wayne got a left cornea transplant 3 weeks ago. He is still healing with that. It's been rough and painful and he has a long ways to go, but we are trying to take it day by day and week by week.

Griffin had hernia surgery last week and he is all recovered from that. He's had 3 ear infections within the last 2 months, so his pediatrician has referred us to an ENT.

Hailey is great. She is still loving school and her teacher and her friends. I am anxiously waiting for her Kindergarten pictures to come back.

So that's about it for now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Day {Ten Seven Fifteen}

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Day {Ten Seven Fifteen}
Friday, June 10, 2016
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Back on October 7, 2015, Wayne's life changed forever. Really, all of our lives have changed since that day. There's been a lot of ups and downs since that day and it hasn't been easy; and even though he has been criticized for taking the "easy" way out and opting for surgery, he has also helped and been an inspiration to a lot of people as well.

And to all those judgmental jerks?

Shut up.
We don't care.

It saved his life.
Plain and simple.

It has not only helped him become more healthy, but also given him so much more confidence in his everyday life. It has also given our family a new outlook.

So here is some pictures from surgery day and I plan on blogging his progress since then, too.

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you Dr. Tom and Blossom Bariatrics. From the bottom of my Wifey heart.
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The 5 W's of the D Family

The 5 W's of the D Family
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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I originally saw this post on Wife Mommy Me. Thanks Stephanie for the idea.

WHO ||  Wayne, Leah, Hailey and Griffin. Wayne and I met in a trashy nightclub, were friends for about 6 months and then started dating (7/12/03). I knew just after a month of dating that he was the man I wanted to spend my life with. We were married 11/11/06, had our daughter 6/26/11 and our son 7/14/15. We are up in the air right now whether we want to stop at two kids (one of each) or go for a third. We are not in a rush at this point. Only time will tell.

WHAT ||  I originally started this blog to document and "scrapbook" our life about starting a family, etc. Since starting this blog, it has become so much more than that. I've met some really great people through blogging and I've had some of the best times/friendships with those people. Sometimes I get carried away with other stuff and what I think blogging should be and I have to remind myself of the original reason why I blog... for myself and my family. I'm trying to get back to that place.

WHEN ||  I started blogging back in April 2010, when we decided to start a family. The blog has been called a few different things since then. I have shared a miscarriage, two pregnancies that equaled two children, a few job changes, a few moves (one across country to Las Vegas), countless linkups and favorites and fun.

WHERE ||  We call Las Vegas, Nevada home as of right now, but Minnesota will always be where our true home and family is. We moved to Las Vegas May of 2015. We love the city, everything it has to offer, the weather and have made a few friends in the process.

WHY ||  Sometimes I ask myself why I blog, but I think I touched on this question above. I think when so much time has gone by with no posts or updates that I should just quit, but then I always find myself coming back to my little space on the internet. I have a list of literally a million things I need to update and share, but no matter how long that list gets, I don't think I will ever quit blogging. I call myself a "part-time blogger." It suits me. Like I said above, this space has introduced me to so many friends (online and IRL) and like Stephanie said, it's a hobby that allows me to be creative, expressive and network with other women and mommies. Can't beat that reason.

Until next time.
Thursday, February 11, 2016

Three Things Thursday (Two Eleven Sixteen)

Three Things Thursday (Two Eleven Sixteen)
Thursday, February 11, 2016
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I'm linking up with these three lovely ladies and partaking in their Three Things Thursday link-up. 

Talk about any three things in your life. Yup. Anything.

Griffin got his first tooth last week. At least I think it was last week. I'm not exactly sure when it came in to be honest. When I had him into the Dr a few weeks ago for his 6 month appointment, the Dr had pointed out that the bottom left was almost through. I was so focused on checking the bottom, that I didn't even pay attention to the top. And what do you know? That's where his tooth came in. Top left. I didn't even notice it. My Husband had to tell me.

