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Thursday, April 10, 2014

32 Things {04.10.2014}

32 Things {04.10.2014}
Thursday, April 10, 2014
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I saw this on a few other people's blogs last week and thought it would be fun to join in.

These are 32 Things That Make Me Happy!

In no particular order (except 1 and 2):

(1) Hailey. Of course. Duh. And Wayne. And my puppies. That's like 6 right there, but I will just group my family all into one. Otherwise they would seriously take up this entire list. I love my family.

(2) Friends. I love my peeps. No not the Easter peeps. Gross.

(3) Getting a pedicure. Seriously. Nothing is better.

(4) Having down-time at work. Although I love my job and my boss, I just hate it when I am so busy during the day with no time for anything else.

(5) Fun mail days. Anything besides stupid bills or junk mail.

(6) Birthdays, holidays, gatherings, parties. I love getting together with people.

(7) Gifts. My birthday WAS yesterday. Hello? Who doesn't like gifts?

(8) Shopping. Although I gave it up for lent. But I do have to say I am doing so good. Haven't bought one thing!

(9) Chocolate. Pretty much anything chocolate related I will love.

(10) Big Bowl. That restaurant is my FAVE! Oh and Crave, too!

(11) Summertime and sunshine. More specifically driving in the car with the windows down, wind blowin and music blaring.

(12) Country music. I am in love with it all lately. Especially #Bluke.

(13) Watching TV. My favorite past-time.

(14) My bed. And sleeping in. I don't get to do it very often, but when I do. It's just lovely.

(15) Frozen. I just love this movie and I am so glad that Hailey is at the perfect age where she loves it, too!  I like other children's movies, too. That one is just in high demand right now in our household.

(16) My blog. This little space makes me happy and is my outlet.

(17) The people I've met through blogging. I never thought this little old blog would have led me to such an amazing group of people!

(18) Social Media. Especially Instagram.

(19) Taking pictures. I have loved it since I was a teenager.

(20) Concerts with friends. Nothing better than live music.

(21) My favorite Zumba class and working out in general. It just makes me feel better.

(22) A nice hot shower.

(23) A good glass of wine! The sweeter the better.

(24) One on one time with the Husband. Hasn't happened as of late, but I love it when it does.

(25) The MN State Fair. No explanation needed.

(26) Butter and salted popcorn.

(27) Payday!

(28) A good pair of jeans. Whether it be regular jeans or a pair of jean capris or jean shorts. It's hard to find a pair that fits just right and when you do it's just the best.

(29) Lazy days at home in my PJ's all day.

(30) A caramel cooler from Caribou.

(31) Reading blogs. I've been trying to get better about reading and commenting on blogs lately.

(32) My readers of this blog who take the time to comment or send me an email. Thank you to everyone!

What are some things that make you happy?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Highlights

Weekend Highlights
Monday, October 8, 2012
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 Happy October and Happy Fall!

This weekend was pretty low key. I got a lot done around the house which is always a plus. I think I finished decorating for October.  I have other items for November that I will switch out and then obviously change things up in December.


I apologize for the crappy pics, but you get the idea.


Saturday morning our furnace did not start. Well, it started, but it wasn't heating. Thanks to my Dad, he came over and cleaned it enough to get it going. I informed the landlord that I think it just needs a professinal cleaning. They are coming today to do that. So happy though that we didn't have to deal with no heat.

Saturday evening we went to a benefit. Wayne hosted the live auction. It was a spaghetti dinner. So yummy and always for a good cause.


Sunday we watched football all day and I did a few more things around the house. It was a great day... the Vikings won, I got to hang out with my 2 loves, Wayne grilled the best steaks ever for dinner, new Revenge. I just love Sundays.

Now onto my randoms for the week. Linking up with Carissa from lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
Anyone else excited for the 6th and final season of Gossip Girl? Starts tonight!


I know I am!

Esquire named Mila Kunis "Sexiest Woman Alive"

If you know me IRL, you know I totally love her and have since That 70's Show!!


According to Entertainment Weekly and their Box office update: Taken 2' took in $18.6 million on Friday! Woo-hoo! I did not get a chance to see it yet, but my parents did and they said it was great.

Have you seen it yet? If so, I'm jealous!

I got this new watch last week. I've been looking for a round black one with just enough bling for quite some time now. Do you like?


My boss got Hailey this book over the weekend at the local Arboretum. Perfect and oh so cute!


