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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday {Sept 2015}

What's Up Wednesday {Sept 2015}
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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I'm linking up with Shay today. It's pretty easy; just follow the above prompts. I thought this was a good update to do since it covers a wide range of topics.

WHAT We're Eating this Week...

The last couple of weeks have been light. Wayne has been on his "liver lightening" diet in preparation for his surgery. I don't think I've mentioned that on here yet or written about it, but it's a pretty big part of our lives right now. I did make meatloaf (from scratch) this past weekend with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. A home cooked meal. Wayne couldn't eat it because it had sour cream and crushed crackers in it. Plus he's supposed to be eating lean proteins...not red meat right now. I had a craving for meatloaf, so that's what I made.

He's been doing a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and then has a sensible dinner which is usually chicken or fish with some veggies right now. I am in need of some healthy options other than those. I have a feeling lots of pinning from Pinterest will be in my future as we embark on this lifestyle change.

WHAT I'm Reminiscing About...

This Vikings game with the Hubby almost a year ago exactly. It was such a great day for us.

WHAT I'm Loving...

 All my TV shows starting, our MN Vikings winning...

This quote...

WHAT We've Been Up To...

September was a super busy month...Hailey started soccer, our friends from Minnesota came to visit...Adam, Mike and Katie, we went to the iHeartmedia Festival at the MGM Grand here in Vegas, Wayne started on his diet for his upcoming life changing surgery, and we saw Book of Mormon at the Smith Center. Lots of fun was had in September and I hope to do a Life Lately post soon with pictures. 

WHAT I'm Dreading...

I can't really say I am dreading anything. Even though Wayne's surgery makes me nervous, it is not something I am dreading.

WHAT I'm Working On...

I've actually been applying to jobs which is like a full time job in itself. I had one interview last week, but didn't get the job. I'm actually pretty OK with that because I hadn't heard good things about the firm or the main attorney. So it's probably a blessing in disguise.

I have Griffin's birth story all typed out, but was waiting to get a few pictures off of Wayne's phone for the post. I feel like blogging is always two fold. I either have it written and am waiting or working on pictures or I have the pictures and need to write it all out.

WHAT I'm Excited About...

Hopefully a more low key October, although Wayne's surgery is on the 7th and we have friends coming into town that weekend and the next weekend. AND I'm supposed to be going to the Janet Jackson concert on the 9th. Woohoo!

WHAT I'm Watching/Reading...

I've been finishing up Summer TV and gearing up for Fall TV. I'm excited for some old favorites to come back and some new prospects to start. I also binge watched Younger on TV Land and LOVED it!!

WHAT I'm Listening To...

Since his new song (What Do You Mean) came out, I've reintroduced Hailey to Justin Bieber, so we've been listening to a lot of:

WHAT I'm Wearing...

Still wearing shorts/tanks here. It's still be in the high 90's or low 100's. I did buy a couple new pairs of jeans because I can't fit into my existing ones and probably won't be able to for sometime still. The stores all have winter stuff out down here in Vegas, but I'm torn as it's not like Minnesota winter at all. Am I seriously going to be wearing jeans and sweaters and closed toe shoes? It will be interesting to experience our first winter in Vegas.

WHAT I'm Doing This Weekend...

This weekend is Route 91 Country Festival, but I'm not sure we're going. We've just been running ourselves ragged this month and are in desperate need of some down time. Also with Wayne's surgery next week and friends coming into town the next couple of weekends, we might sit this one out.

WHAT I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...

I'm super nervous, but looking forward to Wayne's surgery. I know everything will be OK, I just am a worrier at heart. This will not only be a big lifestyle change for him, but our family as a whole.

Hopefully I will have a job soon. To be honest, I miss working. I miss having my own "thing." I miss that routine. I miss contributing financially to our family and having a little more freedom with money. 

WHAT Else is New...

Not much else is new other than what I have mentioned in this post. I AM going to be doing a BLOG re-name with a redesign at some point. I think I have the re-name figured out, now I just need to pull the trigger on the re-design. I WILL be doing updates on life in Vegas, Griffin, Wayne's surgery and his progress and of course continue with our day to day life updates.

Let me know if there is something specific you would like me to update you about! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#HashtagHumpday || Vol 1.

#HashtagHumpday || Vol 1.
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
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Hey hey!

It's #HashtagHumpday and I'm linking up with Laura and Lauren for the first time. Obviously since this is volume 1.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

Basically you update your life and add hashtags at the end. I love a good and WAY too long hashtag.

So here we go.