A photo posted by BigDradio (@bigdradio) on

I am SO excited the Broncos won the Superbowl. I am not a Broncos fan by any means, but I am a Peyton Manning fan and wanted him to win just one more Championship before he might retire. 

We watched the game at Aliante with friends in their showroom. Huge screen. Food. Booze. What more could you ask for? Also, my Husband was rooting for the Panthers, so we had a little crap-talk going on. Makes it all more the fun.

A photo posted by BigDradio (@bigdradio) on

My Husband found out for sure he needs surgery on his shoulder. He had an MRI done a couple weeks ago and just met with the Dr on Monday. He has a torn labyrum (pretty much non-existant), broken bone and a cyst forming. It's been about a year and a half since the injury, so it's been a long time coming. That means 6-8 weeks of no lifting. Anything. Which will SUCK big time. He won't be able to lift either of our children or help bring the clothes basket upstairs or help carry groceries. Nothing. I am so anxious to get it over with, but it will for sure suck while he is recovering. I just hope he can get the surgery and everything heals well.

What's on your mind this week? 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Update - New Job

Life Update - New Job
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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Well, well, well. Where has the time gone? That's more of a rhetorical question as I know exactly where it has gone. Since my last blog post in early October 2015, the biggest and most time consuming thing has been that I started a new job. Yay! I started really looking and applying in September. I was going on 6 months of not working and while I enjoyed that time with my kids, re-couping from having my second baby, and enjoying our first summer in Vegas, I like working. Plain and simple. Also, the extra money doesn't hurt either.

I interviewed with one personal injury place, which I am SO happy I did not get. I heard NOT so good things about them afterwards. I also interviewed with a family law attorney, but ultimately am happy that I didn't get that one either. After thinking about the job, the position would have been flaky and just not great.

A photo posted by Leah // Las Vegas (@mrsmamad) on

I started at my current law-firm at the end of October and pretty much the rest is history. Literally. Like I hardly have any time to do anything else other than Work, Wife and Mom. Although it was another transition and this new job is in an area of law I never really thought that I would like working in, it has been such a blessing. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I am supposed to be where I'm at. I am learning SO much, the firm as a whole to work for is AWESOME, and my co-workers and the attorneys I work for are just as great. They all have been so welcoming and I actually enjoy going to work. Not many people can say that.

Not to say those first three weeks weren't hard. I mean REALLY hard. There were so many new things happening all at once. I was going back to work in an area of law so unfamiliar to me. Hailey starting at a new school and ultimately hating it. Leaving Griffin at home with Gramma (which trust me is a great thing, but can still be hard to leave him everyday). I know it's all the way it's supposed to be, but for those first three weeks, there was so much doubt and I'm not going to lie, there were some tears on my part, too.

Am I where I am supposed to be? Is this job really for me? Is it worth it? Is Hailey supposed to be in school? That school? Should we switch schools? Is there something more going on with her? You start to doubt things and yourself and the decisions you've made.

But ultimately after some time, everything seemed to work itself out. My job got better week by week. I started feeling more confident in the work I was given and producing. We ultimately switched Hailey to a new school. And although it's way more expensive, sometimes you just can't put a price on happiness and a peace of mind.

With me starting a new job, this little space of mine got put on the WAY back burner. I didn't think I would miss it as much as I do, but as time went on, I started missing it more and more. I thought about just letting it go and quitting blogging altogether. But I just can't seem to do that. It's my little creative outlet to share my life and all that comes with it. Whether it be a more serious post like THIS one or a more fun post like THIS one. I've thought about re-branding and changing the name and maybe that will come, but for now it's still me. It's still the same with everything that has changed so much in the last year. This site and everything about it is me and my life and that is ultimately why I started blogging in the first place. So here I am. I may not be back full time, but I am going to try and make this more of a priority as it makes me feel good to blog and share.

