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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Currently (March 2016)

Currently (March 2016)
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
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I haven't done one of these since mid last year, so here goes.


EXCITED for dinner with my cousins that are in town this week visiting Las Vegas. 

I'm also excited for Pitbull to come back. The opening show for this residency is Wednesday night! Woohoo!

I'm also excited that the new Bachellorette is JoJo!!! She was my season favorite and even though I know Ben and Lauren are ultimately better together, I LOVED JoJo and how she carried herself all the way up until the very end.

WORRIED that I won't get the documents I need in order to get a Las Vegas drivers license. I have 24 days to get what I need and get my booty to the DMV.

READING blogs. Trying to keep up on my Bloglovin feed. Also, reading blogs give me some creative juice.

WRITING/CREATING not much other than a few blog posts. 

LOVING my little family. Seriously nothing better than us.

HATING that our rent is going up as of June 1st. Lots of decisions to be made soon. Moving? What area of the city are we moving to? Can we stay in our area? Finding a new place? Finding a new daycare? Getting Griffin into daycare? Hailey starting Kindergarten in the fall? Which school will she end up at?

WONDERING whether we should re-sign our lease at our current house or try and look for something more affordable. We got notice that our rent is going up, so that's not very fun. And while we LOVE the house, we are just not sure if the new price is really worth it.

EATING PF Changs. We went out to dinner over the weekend for the first time in awhile. Love me some good chinese food. 

DRINKING coffee in the AM, water the rest of the day, with a coke thrown in every once in awhile.

CRAVING coke. Sometimes I crave that fountain coke taste and I try and curb it with a regular coke. I end up not even finishing it half the time.

HOPING answers to our rental situation work itself out in the coming weeks.

WATCHING Fuller House with the family. Walking Dead. There were a couple weeks where it was like, what's next and then last weeks episode with Neegan's group was exciting. Now I think we are back to what's next? Bachelor Finale. Read above. So happy that Ben and Lauren are happy and I squeeled with excitement when they announced JoJo as the new Bachelorette. I'm also getting caught up on lots of other shows that I got behind on. Trust me there is a lot and with two kids and working full time, I just don't have the time to really keep up.

LISTENING TO lots of Rascal Flatts lately. Also, 93.1 The Party of course.

WEATHER is in the mid to high 70's this week. It's perfect Spring weather.

WEARING sandals and loving it. There was about a month or two where I wore closed toe shoes, because it was "winter" in Vegas, but other than that, I have been wearing sandals exclusively. I just got these at DSW for super cheap. They are not the MOST comfortable and by the end of the day I need to take them off, but they are super cute and have been my go to sandal since I got them about a month ago now.

LOOKING FORWARD TO our vacation at the end of April. It's the first time Wayne and I have been out of the country and on a vacation just the two of us. No family. No kids. Just us. We even had to get passports, which is crazy.

FEELING very tired. Griffin has been getting up multiple times per night. It sucks for work the next day. #coffeeplease

WANTING some new summer clothes, but I gotta get my booty into the gym first. 

NEEDING a new bed. We have had our current king size bed for almost 10 years and just within the last few months it just hasn't been as comfortable as it used to be.

Also, I am NEEDING to get my booty to the gym. I have been procrastinating because while our gym opened March 1st, the Kids Club hasn't opened yet. so I have been kind of waiting on that.

THINKING ABOUT lots of different things lately. See above HATING with so much on my mind. 

ENJOYING this stage that Griffin's in. He's so smiley and happy and growing too fast. It makes my heart hurt sometimes that both him and Hailey are growing so fast. He's going to be 1 and she is going to be 5 before I even know it. Gah!!

THANKFUL FOR my Husband who works every day for our family. He is my rock and I seriously don't know what I would do without him. 

DREAMING about our vacation in 45 days.

CLICKING ON this BLOG. She does a weekly menu planning blog post, that I have been getting some inspiration from. I haven't tried the meatballs and tortellini bake, but it's on my list. Also, THIS blog is also a good go to if you are looking for uber healthy options.

