Thursday, January 13, 2022

Say Her Name



Her name is Megan. 


The nurse that held my Dad's hand and was there for his last breaths and moments on this earth is named Megan. She was the last one to give him comfort. Her voice was likely the last one he heard. Even if it was subconsciously.

This post is a reminder for people to please be mindful of poking fun of the pandemic.

For poking fun at the pandemic, the over run hospitals, the over worked doctors and nurses. Over protective people. Mask wearers. Just everything.


To you it might be a joke or a laugh or just a meme, but to some it's real life, raw and in the flesh. 

Please think of the people that have actually lived through these things first hand. 


Me. My siblings. My Mom.


To some Megan might be just another nurse, but to my Mom she was everything. She was the voice on the other side of the phone updating her on my Dad's condition, explaining everything in detail and talking her through the tough decisions to be made. She was the literal lifeline between my Mom and my Dad.


I cannot think of Megan and not feel a sense of gratitude to her. A woman I have never met. A woman I might not ever get to meet. A woman that probably has her own people to take care of in this world, but at that moment was taking care of my Dad.


I can't help but wonder how many hands has she held in their last moments? How many last breaths has she witnessed? How many Wives has she talked to on the phone like my Mom? How many families has she impacted like ours?


Sadly, our situation is not unique. There have been many families affected by this pandemic in various ways. If you are one of the lucky ones that hasn't been affected by this pandemic or have had Covid and made it out on the other side with little to no complications for you or a loved one...Congratulations. Many have not. Please keep that in mind before you post your next meme on social media.


You don't know what might be a trigger for someone or set them off down a path of unknown. I know it has happened to me in the last month and if it has happened to me and affected my day than I know it is happening to others. I'm asking that you be mindful of what you say to others and be mindful of what you share.


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