This might be late, but HAPPY 2016 everyone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Forever Change

A Forever Change
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
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So today my Husband is going under the knife. He is having gastric sleeve surgery. He talks about it in his blog post that you can read HERE. He will be doing more blog posts as will I continue to blog about it here. I always say I want to write more and share more and then life happens and I find myself posting when I can. I guess that has to be enough right now.

If you don't know what gastric sleeve surgery HERE and read up on it and watch a short video. If you have any other questions feel free to email me:

As my Husband said in his blog post, he has struggled with weight loss and food pretty much his entire life. I can attest to his struggles over the 12+ years we have been together. I have seen him at his heaviest and I have seen him at his lightest. I have been there for the dark days where he is down on himself because nothing fits in his closet. It's been a constant roller coaster of ups and downs and nothing seems to stick or work permanently. It's a gross emotional cycle.

Well, now this HAS to stick. He doesn't have a choice anymore. WE don't have a choice anymore. I have always told him that I love him no matter his size or the number on the scale. That I just want him to be healthy. I want him to be around for the rest of my life and our kids lives. I want him to be there walking Hailey down the aisle on her wedding day and when Griffin graduates from High School. I just want him here. With us. Forever.

He is not only doing this as an endorsement for the radio station he works for, but also for himself and for us. We have talked a lot about it over the last few months since it first came up as a possibility. As he mentioned in his blog post, he originally started with another Doctor and another clinic. They pulled the plug and we thought it wasn't happening. We were ok with that. Everything happens for a reason, right? I firmly believe that. It wasn't meant to happen with the other Doctor at the other clinic. But then this popped up and made so much sense; it was like night and day from the other Doctor and clinic. I truly feel this is the right Doctor and clinic for him and us. They have been FANTASTIC and have walked him through every step of this process.

Am I scared shitless? Yes. I don't think I would be human if I wasn't. He is my Husband and best friend and the thought of going through this life without him has me in tears right now writing this. For better or worse, right?

I just want the best for my Husband and my family and if this is something he wants to do then I fully support him. So please say a little prayer for him, and for me, and our family and everyone at the clinic today. Thanks friends.

Until next time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Word for 2015

My Word for 2015
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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It took a little time, but I finally decided on my word for 2015. I think the definition explains it all. 
I want to embrace:

My Husband
My Daughter
My Family
My Friends
My Pups
My Religion
The Unknown
My Life


verb (used with object), embraced, embracing.
to take or clasp in the arms; press to the bosom; hug.

to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly:
"to embrace an idea."

to avail oneself of:
"to embrace an opportunity."

to adopt (a profession, a religion, etc.):
"to embrace Buddhism."

to take in with the eye or the mind.

to encircle; surround; enclose.

to include or contain:
"An encyclopedia embraces a great number of subjects."
verb (used without object), embraced, embracing.

to join in an embrace.

an act or instance of embracing.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life Update: My Job

Life Update: My Job
Thursday, May 1, 2014
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So last Friday I got the shocking news from my boss that she is closing down her law practice as of June 1st. I'm not going to bore you with the gritty details of how she came to this decision or why, but I have been working with her for 4.5 years and we have SUCH a good relationship. She's seriously the BEST boss I've ever had hands down.

It was very unexpected on my end and really on hers, too. She felt bad, obviously. It wasn't something she had planned and for financial reasons for herself it just makes sense. I totally get it. I completely understand. We shared tears and hugs. It's a very bitter-sweet thing. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I took Friday evening for everything to sink in and to talk with my Husband, Mom and my good friend Jenny about everything.

Saturday I started looking online, applying for jobs and sending out emails. Basically long story short, I applied for a job on Saturday, talked with them on the phone Monday, met with the first half on Tuesday and the 2nd half on Wednesday and they offered me a temporary position covering a 12 week maternity leave while I was meeting with them. It's still in family law, which I LOVE and want to continue to do. And it will keep me working for the next 14 weeks (12 week maternity leave, with 2 weeks of training). I also can continue to look for a more permanent position in the meantime and if something else comes along, everyone is fully aware that I will be taking that. 