OBSESSING over the future. So many things on my mind. See previous THINKING ABOUT.

WISHING I had more time in the day for things. I feel like all I do Monday-Friday is work and then by the time I get home, get dinner done, eat and spend a little time being Mom/Wife, there is no time for anything else. Like this little blog for instance. I'm trying to get a better balance of things, but by the time both kids are sleeping, all I want to do is go to sleep.

TRYING to get better at meal planning. It's such a pain, but it's so helpful. Any tips for me?

Until next time.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Currently - July 2015

Currently - July 2015
Friday, July 10, 2015
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EXCITED for this baby boy to come. It's just a matter of days now. And also for my parents to get here on Sunday!

WORRIED about my upcoming c-section and recovery. I'm hoping it goes better this time around.

READING blogs. Trying to keep up on my Bloglovin feed.

WRITING/CREATING blog posts. Trying to get caught up on pregnancy posts, etc.

LOVING having my sisters here in Vegas with us. Hailey is loving it too.

WONDERING how this c-section will go and my recovery.



CRAVING the above.

HOPING that all goes well with this c-section and recovery and baby boy is healthy.

WATCHING see THIS post and THIS post.


WEARING maternity clothes - shorts, tank tops or maxi dresses. It's hot here in Vegas.

LOOKING FORWARD TO my parents coming on Sunday!!! SO SO SO EXCITED!!!

FEELING very pregnant.

WEATHER is actually not too hot this week. It's been in the 90's.

WANTING a tropical beach vacation with the Hubby. Not for the warmth, but for the sand, fruity drinks and quality time with my Hubby. We've never been on a vacation just the two of us and we have never been out of the country.

NEEDING just a few more things for baby boy.

THINKING ABOUT lots of different things lately. I have a lot on my mind. 

ENJOYING time with my sisters while they are here and relishing these last few days of being pregnant.

THANKFUL FOR my Husband who works every day for our family. 

DREAMING about this baby boy and what he will look like and be like.

TRYING to be better at meal planning and cooking things.

CLICKING ON THIS recipe. I've made it a couple times in the last month and it's been a hit with everyone!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Currently {January 2014}

Currently {January 2014}
Wednesday, January 22, 2014
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 photo Currently_zps4adf3802.jpg

Excited: for my new purse to arrive!! Hurry up and Merry Christmas to me!!

 photo MKTote_zpsc9ec0ceb.png

Reading: blog posts. I've been trying to keep my Bloglovin feed under 100. We'll see how long it lasts.

Creating: blog posts. Trying to get caught up as usual.

Loving: my hair. Got a fresh cut and color a couple weekends ago and also went back to the side part instead of the middle part.

 photo Hair_zpsbc730cd5.png

Also, Loving: dinner dates with this little lady:

 photo Noodles_zpsebf96a0c.jpg

Hating: the busy-ness of the gym this time of year. I get it that everyone has to start somewhere, it's just annoying. Looking forward to February when it goes back to normal.

Also, Hating: how grown up Hailey looks after getting a hair cut. Seriously? Just stop.

 photo Haileycut_zps773b8581.jpg

Wondering: when we will get our new medical insurance cards in the mail. I need to make an appointment stat!!

Eating: lots. What am I not? Snacking on these...

 photo CrushCollage_zps4a99a735.jpg

Drinking: orange soda...any a little addicted lately. I haven't had any Coca Cola in about 2 weeks. Gasp.

Craving: a snickers bar. Per usual.

Hoping: to maybe see a movie this weekend with the Hubs.

Watching on TV: what am I NOT watching. See THIS post.

Listening to: just about everything under the sun, including this:

 photo BS_zpsef41db00.jpg

Wearing: I've been wearing a lot of tunics and fleece lined leggings. Obsessed with both this winter.

  photo Outfit1_zps4b79af0d.jpg

Looking forward to: Taking Hailey to Sesame Street on Saturday morning. We took her last year, and I'm wondering if she will still like it as much as she did last year.