I want to rename and redesign my blog. I have wanted to do it for awhile, but it just keeps getting pushed to the back burner. Plus, I can't really afford to right now with having a newborn, medical bills, and oh this whole NOT working thing. I'll probably wait for awhile until our wedding anniversary (November) or Christmas and then have it be something on my WANT list. Although my WANT list is SUPER long right now.  #diapersareexpensive #notenoughmoola #iwantallthethings

Anybody else excited for fall TV to come back? I can't wait!! #iwatchwaytoomuchtv #sorrynotsorry

I went to the dentist last week and need to get some work done. #ugh This is a new dentist that we are going to  in Las Vegas. Everything they do is digital and they have TV's on the ceiling. What? #fancy

Hailey starts soccer in about a month. This is her first year and first time playing an organized sport. #soccermom We had to get her all the gear. We let her pick our her own cleats. #frozenftw

We cancelled cable, but before you say way to go. Let me just say in the same breath that we signed up for DirectTV instead. #wehaveproblems The main reason is that we love the NFL and with growing up in the mid-west, one of our favorite things to do on a Sunday is turn on football, especially the Vikings, and just chill on Sundays. #beinglazyrules It's going to be weird with no snow on the ground, but I think we'll manage. #vegaslife

And that's all I have today because basically I have a newborn that gets up 2+ times a night. #moresleepplease #mombiezombie

Now go link up and #hashtag the Schmidt out of your blog post!
Friday, October 31, 2014

Five & Friday Favorites {ten31fourteen}

Five & Friday Favorites {ten31fourteen}
Friday, October 31, 2014
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These are some of my favorites on this glorious Friday!


Seriously, its so good! Go check it out!


I'm so loving the final season. I feel like this has been the best season yet and it's the last. 


This is so true.


I kind of obsessed with these EOS lip balms.


Kate's confirmation on Sunday with the fambam. So proud of my sister, Kate, and Hailey being a ham.

Happy Weekend loves!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites {10-17-14}

Friday Favorites {10-17-14}
Friday, October 17, 2014
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Linking up with two of my favorites this week.

SIDENOTE: I'm so excited for this weekend. I get two date nights in a row with the Husband, which NEVER happens. We're lucky if we get one, but you have to make your significant other a priority, right?

These are my favorites from this week!

 photo 5onFridayLogo-Final-forblogsidemenu_zpseffa307f.jpg

 photo FridayFavorites_zps8ec7bf97.png


The Wet Brush

I still like using a detangler conditioning spray on Hailey's hair, but the combo of the two works wonders. Plus, Hailey likes having her own brush which also helps with the whole process.

 photo TheWetbrush_zpsbb75cce2.jpg


The Walking Dead. Hands. Down. It came back for it's 5th Season this week and is better than ever. We are obsessed.

Anybody else with me on this?

I ordered these as part of my Halloween costume. What girl doesn't love to get new shoes?

 photo ConsChuckTaylorsBlack_zps38c5933d.jpg

So much going on in life right now, I don't have time for people who just don't care. Plain and simple.
Or assholes for that matter.

 photo WhenPeople_zpsf209168a.png


Dan + Shay - Where It All Began

Seriously, these guys are so talented and this whole album is great! I went with a few friends last week to see them live here in Minneapolis where they kicked of their tour. This is one of my favorite songs off the album.

And because I can't leave you with no pictures of Hailey for the week, this is my favorite picture of her this week. I love that cheesy grin so much!

 photo HaileyVikes_zpsa8a39c23.png

How was your week? Any fun plans this weekend?
Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites {04.25.2014}

Friday Favorites {04.25.2014}
Friday, April 25, 2014
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I wasn't going to post today, but then I saw this fun link-up. And who doesn't love linkups? I know I sure do! I get to get all the shiz outta my head. Plus, I ALWAYS post on Fridays, so it's just weird not to.

Here are my favorites from this week!

Meet At The Barre

Favorite Brother

Ross. He's actually my only brother, but today's his 23rd birthday! Woohoo! This is all 3 of my siblings. Love them all so much!

Favorite Song/s

Eric Church - Give Me Back My Hometown

I'm also obsessed with No. 8 "That's Damn Rock & Roll." Such a great rock song. Volume up, windows down. I can tell it's going to be my summer jam!

I'm also excited cause me and Katie are going to see him when he comes to MN in September!! Woohoo!!

Favorite Food

Kettle corn or korn. However you spell it. It's like I can't get enough. I've not only been obsessed with this lately, but so has Hailey. She actually will eat more of the bag than I will.

Favorite Shoe

As of right now it's this sandal from Lauren Conrad for Kohl's collection. They come in TONS of colors and are on sale right now for $10, so go get yourself a pair.

Favorite Accessory

My new watch. Oh and see my shoes? Again. Everyday.

Favorite Quote

Favorite Event/Non Favorite Event

My friend Falen's wedding last Friday night was by far the best part of this last week, the next day? Not so much.

Favorite Workout

Zumba with Mollie. She's back from her week long Mexico vacation! Don't mind the sweaty mess. Happens. Every. Time.

Favorite Show

I feel like a broken record, but if you're not watching The need to be. It's getting SO good! Anyone else?

 photo the-blacklist-poster-ca146b_zps8615b339.jpg

Favorite Make-Up Product

No matter what other brand or anything I try, I always always always find myself going back to this one.

Favorite Company

I love this stuff so much. Specifically the big bottle of stain remover and the conditioning detangler. I use it every morning on Hailey's hair. 