This is one I will be putting in the "keep until she is old enough so she doesn't ruin it" pile. We also picked up her costume. She is going to be a cupcake. No pictures until the actual day though. I don't want to spoil the surprise. All I can say is it's simple and warm for the weather if we decide to go out.

I found this festive cutlery for Hailey at Target for $1 each. You can never go wrong with that.


I got to bring Hailey's first school project to work to display. It is a chick. I love having a reminder like this in my office where I can see it on a daily basis. I will be doing a more detailed post all about school soon.


Isn't it cute? I'm defnitley looking forward to more art projects. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Miscellany Monday {10.01.2012}

Miscellany Monday {10.01.2012}
Monday, October 1, 2012
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Going to link up with Carissa from lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday.



I got these about a month ago and love them!
People do stare at me when I'm out and about because they are so bright, but I don't care!


They are Nike.


I also got a new make-up bag and some new make-up items from E.L.F. Love it all and will be doing a separate blog post soon about my products.


Have you tried any E.L.F. products?


I wrapped up editing 2 senior photo shoots over the weekend. What a releif.



Wayne went to a benefit about a month ago for a girl that died. She was super young (only 21 or 22) and her Grandma makes these blankets and gave one to us for Hailey. The whole family is so nice and thoughtful. She has made these blankets for all her grandkids and they all love them so much that they end up bringing them to college even. She said she would only give one to Wayne if he went straight home and wrapped his little girl in it. I thought that was so sweet and it is so perfect for Hailey.



I finally found a good toy holder for the shower/tub. I just didn't like any of the ones I was finding, but finally found this one at Target of all places.



My Husband's birthday was at the beginning of August and so he needed to get his license renewed.
Here is his before and after:


So crazy to see how much weight he's lost. Way to go hunny!


Don't get me wrong, I love my SUV and I've always said I would NEVER get a mini-van or be a mini-van Mom. But I have to say I see the appeal now more than ever and I am questioning if maybe I should have gotten a mini-van instead of my SUV. For instance the 3rd row seating. That is the one thing I think I would love as I cart around my two sisters, Hailey and hopefully at some point at least 1 more kid. I know there are SUV's that have the 3 row seating, but most of them are $1 million and to fill the tank is another $1 million.


I thought having a kid was supposed to make you a morning person? Wrong. Not in my case. If anything it's made me regress further into NOT being a morning person.


Anyone else love this guy and this song? I know he won American Idol, but I didn't watch it. I REALLY like this song. And I guess he's not bad looking either.


I have recently changed my Danielson Photography website into a blog now and have been working with a blog designer to re-vamp. So excited. This is the proof she sent me and I will be re-launching it soon.



I'm thinking about getting a paper planner again. I don't know 100% why yet. I've been trying to be totally electronic since I got my iPhone last year and I don't really use the calendar at home (mostly because I don't like it). There are a few places that I have seen and looked into...Erin Condren and Paper Coterie.

Any thoughts?


A couple weeks ago I got this new purse.


I needed a smaller one for concerts and going out and for times I don't feel like lugging around a larger one. Since I got it, I've been trying to downsize and really only use this one. So far so good. It can still be challenging at times to manage all my stuff, but so far it's working out all right. I'm still trying to get used to a smaller bag and only bringing with me the minimal.


I took off my fake nails about a month ago and while I LOVE them when they are on, my nails look like shit crap when they come off. I got a gel manicure which was all fine, but the place I went to only had the OPI gel polish and I have never had good luck with it staying on and not peeling.


Well, needless to say only a few days later they all peeled off. I plan on going again, but will be going back to my place and getting the CND gel polish.


I got into a mood yesterday and cleaned. Not only did I do my regular cleaning, but I also did the "move all the furniture and clean behind things" cleaning. I get into this winter hibernation mode, where I want to clean and purge. So I did and it felt great. I also got out the halloween decorations. Too early? I don't care



Now with the weather getting cooler, I have packed up most of Hailey's too small/summer clothes as well as her sandals. Very bitter-sweet, but that means time for new stuff! Yay! Here are 2 new pairs of shoes.

Gramma Kimmy got these:


And I got these from Target.


I also got her a snow pant/jacket set. It was on sale and too cute. I couldn't pass it up. Love it!!


Now I just need boots for her and me!


Anybody else love fall tv as much as I do? I'm loving that most of my shows are back...Revenge, New Girl, Parenthood. The list goes on and on! Also, did you see who the next Bachelor is? Sean!


Not sure how I feel about it. I didn't think he had much of a personality, but I felt the same way about Emily and ended up loving her. And I know I will watch it. I always do.