Feeling: Pretty good. My favorite Zumba teacher has been on vacation, so the gym is just not the same without her. Boo.

Weather: Not as cold as it was at the beginning of January, but apparently the Polar Vortex is coming back. Yay! < < sarcasm

Wanting: a warm vacation. Like yesterday.

Needing: a new phone and service. Both have been pretty crappy as of late.Hopefully soon.

Thinking: about house hunting this spring.

Enjoying: My low key weekends. Haven't had any major plans and it has been so nice after the busy holiday season.

What's new with you?

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Currently: October 2013

Currently: October 2013
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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 photo Currently_zps4adf3802.jpg

Excited: For Falen and Paul's Halloween party on Friday night! Woohoo! Mama needs a night out!

Worried: Not really about anything at the moment. I'm just being impatient with life.

Reading: Only blogs at the moment. Trying to catch up.

Creating: This blog post. Hey, at least I'm blogging, right?

Loving:  My new dark hair! You would know that though already if you follow me on Instagram!

Hating: The weather. It's just dreary and rainy and cold.

Wondering: About our credit score and house/loan stuff. Again, just me being impatient.

Eating: Pretzel sticks at my desk for my afternoon snack.

Drinking: A coke.

Craving: Nothing at the moment which is unheard of.

Hoping: That Hailey's Halloween costume will finally come together. I found orange leggings yesterday after searching high and low for them. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Watching on TV: So much!! See this post HERE. I've also added the Blacklist to my long list of shows per a recommendation from a friend and I LOVE it!!! I also love James Spader. He plays such a good bad-good guy.

 photo BlackList300_zpscc839baf.jpg

Listening to: MyTalk 107.1 - Yes, I've become THAT person who loves talk radio. Especially celeb trash talk.

Wearing: Nothing fancy today. Gray dress pants from JCP and a navy blue shirt from Kohls. Work attire.

Looking forward to: A great night with friends, a few adult beverages and my friend, Paul's, buffalo chicken dip on Friday night. See also what I'm Excited for.

Feeling: Tired, but motivated.

Weather: Rainy and chilly. No snow yet though.

Wanting: To get all caught up on blogging.

Needing: A million $. Haha. Doesn't everyone?

Thinking: I have so much to blog and catch up on, but struggling with finding time lately.

Enjoying: My coke. See also what I'm drinking.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Currently {08.09.2013}

Currently {08.09.2013}
Friday, August 9, 2013
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I can't believe I haven't done one of these for over a year. Oofta! I'm going to try and do this fun little thing more often, cause it is such a nice little re-cap.

Currently Reading: 50 Shades of Grey (Yes I'm still reading book 1). I don't get that much reading in, but I'm really trying lately. My goal is a minimum of 10 pages before bed. I would like to get through all 3 books eventually. Haha.

Currently Eating: Chinese food for lunch at work. Just rice and noodles. Still trying to keep it somewhat light from being sick this week.

Currently Purchased: I actually just bought this off of Amazon today. I've been wanting one for awhile now and really want to start doing morning smoothies and protein shakes in it. I won't get it for another week, but I'm excited!

Currently Listening to: country music as of late. You can blame my Husband for that. Thanks Wayne. More specifically I've been listening to K102 at work trying to get to know the artists and songs. I've been listening on my computer through iHeartRadio. The station doesn't come in so well on my regular radio. I still listen to my hubs though at night from 6-Midnight on KDWB no matter what.

Currently Watching: Bachelorette just finished up this week so that leaves a bit of a void, but I am loving Mistresses, So You Think You Can Dance, Guiliana & Bill, True Blood, Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Challenge on MTV. These shows will keep me going through the rest of summer and then I can gear up for fall TV!

Currently on my Nails: French. Boring I know, but sometimes you just need a break from color.

Currently Excited: that today is Friday and we don't have a super busy weekend ahead! I'd like to get to the gym tomorrow if I feel good enough. I plan on going out with friends tomorrow night and then a birthday brunch on Sunday at my MIL's. Not too shabby.