The only catch is that they want me to start on Tuesday. They want to make sure if this girl goes early with her baby that someone is ready to fill in right away. Which is fine, but I didn't want to leave my boss high and dry so soon. I mean, it hasn't even been a week since she told me, I can't just be like see ya. I just can't do that to her.  Thankfully, everyone is willing to be super flexible for the next couple weeks while I transition out of here. I might still do something things for my boss on the side like in the evenings or on the weekends. Hey, if she needs help and I can make a little money on the side, it's a win win for everyone, right?

So for the next couple weeks I will be splitting my time between the two (given that the girl doesn't go so early) and then I will be pretty much done here mid-May. I wanted to try and make both sides and everyone know me...the people pleaser. Haha. And it looks like it will all work out. I haven't blogged this week because that's literally all I have been dealing with and I don't think I will have much time during the day to do much personal stuff like I can now, but I am embracing this new challenge and adventure head on.

Thanks Andrea for this reminder that I needed so much. Wish me luck friends.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Thursday, March 27, 2014
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So, this week has been a doozy.

I basically found out yesterday (Wednesday) that Wayne's Gramma is coming to live with us for an undisclosed amount of time on Sunday. Like...this 3 days. Which in hindsight doesn't sound so bad (and it's not) other than she has 4 dogs. But um, we also have 4 dogs.

Now let me give you a little back history before you get all judgy.

(Is that a word? I don't care, I'm going with it.)

In October of 2008, we ended up moving into the basement of her house in Buffalo. We needed a place to live and she needed help financially. It was a win win for everyone. She had 5 dogs and we only had Bella and Puckett at that time. A month later we rescued Tony and Moo Moo. So at that point we had 9 dogs in one house. But it was the country and they had a big yard to run around and it wasn't close to a street or highway. We justified it and it worked for us. There was a house next door, but not RIGHT next door and they were all pretty good about sticking around the house (most of the time). And basically, if the dogs barked, no one was around close enough to hear them.

We found out we were pregnant October of 2010, and started looking for places in the cities, closer to our parents and our jobs.  We just didn't want the hour+ commute each way to work anymore with a child. We lived with Gramma until May of 2011. So for 2 1/2 years we lived in a house with 9 dogs.

We also moved because Gramma was in the process of losing her house (a whole other blog post) and we knew eventually we would have to move anyways. In October of 2011, she ended up moving down to AZ with her sister (and her dog, Gucci - yes her sister also has a dog - we are big dog people), because that was the only place she could have all 5 of her dogs and still live a normal life.

Did we like her living down there? So far away? No. But it is what it is and sometimes people have to do what they have to do. Plus, she has made it clear to everyone that she is NOT giving up her puppies, so she has VERY limited options.

This past summer she had some medical issues and was in and out of the hospital several times down in AZ. After that she started researching and talking to friends up here about moving back to be closer to her family. One of her friends had several rental properties and it just so happened they had a house for rent. The only problem was that it is 2 /12 hours up north from the cities.

In hind sight, we thought it would be better for her to be up here in Minnesota and only be a drive away if something were to happen to her, versus a plane ride away.

So, if you remember in THIS post, I mentioned a road trip to go get Gramma. She moved back here as of December 1st.

In her 4 months of living up there, she has endured quite a lot I must say.

Just some things to note:

1. She's all alone. We all thought it wouldn't be so bad, because her friend lives up there, but it's been miserable for her.

2. She thought she would be ok to live on her own (with only just her social security money), but she just can't. So, she got a part-time job at a little cafe down the street to help make ends meet.

3. She's going to be 74 next Wednesday with various medical issues. She shouldn't be working in a cafe on her feet.

4. She has ended up going to a food shelf a couple times.

5. From the day we walked into the house to move her in, the house isn't what it was all cracked up to be.

6. The owners/landlords (also friends of hers) are SO not helpful or accommodating.

7. The garage door isn't automatic, so in order to get her car in and out she has to lift it herself. Again, she's 74 years old.

