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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Tuesday {04.22.2014}

Happy Tuesday {04.22.2014}
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
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I hope you all had a most wonderful week, weekend and a great Easter! I know I sure did! I wanted to catch you up on a few little things I've been up to lately since I was so MIA last week. I usually post on Friday's because I feel like that's a good day to recap the week, but I was so busy last week, personally AND at work, I just didn't get enough time.

  photo Tuesday_zpsfb097568.jpg

I had to get to Target to get a wedding gift and a baby shower gift, which turned into about 2 hours of roaming the aisles because I hadn't been there in literally a month and a half. Well, since Lent had started anyways. I just couldn't let myself go in there because I was so tempted to buy something for myself. Target has a certain power over me that I just can't get away from. Does that happen to anyone else? Or just me? Well, I got everything I needed and made it out of there without anything for myself. Yay! By the end Hailey was just so done, so I pulled out the iPad for her to watch. I love that thing so much.

 photo Wednesday_zps5e7af180.jpg

Wednesday night I had these plans to run errands and get some stuff done, but the weather did not cooperate and we ended up just going home because we were getting snow. And A LOT of it. My Dad sent me this funny video. If you have seen Frozen or even heard any of the songs, then you will get it. If you haven't seen Frozen, shame on you. He knows Hailey and I are obsessed with it, so it was very fitting.

I think we were and are pretty much over the snow.

 photo Thursday_zps49c58e71.jpg

I ended up taking a half day. Mostly because I had an early afternoon Dr appointment and didn't feel like going back to work. Long story out TMI...I haven't been getting my period, or even been regular for that matter in quite sometime, so I started a new BC over the weekend. We will see how it goes. Anyone else out there use the Nuva ring? It's different, but my AWESOME Dr gave me 3 months worth to try it and if I like it then she will call in a prescription. If I end up hating it and/or I am still not getting IT, then we will have to discuss things further. I've only ever been on the pill, so this is a little nerve racking to try something new. I knew I wasn't pregnant or anything, but she still made me pee in a cup. Go figure.

So what did I do with the rest of my afternoon? I went and got my first mani/pedi of the season.

I then proceeded to go shopping. I had pretty much decided the night before after looking through my closet that I didn't have ANYTHING for this wedding. So after getting my nails and toes done, I popped into Kohl's and tried on about 10 different dresses. Literally. Well, that turned into me buying 3 dresses and a pair of sandals. (2 of the dresses I will be taking back.) So even though I made this pact for Lent, I am still proud of myself overall.

I ended up going with the Maxi. I paired it with a black cardigan and these LC black flat sandals. It was such a comfortable outfit and I will be able to wear the maxi all summer long. I have another wedding in July in Iowa, so I am thinking of wearing it there, too.

I picked Hailey up from school, we got her hair cut and then grabbed some dinner before heading home. I had to pack her and me for the overnight sleepover the next night.

 photo Friday_zps9b18738b.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised when I came into work that morning that my birthday present had come the day before.

Isn't she lovely? I got 4 links taken out and was so excited to immediately start wearing it.

Katie picked me up early from work, we headed to the hotel to check in, drop off our bags and meet friends to head to the wedding together. I plan to do more of a detailed post about it with a slideshow of pictures, but oh what a great night it was.

 photo Saturday_zps8c80148d.jpg

I woke up at 8am that morning in the hotel a little hungover. Ok, maybe more than a little. It took me awhile to recoup, but I made it. I went to my cousin's baby shower that afternoon with some family and headed home afterwards. I was so tired that night I went to bed SO early!

 photo Sunday_zps99ad902f.jpg

Easter was pretty low key. We went over to my MIL's house with some family for lunch and then we got some stuff done around the house and we played outside A LOT. It was 70+ degrees and was literally HOT.

It's been such a great, but busy week. I can't wait to get back to some normalcy AND back to the gym. Mollie was on vacation last week, so I didn't make it at all, but I'm back this week! Let's do it!

How was your week/weekend?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hard Stuff

Hard Stuff
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
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Sorry friends for my week long blog break. I know BBC taught me not to apologize, so I'm just going to go with it. I'm almost finished with my BBCMPLS re-cap post, too. It will be up this week. I hope.

Everyone is entitled to a break once in awhile right? It wasn't intentional. I was just focusing on life and my loved ones.

Last Tuesday afternoon I got word from my parents that my cousin, Nicole, had went into labor the night before and gave birth to her baby boy at just 22 weeks along. My heart immediately dropped to the pit of my stomach. I was so sick for her.

 photo MeampNic_zps1e021386.jpg

She just got married in April, this was her first pregnancy, and she was devasted. She had GIVEN BIRTH to him. They heard him cry. He lived for 1 hour and 16 minutes. His name was Brayden Alexander.

 photo IMG_7720_zps2876be45.png

They told us all on Wednesday that on Thursday they were going to have a little burial service in Onalaska for him. That is where her Husband, Alex, is from. Alex's Dad is also a funeral director, which came in very handy for two young parents that were going through something so hard and had no clue on what to do.

Because my Dad would be driving my Grandma and Aunt Jamie down, I coordinated with him to ride along for the day. Nicole and I have been through everything together. Cousins are the best. They are not only family, but they are your friends, too.

 photo MeampNic2_zpscda703a0.jpg

I knew I had to be there for her and I'm so glad I went. I know it meant a lot to her and even her parents (my Aunt & Uncle) told me how happy they were to see me. It was a very long day, both emotionally and physically. I needed a few days and the weekend to re-coup and focus on my family. It's just another example of how fragile life is and how fast things can change.