Currently Wearing: Jeans and a tank top...casual Friday, which we don't get to do very often.

Currently Nervous: About how I've been feeling lately. Being sick and not sure what's going on with my body. And no, I am not pregnant. As my MIL asked me..."Have you peed on a stick lately?" Yes, I have and no I am not.

Currently Wanting: A tropical vacation.

Currently Looking ahead to: The MN State of my favorite times of the year. Less than 2 weeks people!!

Currently Enjoying: My easy days at work. It's been a nice balance lately.

Currently Crossing my Fingers: That we will be able to get approved for a home loan sometime in the near future.

Currently Feeling: Content with life.

Currently Loving This Quote:

Currently Crushing on: Jimmy Fallon. Anyone else? No? Just me. OK then.

Happy Friday!
Thursday, May 24, 2012

Currently {May 2012}

Currently {May 2012}
Thursday, May 24, 2012
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current book(s):

Still reading:


I'm almost done with the first book. I'm getting there. I promise. I'm not sure if I am going to keep reading the series or take a break and read the 50 shades series.

current playlist:

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
Anything by The Wanted
Anything by LMFAO
New B.O.B. album called "Strange Clouds"

current color:

French on my fingers and my toes


current food:

I've been in a food funk for a few days now. Nothing sounds good. Today for lunch I had a slice of cheese pizza. BORING!

current favorite show(s):

So sad that all the fall/winter/Spring shows...Revenge, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, New Girl, etc. are done now...but watching Bachelorette every Monday night and then Kendra and True Blood both start in June!


current needs:

Additions to my summer wardrobe. I've added a few pieces over the last couple of weeks, but need to continue!

current banes of my existence:

Nothing that I can really think of right at the moment. Feeling good.

current celebrity crush:

Taylor Kitsch


I actually want to see Battleship (I know I'm the only one). But he also has another movie coming out this summer called Savages. It has a great cast. Go watch the trailer!!

current #1 blessing:

Our health. Mine, my Hubs, my daughters, my family in general. Sometimes I know we take it for granted, but lately I've been very grateful!

current indulgence:

Anything chocolate!

current outfit:

Nothing too exciting cause it's a rainy and gloomy day outside. Black pants, blouse, black shoes.

current excitement:

I just bought our tickets to NYC this week. We are going on our first family vacation at the end of June for a full week. It will also be over Hailey's first birthday! So excited to get away with the family to a place I've never been before!

Also, going to see LMFAO in concert for the 3rd time tomorrow night! Can't wait to shake my booty!

current mood:

Happy. Content with life.

current favorite quote or verse:


current wish list item:

I'm looking for a good, but fun case for my iPad. I have my eye on this one:

Black & White Zebra print


or Pink Zebra print


What do you think?

current favorite product(s):

Right now I'm liking my Ulta Lip Balm in Berry.


Now go link up!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Currently {April 2012}

Currently {April 2012}
Thursday, April 5, 2012
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I am linking up with Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect


current book (s)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


I started it awhile back, but I'm just really getting into the meat and potatoes of it. I have been taking the bus and reading, so that has helped me move along. I can't wait to watch the movies

current playlist (s)

The Wanted
Carly Rae Jepsen
Pit Bull

current color(s)

Hot Chilis by CND Shellac



I absolutely love it!!

current food (s)

Cranberry Chicken Wrap:
dried cranberries and
poppyseed dressing in a wrap.

It's delish!!

current favorite show (s)

Game of Thrones on HBO. The Hubs and I are catching up on S1 so we can start S2.


Fashion Star on NBC. I'm a Jessica Simpson fan and love the format of this show.


New Girl. Still loving every episode. Also see current celebrity crush.