8. We had the worst winter EVER, which is 10 times worse up north.

9. The landlords said they had a plowing service, but they hardly never came. She ended up shoveling or the neighbor boy came and did it for her. And then she paid him.

10. She now has been dealing with a mouse/rat issue for the last month and the stories she has told me are absolutely disgusting. Like no one should have to live like that.

Did I mention she's all by herself and her friend/landlord is so NOT helpful?

The whole situation just makes me so mad. Not at Gramma by any means, but just at the situation itself.

This time around there will only be 8 pups. (RIP Snickers) But I am just so stressed out about it, and to make matters worse, my Husband doesn't seem to get why, or much less care. He just keeps saying "it will all work out" and "we'll figure it out." I know. I get it. Can you just say something else?

I am excited on one hand for her to come stay with us. On the other hand though we live in the city, with close neighbors that are also CRAZY.

Sandy is planning on coming to get Gramma at some point and move her back down to AZ. She just doesn't know when and I'm fearful it's going to be a lot longer than what I was planning.

For right now we are going up there on Sunday to basically move her out of there and she will be staying with us for the time being.

Please say a little prayer for me. Anyone got any good advice for me to stay sane?

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Word 2014

One Word 2014
Thursday, January 9, 2014
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 photo oneword365_zpsb0d9da6d.jpg

That's my word for 2014. I have thought about it for the last week and keep coming back to it, so I just decided to make it my word for 2014 and go with it.

I not only want to connect with people better this year, but also things. If that makes any sense.

I want to
...connect with my Husband
...connect with Hailey
...connect with family 
...connect with existing friends
...connect with new friends
...connect with potential clients
...connect with blog readers (my own and others)
...connect with the gym
...connect with music
...connect with my faith
...connect with me.

So there you have it. Have you chosen a word for 2014? Leave me a comment and tell me what it is.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

2014 Goals
Thursday, January 2, 2014
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 photo 2014Goals_zps961f3058.jpg

I didn't do goals for last year. Both Wayne and I had set a goal of simply "Do Better." That was our 2013 motto I guess you could say.

We did "do better," but I also like having little goals and I like looking back on them from time to time and especially at the end of the year.  I don't like calling them resolutions, I like the word goal better. Resolution just sounds so harsh.

So, with that said, here are a few of my goals for 2014:
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week
  • Get toned
  • Cook more meals at home
  • Buy a house
  • Get pregnant with baby #2
  • More date nights or nights out with friends
  • Get organized with life
  • Blog consistently
  • Continue to pay off debts, improve credit and build savings
  • Wake up in the morning at a time so that I am not rushing out the door
  • Continue to explore all that is country music and with that, see more artists/concerts
I might update this list throughout the year or change them as that is what goals are for, right?

What are some of your goals for 2014?

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye to 2013

Goodbye to 2013
Tuesday, December 31, 2013
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I've felt the need lately to do a little reflecting. I feel like with every struggle there is also a success and so in order to see all of it, here is my year in review however brief it is.

Success - Wayne finally became full-time in February after 5 long years. Talk about being patient. Yay to health insurance and more money. He LOVES his job and it has been a life-long dream of his to be where he is at and I am so proud of all his hard work this year. Way to go honey!

Struggle - Finding time as a family of 3 or even just the 2 of us. We work opposite schedules so it can be rough sometimes, but I know it is not a forever situation and we are constantly working on our communication skills.

Success - My Husband is working his behind off for the better of our family. We have big dreams for 2014 (buy a house and baby #2).

Struggle - My blog has fallen so behind. It's always the first to go. Sad, but true.

Success – This little blog has helped me meet and make so many new friends this year (locally and nationally). I’m so grateful for this community I’ve found. I also attended BBC in October and made great new connections and met a few people in the flesh and not just through the computer.

