Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter TV for 2014

If you want to see what I have been watching, you can go see it HERE

There is a couple shows that I've added in since then and one (Eastbound & Down) that I decided not to continue to watch. 

If you are interested in finding out when shows start you can check out the 2014 calendar guide HERE.

Here is my updated list for winter of 2014.

 photo Sunday_zps99ad902f.jpg

Sundays are by far the busiest. Revenge came back this week, The Walking Dead comes back in a couple weeks and now Girls on HBO is back on the 12th (also the night of the Golden Globe's) and Keeping Up With the Kardashians comes back for Season 9 on the 19th. Oofta.

 photo Girls-Season-3-Trailer_zps28f09f08.jpg

 photo KeepingupwiththeKardashians_zps60752edc.jpg

 photo Monday_zps9dd87fb6.jpg

The Bachelor started this week. There was a 1 hour special on Sunday night and then the regular 2 hour show last night.

 photo rs_634x843-131122110055-634_zps4fefbaba.jpg

I continue to watch Hart of Dixie and then I started watching The Blasklist with James Spader. I am so LOVING that show and am so happy it is doing so well.

 photo the-blacklist-poster-ca146b_zps8615b339.jpg

Also, The Following, is coming back. This is a show I watch with Wayne. So excited to see where they take it in Season 2, although I am afraid that it won't make it for a season 3. We'll see though.

 photo the_following_season_2_zps77acb0d4.jpg

 photo Tuesday_zpsfb097568.jpg

Tuesdays are the same with Chicago Fire and The Originals. I do watch the Snooki & Jwoww series, too. More often than not I will have that on in the background while I am doing other things, but I have watched them from the beginning and feel like I need to at least finish it through.

 photo rsz_snooki-and-jwoww-12_zpscc233caf.jpg

 photo Wednesday_zps5e7af180.jpg

Wednesdays will stay the same with Revolution and Nashville and now we add in Chicago PD and The Real World. I am so excited for Chicago PD. If you've been reading for awhile you know my obsession with Chicago Fire.  I'm hoping this lives up to the hype.

 photo Chicago_PD_Promotional_Logo_zps42b6731d.jpg

I've watched most of all the Real Worlds, and this one is no different. I'm happy that they are adding a bonus layer of their ex's to spice it up a bit. There is for sure to be drama.

 photo 456x330_zpsaad2a3f4.jpg

 photo Thursday_zps49c58e71.jpg

Thursdays will be the same with The Vampire Diaries and Parenthood.

 photo Friday_zps9b18738b.jpg

Fridays will be the same with Carrie Diaries.

 photo Saturday_zps8c80148d.jpg

 photo snl_zps7e9fbfcd.png

If I like who is on SNL, than I will watch it, but lately I haven't been thinking its funny. Just dumb. More often than not, I'm usually in bed asleep or on my way there.

So that's that. Leave me a comment and let me know what you have been watching or what you think I should check out.

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~Dawn~ said...

I jumped on the Bachelor train again this season....how could I not...JUAN PABLO..YUM!

JJ said...

I'm so pumped for The Following to come back. I've never liked Kevin Bacon until this show came on.

Oh and I can't wait for The Vampire Diaries to come back.

Sarah said...

THat's a lot of TV! How do you find time for it all!

I am watching the bachelor too but I haven't seen last nights episode yet. I probably won't until this weekend when Aubrey's napping. Do you read the spoilers on who he picks?

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