Revenge starts new again 4/18.


current needs

Mongos. I went to dinner there with a couple girlfriends last weekend and now that's all I can think about.
current triumph(s)

Riding the bus for the last 8 days straight and bringing my lunch all week this week.Hopefully I can keep this streak going!

current bane (s) of my existence

Having to go renew my license. It expires on Monday. I guess I better get on it.

current celebrity crush

Max Greenfield


He plays Schmidt in New Girl and is hilarious!

current #1 blessing

My family. Obviously Hailey and the Hubs are #1, but my MIL watches Hailey in the afternoons for us, so we don't have to take her to daycare right now. So great for us and then Hailey gets 1 on 1 time with her Gramma Kim. Win, win!

current indulgence

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream


current outfit


Work attire...brown dress pants from Victoria Secret...coral top from Target

current excitement

Birthday work lunch tomorrow, low-key weekend, taking Hails to see Easter bunny at some point this weekend, Easter Sunday dinner at MIL's

current mood


current favorite quote or verse


current wishlist item

Keyboard for my iPad

current favorite products

Burts Bees Lip Balm

What are your current(s)?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Currently {March 2012}

Currently {March 2012}
Friday, March 2, 2012
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I'm trying something new. Go link up over at Digging Deeper for Currently - March version.

Currently Counting Down To: My Birthday April 9th

Currently Super Proud: Of my husband, he has now lost 75 lbs in 10 weeks. Officially 1/2 way to his goal of losing a minimum of 150 lbs.

Currently Broadening: My style in clothes.

Currently Concluding: That I need to get my butt to the gym. Summer is on it's way!

Currently Reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...still. It's hard for me to find time to read.

Currently Thinking: That I need to get my butt to the gym. Summer is on it's way!

Currently Saving All My Pennies For: A cruise with my Husband, hopefully to be booked in the next couple months for sometime next winter.

Currently Wanting To Travel To: Caribbean cruise. See previous question.

Currently Drooling Over: Various clothes online.

Currently Confessing:I am such a geek for teen books a/k/a The Hunger Games. Comes out March 23rd! So excited!

Currently Listening To: 101.3 KDWB- Hubby's station - always! Other stuff...The Wanted or LMFAO are my current obsessions.

Currently Obsessed With: The Hunger Games...coming out March 23rd.

Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius: The New Girl, makes my cry with laughter always

Currently Addicted To: Blogging and finding new blogs.

Currently Fantasizing About: Our possible cruise mentioned above.

Currently Sad Because: My Great Grandma entered hospice about 2 weeks ago and everyday is another surprise. One day she's great, the next she's not. I'm not super close with her, but it's still sad.

Currently My Motto: Be Thankful!

Currently Dreaming Of: Our possible cruise mentioned above. Can you tell I want to get away?

Currently Needing To Update: My wardrobe.

Currently Yearning For: A haircut.

Currently Want To See In My Closet: Summer shirts and dresses.

Currently Enjoying: My low-key Friday at work.

Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Emma Stone.

Currently Shopping: New York and Company.

Currently Discovered: Still Pinterest and now - God help me!

Currently Redecorating: The space above our bed in our bedroom.

Currently A Few Blogs I'm Loving: Tara, Kellie, Kate, and her sister Lauren.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Currently {December 2011}

Currently {December 2011}
Thursday, December 15, 2011
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Head over to Jenn and link up!

currently . . .

current book(s)

Vampire Diaries. Might not finish it though. I watch the  TV show on CW, but the books are WAY different. Too different. I don't think I like. Not sure what to read next. Any suggestions?

current playlist

Gym Class Heroes...still obsessed with this song:

current color

I usually don't wear nail polish, for several reasons actually.
1) I don't do self manicures well.
2) I think nail polish looks funny on me. I don't have the fingers for it.
3) I don't have the time to keep up with it.