Struggle - Building on our savings/house fund. It always seems like there is something more important that comes up.

Success - Wayne and I made HUGE steps in cleaning up our credit. Yay!

Struggle - Keeping up friendships and making time for my girls!

Success - I am so blessed to have the friends that I do and that they understand me and my family and love me through it!

Struggle – Finding a better balance in life in general...full-time paralegal, mommy & wife, part-time blogger and photographer.

Success – I have booked 2 weddings for next Summer. Which may not seem like a lot, but for a side business it's plenty.

Success - Keeping my family healthy and happy. I have the most beautiful little girl that fills my life with more joy than I have ever known and a Husband that works day in and day out in order for us to live. He is the most loving and un-selfish man I know and I am so proud to call him mine.

Happy New Year Friends!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The time my Husband laughed in my face.

The time my Husband laughed in my face.
Thursday, September 26, 2013
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So, it's been busy round these parts the last couple weeks. I will go more into that tomorrow.

But for today I want to write about the time my Husband laughed in my face. Twice actually. Last night AND this morning.

I started the conversation out last night with this statement:

"So I've been thinking of working out in the morning. What if I get up at about 6 or 6:30, go work out at the gym for an hour and then come home and take a shower and get ready for work here. That way I would only be gone for about an hour or so, still get in a decent workout and then be home to help with Hailey."

His response...laughing.

You're probably reading this and thinking to yourself, what a jerk, laughing at his Wife about such a serious topic. But to be fair, he wasn't laughing AT me, he was laughing at the facts really. And to be honest I knew he would laugh at me as soon as the words left my mouth.

If you know my Husband, you KNOW he is THE MOST SUPPORTIVE AND LOVING HUSBAND EVER. If you don't know my Husband then you should just believe me when I say that.

The reason he was laughing? I'm SO NOT a morning person. Everyone knows this, especially him. He sees it everyday. He sees me in my worst grumpiness every morning. Granted some days are worse than others. It takes me awhile to actually wake up in the morning, let alone be in a somewhat cheerful mood. I can't help it. It's one of the reasons we waited 5 years after getting married to have kids. I love my sleep. What can I say?

But I need a change. I'm actually craving a change. Not big by any means, just something. I normally don't do well with change at all. I like my life as it is and my daily routine. I THRIVE on routine. But how do you know when it's a good thing or time to change the routine?

The issue now is do I love my sleep or do I love my health more? Hhmm. Tough one. If you ask me right now, of course I would say my health. Who wouldn't? If you ask me at 6:00 am as my alarm is going off, I would say EFF OFF. I want my sleep.

But then I'm going to continue to be stuck between my want to get up, get to the gym, get a good workout in and start seeing some results, or I can continue to just sleep, be lazy and get no where. SOMETHING somewhere needs to give.

See where the change is needed?

I haven't been happy with my body for awhile. My Husband knows this. I've been trying to figure out a way to fit "working out" into my schedule. My Husband knows this, too. And now that Hailey is at school full-time and not at my parents house (as of Sept 3rd), I feel like I am much more restricted. I don't want to pick her up from being at school all day just to take her to the gym for an hour or two and throw her in daycare again while I go work out. That's Mommy guilt 101. Again, my Husband knows this. I have a few workout DVD's at home that I could do, but I have NO will-power to do it at home. At least not right now. At least if I go to the gym, I know I am going to work out. It's an accountability thing.

So then this morning. I get up and he asks me..."Why didn't you get up and go to the gym this morning?" I simply reply with:

I would start in October, cause then it's a new month.
Why would I start at the end of the month? That's just plain silly.
I didn't really PLAN on starting this week.
I need a couple days to get into a game plan and get my head straight.
It's a mental thing for me.

More excuses. More laughing.

So I told him, that I am going to start next week just to prove to him that I CAN get up and get moving. I do want to make a change. I do want to be more healthy. I do want to see results. Also, I want him to not laugh at me.