Happy Weekend friends!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Humpday Confessions {04.23.2014}

Humpday Confessions {04.23.2014}
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Linking up with Vodka and Soda for Humpday Confessions.

I confess...

...I bought this can of Pringles yesterday and they are gone today. Less than 24 hours. Granted I had my almost 3 year old helping me, but OMlovinG are they SO good. The Nacho Cheese are where it's at my friend! Eat them with salsa and they be gone!

...I've been having baby fever something fierce lately. was my first day back at the gym for about a week and a half. When Mollie is gone on vacation, I feel like it's OK if I don't go. I know. Bad me. The only difference is that she was in Mexico and I was NOT. Grumble.

...we've been talking about going to New York again this summer to visit my Husband's family out there. Not sure it will happen, but it's got me wanting to get away. That and everyone else's fun trips. Mexico!? Italy!? Really? Take me with!

...fake people and fair weather friends are the worst. So don't have time for them. Sorrynotsorry.


...Green Gramma is sick. So everything is whine this, whine that. So over it.

... I feel like I'm just now (today) caught up on sleep from the weekend.

1. I drank WAY too much;
2. I stayed up way too late;
3. I got up way too early; and
4. I was way too busy the next day.

But I had SUCH a good time and wouldn't change any of it.


... I bought a cheap planner at Target this year because I am too impatient to order one and wait. Well, big mistake. There is just not enough space for everything and I feel more unorganized because of it. I'm thinking of ordering one for the rest of the year. Is that weird? I will not be making this mistake again.

...I shot an actual video over the weekend, but I'm too scared to post it. I even edited and everything. I did forget some stuff, so I'm thinking of re-shooting, but then that would mean I would have to re-edit it. We'll see.

...we didn't even take Hailey to go see the Easter bunny this year. Eh, what you gonna do? Shoot me.

Happy Humpday my homies!
Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday {04.11.2014}

Five on Friday {04.11.2014}
Friday, April 11, 2014
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 photo 5onFridayLogo-Final-forblogsidemenu_zpseffa307f.jpg

Happy Friday all. Well, what a week it has been. Here are 5 things from my week.

 photo One_zps82e90047.jpg

Our laundry room flooded yesterday. Gramma called me in a panic. Wayne called the owner (we rent) and he said that had happened to them a couple times when they lived there. A plumber comes out, snakes it, and then it is good to go. No biggie, but nerve-racking and irritating all at the same. Just threw my Thursday and today for a loop as the plumber couldn't get there until this morning between 9-11. No showering and minimal water use for us. So not cool.

 photo Two_zps9480eae5.jpg

I got these back from Hailey's school.So expensive, but how can I say no? I can't. Plain and simple.

 photo Three_zpsa0c16959.jpg

If you haven't entered my birthday giveaway, I encourage you to do so. I had a great birthday on Wednesday.  We went to dinner at Crave. It was wonderful as always. I always get the same thing...a Crunchy Roll and salmon salad. We also got the Smore Brownie dessert. OMG! So good! I have a friend lunch on Saturday and then my family dinner on Sunday.

 photo Four_zps42652784.jpg

I am so loving the warmer weather we are having up here in Minnesota. I love not wearing my boots anymore and sometimes not even a jacket! Woohoo!! Now let's keep it this way Mother Nature!

 photo Five_zps374c392c.jpg

As of today I have 9 days left of my "No Shopping" lent comittment. I am happy to report I have not bought ANYTHING!! Go me! Obviously, I still have 9 days to go with a wedding and a baby shower thrown in there, but I am determined to find something already in my closet to wear. Let's hope!

How was your week? Anything fun planned for the weekend?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday {04.04.2014}

Five on Friday {04.04.2014}
Friday, April 4, 2014
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  photo 5onFridayLogo-Final-forblogsidemenu_zpseffa307f.jpg

Happy Friday Friends! I am so excited for this week to be done. It's been too long.

 photo One_zps82e90047.jpg

First off, I just wanna say Happy 17th Birthday to my sister, Amie. She is so good with Hailey and I couldn't have asked for a better Auntie and Godmother for Hailey. I am so proud of the young woman she has become. I know she will be a great role model for Hailey as she gets older. I love you!!

{Kate, Hailey & Amie}

  photo Two_zps9480eae5.jpg

Did you see me over on Mama and Mou on Wednesday. Go take a look.

 photo Three_zpsa0c16959.jpg
Do you see this? 4-6 inches yesterday and another 1-2 today. I call BS Mother Nature! Grrr. But hopefully it doesn't stick around cause it's gonna be damn near 60 degrees on Monday! Yay!

 photo Four_zps42652784.jpg

After a week of not working out or being able to get to the gym, I was back at it this last Wednesday. It felt so good to sweat and get moving.

 photo Five_zps374c392c.jpg

We celebrated Green Gramma's Birthday on Wednesday. Look at this adorable puppy cake my MIL got. So cute!

That's all I got this week! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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