Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TV Lately

These are some of the shows on TV this summer that I have been watching so far. 

Mistresses - Season 3

I have watched this show from the start and still love this show just as much. I am not sure what happened to Alyssa Milano this year, but the addition of Jennifer Esposito has been great. 

This is a 10 episode show. There is not a lot of TV options during the summer, so when something special comes on or starts up, I try and tune in. I love old timey shows like Pan Em, etc, so I knew I wanted to watch this.

Of course, I am watching the Bachelorette with Kaitlyn. Even though she has been my least favorite woman to do the show, I am still watching. I don't like Nick, I don't like that she went "too far" with him and I can't stand to hear her laugh.

Wayne and I have been watching this show and are hooked. It's very different and can be frustrating at times to follow because it's so "different."  But I think that's the lure of it. It's a cross between a mystery and sci-fi.

The new season just started last night. This is one of those stupid guilty pleasures, but I love it and because my Husband watches wrestling, I got into this show. Hailey watches this with me. She LOVES Nikki Bella and has her own Diva belt now. 

I know, another wrestling show. I watch this one with my Hubby, too. I actually really love this show, although Stone Cold Steve Austin WAS the host and now they have changed it up a bit as far as the host and judges, so it's different, but we still watch.

And of course I have to watch my fave show in the summer! They have different judges this year and a twist.

They basically have two teams. Stage vs. Street with these two alums, Travis and Twitch, leading the teams.

The judges this year have changed, which I have been loving so far. They added Paula and Jason Derulo, who have both guest judged in the past, but I like the dynamic so far and excited to see the rest of the season.

That's it for now. I've been watching some more things on Netflix and will continue to update on those as well.

Happy Hump Day friends!

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Brittany said...

We could not be more different about our bachelorette opinions haha I love kaitlyn and she has been my favorite bachelorette ever. The others usually got boring for me. And nick is my man. Love him.

My boyfriend watches wayward pines and keeps trying to convince me to watch it.

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