I want him to be proud of me, but more importantly I want to be proud of myself.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Things First

First Things First
Tuesday, June 4, 2013
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I saw this on a few blogs I follow and always love these getting to know you things.

First thing I do in the morning: 

Hailey is usually my alarm clock, so I get her from her room and she lays in bed with us for a bit while we "wake-up." I usually let the dogs out, too. 

Me "waking-up" consists of laying in bed and catching up on 1) Instagram 2) FB 3)Twitter. Usually in that order. My Husband thinks I am ridiculous for being addicted to social media. I say he just doesn't get it. Ha!

First thing I do when i get home from work: 

Let the dogs out of their kennel and if I'm not going anywhere else then I usually change out of my work clothes into comfies. Make dinner. Eat. Watch Tv.

First kiss: 

Oh my. The first one I actually remember was in 10th grade with my first boyfriend, Jeff. 
Before that I don't know.

First home: 

Up until 3rd grade, my family moved just about every year. Since my Mom had me at 16, we first lived with my Grandparents in their farm house. From there we lived in Detroit Lakes (Pre-school), Alexandria (Kindergarten), Plymouth (1st Grade), Bloomington (2nd grade) and then finally Eden Prairie. My parents have lived in the same house since. 

First car:

My first car was a '91 Chevrolet Blazer. It was my Dad's and then when I turned 16 (1999), he gave it to me. It was grey and an SUV. I LOVED it!

First traffic violation: 

It happened shortly after I got my license. It was a speeding ticket. I was mortified. From then I didn't get another one for over 10 years!

First thing I wanted to be when i grew up:

A teacher and a Mom.

First drink of choice:

Depends on the time of day, my mood and craving. In the morning I usually get a Caramel Cooler from Caribou. Daytime is either water or if soda then I choose Coca-Cola. At night usually milk or water. Alcohol of choice is anything Reisling 

First dessert of choice...

Warm chocolate chip cookies or brownies. See how they are both plural? Yes.

First restaurant of choice:

Usually I will pick Big Bowl, but lately it's been Mongos. Yummy!!

First song that comes to mind: 

I would say anything Justin Timberlake, since both my Husband and I are OBSESSED with him. I don't have one song on the brain right now. I LOVE music and my favorites are always changing.

But Elvis Presley - "Can't Stop Falling In Love" is our song.

First major purchase:

Was my first car I financed after the Blazer. A 2002 Toyota Camry that I got in 2004. I loved it and had it until after Hailey was born in the fall of 2011.

First job:

Proex Portrait Studio in Eden Prairie (RIP). I started when I turned 16 and worked as a photographer and customer service. They trained me and I loved everything about it. Worked there all through HS and College until I turned 21 and got my big girl job.

First time I flew:

Teenage years. I went with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins to Florida for spring break one year. It was so fun!!

First "big girl" job:

I started as a "Case Assistant" for a big downtown Mpls law firm. I was in my last year of school and it was part of my internship. I ended up being hired on and got paid and then when I graduated paralegal school I got a promotion. I was there for 2 years, learned a ton and loved every minute of it.

What are some of your firsts?

Leave me a comment if you decide to do this fun little "Get to know Me" post.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Typical Day in the D World

A Typical Day in the D World
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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Welcome to my "Blog Every Day in May Challenge" that I am participating in going on over at Jenni's Story of My Life.

Go see the list HERE for the whole month.

Day 15 for Wednesday, May 15th: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)


7:00 am: Hailey usually wakes up, but then comes into our bed to cuddle.

8:00 am: I finally get outta bed, shower, get ready for work. Get Hailey ready or help Hubs with Hailey. Eat breakfast.

9:00 am: Leave for work.

9:30 am: Get to work. Get Caribou (a must to function). Start working.

 photo ar125012955549113_zpsfd9e3496.jpg

9:30 am - 4:55 pm: Work. Eat lunch at some point during the day. Maybe grab a snack. Talk to my Hubs a couple times on the phone. Chat with co-workers/boss.

