Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites {10-17-14}

Linking up with two of my favorites this week.

SIDENOTE: I'm so excited for this weekend. I get two date nights in a row with the Husband, which NEVER happens. We're lucky if we get one, but you have to make your significant other a priority, right?

These are my favorites from this week!

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The Wet Brush

I still like using a detangler conditioning spray on Hailey's hair, but the combo of the two works wonders. Plus, Hailey likes having her own brush which also helps with the whole process.

 photo TheWetbrush_zpsbb75cce2.jpg


The Walking Dead. Hands. Down. It came back for it's 5th Season this week and is better than ever. We are obsessed.

Anybody else with me on this?

I ordered these as part of my Halloween costume. What girl doesn't love to get new shoes?

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So much going on in life right now, I don't have time for people who just don't care. Plain and simple.
Or assholes for that matter.

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Dan + Shay - Where It All Began

Seriously, these guys are so talented and this whole album is great! I went with a few friends last week to see them live here in Minneapolis where they kicked of their tour. This is one of my favorite songs off the album.

And because I can't leave you with no pictures of Hailey for the week, this is my favorite picture of her this week. I love that cheesy grin so much!

 photo HaileyVikes_zpsa8a39c23.png

How was your week? Any fun plans this weekend?

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~Dawn~ said...

I just read a post from a blogger in Georgia...her husband was an extra in one of the Walking Dead episodes. haha

Hope you're doing well...MISS YOU!

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