My cousin asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I"M SO EXCITED!! She was in my wedding cica 2006.

N and L

And now I will be in hers! She's getting married in April 2013. I went and ordered my dress and picked it up last week. The color is lapas...purplish and it is one shoulder.


Forgive me for the horrible photos.

And here is a picture of her German Shepard puppy, Duke.


Ain't he cute?

Wow that was a lot of randomness.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday {08.20.2012}

Miscellany Monday {08.20.2012}
Monday, August 20, 2012
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Going over to Carissa to link up for Miscellany Monday.

1. I would say I'm ready for Fall so that our schedules slow down a bit, but our schedules don't really slow down until October/November this year. At least I'm hoping they will slow down. And although I LOVE summer and am trying to enjoy it as much as possible with Hailey, this Mama needs a break and needs to hibernate. I feel like everyday is a marathon.


2. Speaking of hibernating...can't wait for fall TV to start up. Looks like there are going to be so many great shows starting. The only problem is getting hooked on one and then it getting cancelled. I fell like it's such a waste of time then. So glad Revenge was picked up for Season 2!

 It has switched from Wednesday nights to Sunday nights, so we will see how that fits into the schedule.


3. I'm so behind on blogging, but am really trying to get caught up. My photography business is always booming this time of year with graduation pictures and then a wedding or 2 on top of that. Don't get me wrong, I love it, it just can get overwhelming at times with a full-time job, side business, 1 year old, Husband, Family, etc. I just have lots on my plate at the moment and am trying to focus on one thing at a time.

4. Did I miss this? Taken 2? I absolutely LOVE the first one so much and Liam Neeson, too.

Can't wait!

5. I swiped all my pictures off my phone last week. 600+ down to zero. Yes, I back up all my pictures. Don't worry. Of course after this weekend I'm back up to 100+. Never fails. The iPhone is just so darn convenient.


6. Speaking of Apple, Hubs and I are looking at possibly getting a MacBook. We have an iPad now, but neither one of us really uses it for it to be worthwhile. We are thinking of trading in the iPad and our current PC laptop for a Macbook. Thoughts?

7. Wayne is back on the weight loss train. He started about a week and a half ago. After 6 days, he was already down 8 lbs. Go him!!

8. Anybody out there watching Bachelor Pad? Is it me or is this season so annoying? EVERYONE on the show right now is just annoying to me. Ugh.

9. I finally got to meet my friend, Krista's little girl, Kate, last week. They came in for lunch to visit the office while she is on maternity leave. She is seriously SO CUTE!! 

10. If you haven't checked out my July Photoaday Challenge post go HERE!

11. My Hubs is the greatest. After staying the week with his Aunt in New York and using hers, this had been on my list to get. Well, he surprised me yet again.


12. Also on my want list: these shoes.


I need a new pair desperately. Love them.

Any random things going on in your world? Let me know!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Randoms {06.15.2012}

Weekly Randoms {06.15.2012}
Friday, June 15, 2012
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I saw Snow White and the Huntsman a couple weeks ago. I went to the premiere before it opened to the public. I loved it.


I'm planning on seeing Rock of Ages tonight with Falen.


True Blood started last Sunday night. Seriously love that show. So excited to see Christopher Meloni a/k/a Elliott Stabler on the show this season.


The Bachelorette is getting so good. "This week she told a guy to "Get the F**k out."

I was nervous that she was going to be too nicey, nicey, but she is a sassy little thing.

My new nail color this week is OPI Pink Flamenco.



It's the perfect Summer pink.

Loving this song right now: Katy Perry - "Wide Awake"

Our cousins just opened up their new restaurant in downtown Robbinsdale. They officially opened Monday morning. It's called Birdtown Cafe. Hubs has been twice this week already. I can't wait to go and try the Eggs Benedict. It's my fave and he said it was so good! This is where my MIL works as well. She is officially back to work after 1+ year of being laid off. Yay!!

With her being back to work, means that we are in flux with someone to watch Hailey. This week we used my Mom everyday, but she lives about 20 minutes from us. It's not horrible, but some days with the traffic back and forth. I think we might be looking into getting a Nanny. We'll see. 

I can't believe we go to New York next week! I haven't started packing, but I have made a list. Go with a list. We are so excited for our family trip!

I just got my first Birchbox yesterday in the mail. I haven't had a chance to use anything out of it yet, but will be blogging about that on Monday!

Lately I have been obsessed with these:


How was your week?

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Mama D
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