Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Update - New Job

Well, well, well. Where has the time gone? That's more of a rhetorical question as I know exactly where it has gone. Since my last blog post in early October 2015, the biggest and most time consuming thing has been that I started a new job. Yay! I started really looking and applying in September. I was going on 6 months of not working and while I enjoyed that time with my kids, re-couping from having my second baby, and enjoying our first summer in Vegas, I like working. Plain and simple. Also, the extra money doesn't hurt either.

I interviewed with one personal injury place, which I am SO happy I did not get. I heard NOT so good things about them afterwards. I also interviewed with a family law attorney, but ultimately am happy that I didn't get that one either. After thinking about the job, the position would have been flaky and just not great.

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I started at my current law-firm at the end of October and pretty much the rest is history. Literally. Like I hardly have any time to do anything else other than Work, Wife and Mom. Although it was another transition and this new job is in an area of law I never really thought that I would like working in, it has been such a blessing. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I am supposed to be where I'm at. I am learning SO much, the firm as a whole to work for is AWESOME, and my co-workers and the attorneys I work for are just as great. They all have been so welcoming and I actually enjoy going to work. Not many people can say that.

Not to say those first three weeks weren't hard. I mean REALLY hard. There were so many new things happening all at once. I was going back to work in an area of law so unfamiliar to me. Hailey starting at a new school and ultimately hating it. Leaving Griffin at home with Gramma (which trust me is a great thing, but can still be hard to leave him everyday). I know it's all the way it's supposed to be, but for those first three weeks, there was so much doubt and I'm not going to lie, there were some tears on my part, too.

Am I where I am supposed to be? Is this job really for me? Is it worth it? Is Hailey supposed to be in school? That school? Should we switch schools? Is there something more going on with her? You start to doubt things and yourself and the decisions you've made.

But ultimately after some time, everything seemed to work itself out. My job got better week by week. I started feeling more confident in the work I was given and producing. We ultimately switched Hailey to a new school. And although it's way more expensive, sometimes you just can't put a price on happiness and a peace of mind.

With me starting a new job, this little space of mine got put on the WAY back burner. I didn't think I would miss it as much as I do, but as time went on, I started missing it more and more. I thought about just letting it go and quitting blogging altogether. But I just can't seem to do that. It's my little creative outlet to share my life and all that comes with it. Whether it be a more serious post like THIS one or a more fun post like THIS one. I've thought about re-branding and changing the name and maybe that will come, but for now it's still me. It's still the same with everything that has changed so much in the last year. This site and everything about it is me and my life and that is ultimately why I started blogging in the first place. So here I am. I may not be back full time, but I am going to try and make this more of a priority as it makes me feel good to blog and share.

This might be late, but HAPPY 2016 everyone!

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