Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Summers in Vegas

Now that summer is (technically) over, this is what our first summer in Vegas looked like...

...warm HOT weather.

...SUNSHINE. Never ending sunshine.

...downpour for 10 minutes and then there's sunshine again.

...eating dinner outside.

...afternoons inside somewhere in the AC a/k/a hibernating.

...shorts, tank tops, dresses, sandals. REPEAT. The less clothing the better.

...pool time...pool time...pool time.



...sweating all.the.time. Even at night.

This will be our first winter in Vegas and it will be interesting to say the least. I know it's different for people that grew up in Vegas, but people wearing down jackets is just silly to me. Anywho, here is to more new experiences and firsts

Until next time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Forever Change

So today my Husband is going under the knife. He is having gastric sleeve surgery. He talks about it in his blog post that you can read HERE. He will be doing more blog posts as will I continue to blog about it here. I always say I want to write more and share more and then life happens and I find myself posting when I can. I guess that has to be enough right now.

If you don't know what gastric sleeve surgery is..click HERE and read up on it and watch a short video. If you have any other questions feel free to email me: leah.danielson@gmail.com

As my Husband said in his blog post, he has struggled with weight loss and food pretty much his entire life. I can attest to his struggles over the 12+ years we have been together. I have seen him at his heaviest and I have seen him at his lightest. I have been there for the dark days where he is down on himself because nothing fits in his closet. It's been a constant roller coaster of ups and downs and nothing seems to stick or work permanently. It's a gross emotional cycle.

Well, now this HAS to stick. He doesn't have a choice anymore. WE don't have a choice anymore. I have always told him that I love him no matter his size or the number on the scale. That I just want him to be healthy. I want him to be around for the rest of my life and our kids lives. I want him to be there walking Hailey down the aisle on her wedding day and when Griffin graduates from High School. I just want him here. With us. Forever.

He is not only doing this as an endorsement for the radio station he works for, but also for himself and for us. We have talked a lot about it over the last few months since it first came up as a possibility. As he mentioned in his blog post, he originally started with another Doctor and another clinic. They pulled the plug and we thought it wasn't happening. We were ok with that. Everything happens for a reason, right? I firmly believe that. It wasn't meant to happen with the other Doctor at the other clinic. But then this popped up and made so much sense; it was like night and day from the other Doctor and clinic. I truly feel this is the right Doctor and clinic for him and us. They have been FANTASTIC and have walked him through every step of this process.

Am I scared shitless? Yes. I don't think I would be human if I wasn't. He is my Husband and best friend and the thought of going through this life without him has me in tears right now writing this. For better or worse, right?

I just want the best for my Husband and my family and if this is something he wants to do then I fully support him. So please say a little prayer for him, and for me, and our family and everyone at the clinic today. Thanks friends.

Until next time.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday {Sept 2015}

I'm linking up with Shay today. It's pretty easy; just follow the above prompts. I thought this was a good update to do since it covers a wide range of topics.

WHAT We're Eating this Week...

The last couple of weeks have been light. Wayne has been on his "liver lightening" diet in preparation for his surgery. I don't think I've mentioned that on here yet or written about it, but it's a pretty big part of our lives right now. I did make meatloaf (from scratch) this past weekend with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. A home cooked meal. Wayne couldn't eat it because it had sour cream and crushed crackers in it. Plus he's supposed to be eating lean proteins...not red meat right now. I had a craving for meatloaf, so that's what I made.

He's been doing a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and then has a sensible dinner which is usually chicken or fish with some veggies right now. I am in need of some healthy options other than those. I have a feeling lots of pinning from Pinterest will be in my future as we embark on this lifestyle change.

WHAT I'm Reminiscing About...

This Vikings game with the Hubby almost a year ago exactly. It was such a great day for us.

WHAT I'm Loving...

 All my TV shows starting, our MN Vikings winning...

This quote...

WHAT We've Been Up To...

September was a super busy month...Hailey started soccer, our friends from Minnesota came to visit...Adam, Mike and Katie, we went to the iHeartmedia Festival at the MGM Grand here in Vegas, Wayne started on his diet for his upcoming life changing surgery, and we saw Book of Mormon at the Smith Center. Lots of fun was had in September and I hope to do a Life Lately post soon with pictures. 

WHAT I'm Dreading...

I can't really say I am dreading anything. Even though Wayne's surgery makes me nervous, it is not something I am dreading.

WHAT I'm Working On...

I've actually been applying to jobs which is like a full time job in itself. I had one interview last week, but didn't get the job. I'm actually pretty OK with that because I hadn't heard good things about the firm or the main attorney. So it's probably a blessing in disguise.

I have Griffin's birth story all typed out, but was waiting to get a few pictures off of Wayne's phone for the post. I feel like blogging is always two fold. I either have it written and am waiting or working on pictures or I have the pictures and need to write it all out.

WHAT I'm Excited About...

Hopefully a more low key October, although Wayne's surgery is on the 7th and we have friends coming into town that weekend and the next weekend. AND I'm supposed to be going to the Janet Jackson concert on the 9th. Woohoo!

WHAT I'm Watching/Reading...