With that said, I have been itching lately to get some sort of manicure and try it. While I get pedicures regularly I don't ever get manicures. We'll see what new adventures the new year brings.

current drink

Cherry Coke

current food

Anything chinese

current favorite show

I have several. New Girl, Revenge and Hart of Dixie are my new faves this year.

current needs

To start and finish Christmas shopping. Then to wrap all said shopping items.

current triumph(s)

I'm hoping by the end of this weekend I will have the mentioned Christmas shopping somewhat completed and if not then very close with a game plan.

current bane(s) of my existence

See Christmas shopping above.

current celebrity crush

Ryan Gosling...need I say more?


current #1 blessing

Obviously it would be Hailey and my Husband. But more specific would be our health. I just know too many people/children/babies that have complications or are going through various things and it breaks my heart every time I hear of something new. Just this week, I heard through a friend that these parents lost their 3 year old to a heart attack. This little boy had heart surgery when he was little, so they knew it might be a possibility, but it's still devastating nonetheless.

current indulgence

White chocolate covered Oreos


current outfit

Work attire...brown dress pants from VS...cream colored top from Kohls...cream colored sweater from somewhere I don't remember cause I have had it for so long...nylons with brown heels

current excitement

Getting our Christmas cards out this weekend!!So excited to share with everyone!

current mood

happy and's payday

current favorite holiday decoration

These little trees I bought from Target.


current #1 item on your wishlist

Desktop computer...which my AWESOME and totally RAD parents are getting for us for Christmas. So excited to not only have two computers (desktop & laptop) in our household, but I can't wait to get my printer hooked up again. It's been way too long and I have so many projects I want to start and finish.

current new year's resolution

Don't be so lazy + work out = loose baby weight& get toned

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Currently {October 2010}

Currently {October 2010}
Thursday, October 14, 2010
Read post "start" trying to have a baby again...that today is my spend all day tomorrow with Wayne (and family)...I have a 3 day weekend...Wayne's Aunt Dana is coming into town from NY tonight...we have a family wedding on Saturday...that hopefully the Vikings win on Sunday

Worried...about medical bills continuing to pile up and getting them all paid off

Reading...What to Expect Before Your Expecting...highly recommend this if you are thinking of starting a family...this book is different than What to Expect When You're Expecting...totally didn't realize that until recently

Creating...I am trying to finish up my scrapbook of our time in LaCrosse, WI and Wayne working at Z93 so that I can move onto others...I am still using Scrapblog and I love it

Loving ...the extra $ that Wayne is bringing in because of his new gig at Babe's in Lakeville and then his new gig at Valentinos starting in November (also see Hating)

Hating...that EVERY Saturday night Wayne is in Lakeville at Babe's and not with me..LOL...that starting in November he will be gone EVERY Friday night as well...the commute to/from work everyday (it's REALLY getting on my nerves)

Wondering...what the future will bring

Hoping...the future brings great things for Wayne and I

Craving...Big favorite restaurant EVER

Watching...a lot of fall TV...Eastbound & Down, Boardwalk Empire and Brothers & Sisters (Sunday nights), Intervention and Gossip Girl (Monday nights), One Tree Hill and Parenthood (Tuesday nights), Road Rules/Real World Challenge (Wednesday nights), Vampire Diaries and Jersey Shore (Thursday nights)...I also TIVO Oprah and Ellen everyday...if I like it, I watch it, otherwise I delete it. anything with Nicki Minaj in it...see HERE... to a new favorite of mine, Far East Movement - "Like a G6"...see that HERE

Looking forward to...this weekend...October 29th at Valentinos for the Exotic Erotic Ball (Far East Movement and HWood are performing)...October 30th at the Target Center for SYTYCD with Lemonhead...paying off bills...hopefully being pregnant soon

Monday, March 22, 2010

Currently {March 2010}

Currently {March 2010}
Monday, March 22, 2010
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Excited for the BEP/Ludacris/LMFAO concert tonight
Worried about getting things done
Reading book #8 of the Sookie Stackhouse series
Creating a blog...addicting
Loving my new phone...HTC Hero
being tired
Wondering how the eye dr will be tomorrow morning
Craving chocolate
Hoping this week goes by fast
Watching on TV Kendra (Sunday nights) and Parenthood (Tuesday mights)
Listening to KDWB
Looking forward to Kayla's bridal shower/bachelorette party on Saturday

Latest pins