Friday, August 2, 2013

Wozney Wedding Weekend {April 2013}

Friday, April 5, 2013

This was Nicole & Al's wedding weekend. I took the day off and my Dad dropped me off at my Aunt & Uncle's house (parents of the bride) mid-day, so then Wayne & I wouldn't have two cars the next day at the wedding & reception. So I car-pooled with them to the rehearsal and dinner.

The ceremony was at Northwestern College in the Nazareth Chapel in St. Paul. Absolutely beautiful.

 photo Collage-1_zps39da13db.jpg

Dinner was at Grumpy's in Roseville. They did a build your own burger bar AND had an open bar! Woohoo!

 photo Collage-2_zpsfc107ff4.jpg

We all got liquor for our gift! Go figure! All the ladies ended up spending the night at The Bride's parents house, but we pretty much all just went to bed. It was going to be an early morning and a long day.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The next morning we all got up early, had mimosas and breakfast and got our hair and make-up did at the house.

1. Nicole, the Bride, getting hair did.
2. Me & Nicole after hair, still in our comfies.
3. Cody. RIP. He died about a month after this.
4. Me & my cousin, Jenna, who is also sister of the Bride and fellow bridesmaid. Riding in the car on our way to Northwestern College.

 photo Collage-GettingReady_zpscbce12ea.jpg

5. We arrived at Northwestern and helped the bride get into her dress.

 photo Collage-GettingReady1_zps690aefb6.jpg

6. I snapped a quick selfie to send to the Hubs.

 photo Collage-Church_zpsbd900924.jpg

7. On our way to the "first sighting." The photographer in me took over and became a little bossy at this point. I just wanted everything to go smoothly and wanted both Nic and Al to have a memorable first sighting with great pictures.

 photo Collage-Church1_zpsac5c99cc.jpg

8. After the first sighting we did all the professional pictures.

 photo Collage-Church2_zps4769a751.jpg

9. After a few hours of pictures and hanging out. It was time to gear up for the ceremony.

 photo Collage-Church3_zps72dba264.jpg

10. Walking down the aisle.

 photo Collage-Ceremony_zps2bd3fbe8.jpg

11. A few ceremony pictures.

 photo Collage-Ceremony1_zps953fd64d.jpg

12. After the ceremony we were ready to get our party on in this:

 photo Collage-Limo_zps8693116c.jpg

13. Me saying that I drank WAY too much is a huge understatement. It was damn good fun, but I definitely can't party like I used to.

 photo Collage-Limo1_zps44689f61.jpg

14. So much fun! Arriving at the reception which was at the Park Plaza Hotel in Bloomington. Which coincidentally was where Wayne and I had our reception 6.5 years ago! Aw. What memories.

 photo Collage-Limo2_zps94820c4b.jpg

15. The group waiting to make our grand entrance.

 photo Collage-Reception_zpsb11cea72.jpg

16. Us making our grand entrance.

 photo Collage-Reception1_zpse464dca1.jpg

Dinner and the reception got underway. They had a great buffet and cake and got right into the speeches.

17. Bride & Groom's first dance.

 photo Collage-Reception2_zpsb2594ece.jpg

18. Hailey had so much fun dancing the night away. She was all over the place and probably on the dance floor more than anyone else. She loves weddings!

 photo Collage-Reception3_zps7b895d6a.jpg

19. And I have to end this post with pictures of my loves!

 photo Collage-Reception4_zps305da462.jpg

It was a great day and night with lots of fun had and memories made.

Congratulations Nicole & Al!!!
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