Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Randoms {06.15.2012}

I saw Snow White and the Huntsman a couple weeks ago. I went to the premiere before it opened to the public. I loved it.


I'm planning on seeing Rock of Ages tonight with Falen.


True Blood started last Sunday night. Seriously love that show. So excited to see Christopher Meloni a/k/a Elliott Stabler on the show this season.


The Bachelorette is getting so good. "This week she told a guy to "Get the F**k out."

I was nervous that she was going to be too nicey, nicey, but she is a sassy little thing.

My new nail color this week is OPI Pink Flamenco.



It's the perfect Summer pink.

Loving this song right now: Katy Perry - "Wide Awake"

Our cousins just opened up their new restaurant in downtown Robbinsdale. They officially opened Monday morning. It's called Birdtown Cafe. Hubs has been twice this week already. I can't wait to go and try the Eggs Benedict. It's my fave and he said it was so good! This is where my MIL works as well. She is officially back to work after 1+ year of being laid off. Yay!!

With her being back to work, means that we are in flux with someone to watch Hailey. This week we used my Mom everyday, but she lives about 20 minutes from us. It's not horrible, but some days with the traffic back and forth. I think we might be looking into getting a Nanny. We'll see. 

I can't believe we go to New York next week! I haven't started packing, but I have made a list. Go with a list. We are so excited for our family trip!

I just got my first Birchbox yesterday in the mail. I haven't had a chance to use anything out of it yet, but will be blogging about that on Monday!

Lately I have been obsessed with these:


How was your week?

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Mama D


Les said...

I think that color is absolutely beautiful! It's so girly and perfect. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

tara said...

i loved seeing emily tell kalon off! lol. your nails look great! :)

Vicki said...

Your nail color is so so pretty! :-)

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