Please pray for Nicole and Al as they continue to grieve and hopefully someday try again. Also, please hug and kiss your loved ones and tell them you love them.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

365 Photoaday Challenge {March 2013}

365 Photoaday Challenge {March 2013}
Wednesday, April 24, 2013
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Here is my Photoaday Challenge for March 2013.

#day60 #march1 Finally saw my sister Amie perform for speech. #familynight #sisters #photoaday365

 photo Day60-March1_zpse6cc87cb.jpg

#day61 #march2 Bridal shower for Nic & Al. The cake was so cute! #family #cousins #photoaday365

 photo Day61-March2_zps70d8541c.jpg

#day62 #march3 Started using MyFitnessPal on the worst food day. Oh well. Its gonna happen. Gotta keep truckin. #photoaday365

 photo Day62-March3_zps64160138.jpg

#day63 #march4 Oven baked chicken. Before 'n' after. So easy, healthy and yummy. #photoaday365

 photo Day63-March4_zps6df1aea1.jpg

#day64 #march5 Just brushing our teeth and gettin ready in the mornin. #photoaday365

 photo Day64-March5_zpse97a4567.jpg

#day65 #march6 Morning cuddles with bear while reading to Elmo. Happens almost on the daily. #photoaday365

 photo Day65-March6_zps9c3882c5.jpg

#day66 #march7 Sandwich cutters. $1 section @target Hailey LOVES sandwiches. #photoaday365

 photo Day66-March7_zps7553909d.jpg

#day67 #march8 My one love, partner in this life and better half. #married #love #photoaday365 @bigdradio

 photo Day67-March8_zps826a3826.jpg

#day68 #march9 Bachellorette Party for Nicole. #cousins #partyparty #photoaday365

 photo Day68-March9_zps013b7cef.jpg

#day69 #march10 Breakfast @birdtown with @jeagles622 #photoaday365

 photo Day69-March10_zps99149d60.jpg

#day70 #march11 Am I?Something I struggle with daily. #photoaday365 #doubt

 photo Day70-March11_zps899d686b.jpg

#day71 #march12 It's cool that my 20 month old daughter knows how to do this already. Startin her young. #duckface #photoaday365

 photo Day71-March12_zpsec0694d4.jpg

#day72 #march13 Tried this for the first time. #tasty #photoaday365

 photo Day72-March13_zps5712e909.jpg

#day73 #march14 This is me today. #photoaday365 #angrybird

 photo Day73-March14_zpse330af8f.jpg

#day74 #march15 Love my new custom phone case. #mrsmamad #photoaday365 Thank you @ukdj

 photo Day74-March15_zps0cb32065.jpg

#day75 #march16 New skinny jeans with detail on the but. So excited to wear them! #photoaday365 #jeanparty

 photo Day75-March16_zps006331c5.jpg

#day76 #march17 This little leprechaun was so tired from a day at MOA. #photoaday365

 photo Day76-March17_zps74795f13.jpg

#day77 #march18 Do you think she is a little obsessed? #elmo #photoaday365

 photo Day77-March18_zps50873fe5.jpg

#day78 #march19 New fave snack. Oh so tasty! #photoaday365

 photo Day78-March19_zps6259a964.jpg

#day79 #march20 Sore from working with @vicped06 but I still went and did Zumba anyway. #pushthroughit #nopainnogain #fitness #photoaday365

 photo Day79-March20_zpsc37126aa.jpg

#day80 #march21 At the grocery store. She cracks me up. #toddler #photoaday365

 photo Day80-March21_zps1ef0bf9e.jpg

#day81 #march22 Casual Friday outfit. Sweater, skinny jeans & boots. #photoaday365

 photo Day81-March22_zps846c4745.jpg

#day82 #march23 Gym time, protein smoothie, laundry & hanging with this nugget all day. #mylittlelove #photoaday365

 photo Day82-March23_zpsd95e5402.jpg

#day83 #march24 Had to buy a 2nd copy, so the Hubs & I would stop fighting over it. @bigdradio #welovemusic #justintimberlake #theDfam #photoaday365

 photo Day83-March24_zps596540f8.jpg

#day84 #march25 Taco salad. One word. Yum. Happy Monday to me! #food #photoaday365

 photo Day84-March25_zpsea155288.jpg

#day85 #march26 Marriage Equality. Everyone should have it. #photoaday365

 photo Day85-March26_zpsc3f6b5ba.jpg

#day86 #march27 Need to stop. #nom #photoaday365

 photo Day86-March27_zps59903ca6.jpg

#day87 #march28 Can't wait!!!! #photoaday365 #boys

 photo Day87-March28_zpsd96eb5ba.jpg

#day88 #march29 Out n about and came across 3 deer. #suburbia #photoaday365

 photo Day88-March29_zpsbd5f2894.jpg

#day89 #march30 Just Hailey in the studio doing some voice work. #commercials #photoaday365

 photo Day89-March30_zps3f239567.jpg

#day90 #march31 Happy Easter from Hailey. Hope everyone had a blessed day! #photoaday365

 photo Day90-March31_zpsb59f00db.jpg

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