I've been finishing up Summer TV and gearing up for Fall TV. I'm excited for some old favorites to come back and some new prospects to start. I also binge watched Younger on TV Land and LOVED it!!

WHAT I'm Listening To...

Since his new song (What Do You Mean) came out, I've reintroduced Hailey to Justin Bieber, so we've been listening to a lot of:

WHAT I'm Wearing...

Still wearing shorts/tanks here. It's still be in the high 90's or low 100's. I did buy a couple new pairs of jeans because I can't fit into my existing ones and probably won't be able to for sometime still. The stores all have winter stuff out down here in Vegas, but I'm torn as it's not like Minnesota winter at all. Am I seriously going to be wearing jeans and sweaters and closed toe shoes? It will be interesting to experience our first winter in Vegas.

WHAT I'm Doing This Weekend...

This weekend is Route 91 Country Festival, but I'm not sure we're going. We've just been running ourselves ragged this month and are in desperate need of some down time. Also with Wayne's surgery next week and friends coming into town the next couple of weekends, we might sit this one out.

WHAT I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...

I'm super nervous, but looking forward to Wayne's surgery. I know everything will be OK, I just am a worrier at heart. This will not only be a big lifestyle change for him, but our family as a whole.

Hopefully I will have a job soon. To be honest, I miss working. I miss having my own "thing." I miss that routine. I miss contributing financially to our family and having a little more freedom with money. 

WHAT Else is New...

Not much else is new other than what I have mentioned in this post. I AM going to be doing a BLOG re-name with a redesign at some point. I think I have the re-name figured out, now I just need to pull the trigger on the re-design. I WILL be doing updates on life in Vegas, Griffin, Wayne's surgery and his progress and of course continue with our day to day life updates.

Let me know if there is something specific you would like me to update you about! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mini D's Journey

These are the Dr milestones that we experienced with Mini D and his journey from time of conception:

10/13/2014: LMP a/k/a last menstrual period.

12/17/2014: 9 week Dr appointment and 1st U/S. Dr confirmed there was a sweet pea growing and we heard heartbeat for the first time. Everything on track.

1/07/2015: 12 week Dr appointment. Heard heartbeat. Everything on track.

2/9/2015: 17 week Dr appointment. Heard heartbeat. Everything on track.

3/9/2015: 21 week Dr appointment and 2nd U/S. We found out baby is a BOY! All baby parts looked great and the Dr told me I was measuring about a week and a half ahead.

4/6/2015: 25 week Dr appointment. Heard heartbeat. Everything on track.

5/1/2015: 28 week (almost 29 week) Dr appointment. Completed 1 hour glucose tolerance test. Found out the next week that I passed. Yay! So happy that I didn't have to worry about the 3 hour test with moving to Vegas.

5/26/2015: 32 week Dr appointment with new Dr at our new clinic. Heard heartbeat. Everything on track.

6/9/2015: 34 week Dr appointment. Heard heartbeat. Scheduled the c-section for week 39 on July 14th. Everything on track. Dr said his head is down there.

6/23/2015: 36 week Dr appointment. Completed Group B Strep Test. Also I was checked and only about a half a finger progress had been made. Everything on track. Dr said his head is still down there.

6/30/2015: 37 week Dr appointment. Group B Strep Test came back positive, but because I am having a c-section it won't really matter unless I go into actual labor. Since I am not having a vaginal birth, my Dr didn't check me. I'm still having braxton hicks contractions, but not anymore frequently then before. Heard heartbeat. Everything on track.

7/8/2015: 38 week Dr appointment. I was checked and dilated to 1 and a 1/2. Heard heartbeat and everything is on track. Dr said his head is still down there.

7/14/2015: Griffin James was born!

Check back soon for his birth story.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mini D's 3rd Trimester {Weeks 38 - 39}

Monday, July 6, 2015
(38 weeks)

I had another Dr appointment this week and everything went great. It was actually my last one before the scheduled c-section. We also had to bring Moo Moo to the vet. She had an infection in her anal gland. It was not very good timing with everything going on, but we got it figured out and she is much better.

Monday, July 13, 2015
(39 weeks)

My parents came this week and we ran some last minute errands before the scheduled c-section on 7-14. The below picture is the morning of and my last weekly bump picture for this baby.


Maternity Clothes: Yes. All day. Everyday.

Sleep: I wake up about every hour to pee and when I do I have to switch sides otherwise I get pains in whatever side I have been on for too long.

Best Moment of the Week: My parents came to Vegas on Sunday, July 12th. My Dad will be here for 10 days and my Mom will be here for 3 weeks.

Movement: Yes! Everyday.

Food Craving: Ding Dongs are the one thing that I have been craving and Kit Kats.
Food Aversions: Sometimes I smell things that don't agree with me, but not too often.

Morning Sickness: None. Overall, I am feeling pretty good other than aches and pains and feeling big.

Gender: We found out on 3/9 that we are having a BOY!

Symptoms: Nothing too outrageous. Mostly just uncomfortable with aches and pains.

What I miss: Being able to bend over. Not being out of breath after walking or going up stairs. Just being comfortable in general.

What I'm looking forward to: Time with my family here in Vegas. Cherishing these last few weeks/days being pregnant. Working on baby boy's bedroom.
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