5:00 pm: Leave work.

 photo quitting_time_wall_clock_zps2496bda3.jpg

5:30 pm: Pick Hailey up from Daycare if she's there (usually M, W & F). If she's not at daycare then she's usually at my parents house (usually T & TH), which means I try and go work out at the gym, run errands if needed and then go get her afterwards.

6:00 pm: If it's a daycare day then we run errands if needed or go home. If she is at my parents then we don't get home until later where she will fall asleep on the ride home and then I transfer her into bed.

6:30 pm: Eat dinner, watch tv, relax, do chores.

7:00 pm: I give Hailey a bath if needed, otherwise sometime she takes one in the morning.

8:00 pm: Start bedtime routine. Pajamas. Ice cream sandwich (These are her fave and a must). 30 minutes of cartoon time (usually Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or Caillou). Then prayers in her bed.

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcRZhTJl7wO1VXpIXmav3_zpscb58d14e.jpg

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcTweXLj4nallkwJPGqG9_zpsb8b49c83.jpg

8:45 pm: Hailey in bed. Mommy time commences. More chores or TV. Try to blog, but usually fail due to other things.

10:00 pm: Try and watch the news every night.

 photo mzl_zps254e602d.jpg

10:30 pm: Try and get to bed or have Husband time since he works evenings (M-F approx 2:00pm to 10:00pm).

11:00 pm - 7:00 am: Sleep.

Do it all over again.


7:00 am: Hailey usually wakes up, but then comes into bed to cuddle.

8:00 am: Wayne is outta bed. He showers and gets ready for work.  Hailey and I lounge.

9:00 am: He leaves for work. Get Hailey ready for day. Eat breakfast. Lounge.

10:15 am: Leave for gym.

10:45 am - 12:00 pm: Zumba class.

 photo zumba_zpsc6e75ac2.jpg

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm: Shower and get ready for the day.

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm: Hailey & I run errands or do chores at home.

2:00 pm: Wayne leaves work.

2:30 pm - 7:00 pm: Family time involves dinner, errands, chores, TV, nap/lounge time.

7:00 pm: Give Hailey a bath if needed, otherwise sometime she takes one in the morning.

8:00 pm: Start bedtime routine. Pajamas. Ice cream sandwich (These are her fave and a must). 30 minutes of cartoon time. Then prayers in her bed.

8:45 pm: Hailey in bed. Mommy time commences. More chores or TV. Try to blog, but usually fail due to other things.

9:00 pm: Wayne leaves for gig. More Mommy time.

 10:00 pm: Try and watch the news every night.

10:30 pm: Try and get to bed.

10:30 pm - 7:00 am: Sleep.


7:00 am: Hailey usually wakes up, but then comes into bed to cuddle.

8:00 am: Get Hailey ready for day. Eat breakfast. Lounge.

9:00 am: Leave for gym.

9:30 am - 10:45 pm: Zumba class.

10:45 pm - 11:15 am: Shower and get ready for the day.

11:15 am - 7:00 pm: Family time involves lunch/dinner, errands, chores, TV, nap/lounge time.

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcRPqMwAK6rmx2JKXMCTT_zpseb1408dd.jpg

7:00 pm: Give Hailey a bath if needed, otherwise sometime she takes one in the morning.

8:00 pm: Start bedtime routine. Pajamas. Ice cream sandwich (These are her fave and a must). 30 minutes of cartoon time. Then prayers in her bed.

8:45 pm: Hailey in bed. Mommy/Daddy time commences. More chores, TV, lounging.

 10:00 pm: Try and watch the news every night.

10:30 pm: Try and get to bed.

10:30 pm - 7:00 am: Sleep.

That's about it. Nothing too special. Pretty boring if I don't say so myself.

What does your typical day look like?

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