Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What I Watched Wednesday

So after about a year of a Netflix hiatus, we decided to start it up again. We just weren't using it as often as we would have liked, even though it's only $8 a month. Here are a couple of movies I've watched lately while waiting for this baby to come.

Chalet Girl: Chuck Bass is in this movie...need I say more? And Sophia Bush. I love them both.

Cake. This movie is good and so is Jennifer Aniston, but it is pretty depressing. It was nice to see Jennifer in a more serious role and not a funny romcom.

The Single Moms Club. I like many of Tyler Perry's movies, so I figured I would like this one, too. It wasn't anything super unique, but more of an entertaining and easy watch.

Happy Hump Day y'all.

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