Thursday, October 14, 2010

Currently {October 2010} "start" trying to have a baby again...that today is my spend all day tomorrow with Wayne (and family)...I have a 3 day weekend...Wayne's Aunt Dana is coming into town from NY tonight...we have a family wedding on Saturday...that hopefully the Vikings win on Sunday

Worried...about medical bills continuing to pile up and getting them all paid off

Reading...What to Expect Before Your Expecting...highly recommend this if you are thinking of starting a family...this book is different than What to Expect When You're Expecting...totally didn't realize that until recently

Creating...I am trying to finish up my scrapbook of our time in LaCrosse, WI and Wayne working at Z93 so that I can move onto others...I am still using Scrapblog and I love it

Loving ...the extra $ that Wayne is bringing in because of his new gig at Babe's in Lakeville and then his new gig at Valentinos starting in November (also see Hating)

Hating...that EVERY Saturday night Wayne is in Lakeville at Babe's and not with me..LOL...that starting in November he will be gone EVERY Friday night as well...the commute to/from work everyday (it's REALLY getting on my nerves)

Wondering...what the future will bring

Hoping...the future brings great things for Wayne and I

Craving...Big favorite restaurant EVER

Watching...a lot of fall TV...Eastbound & Down, Boardwalk Empire and Brothers & Sisters (Sunday nights), Intervention and Gossip Girl (Monday nights), One Tree Hill and Parenthood (Tuesday nights), Road Rules/Real World Challenge (Wednesday nights), Vampire Diaries and Jersey Shore (Thursday nights)...I also TIVO Oprah and Ellen everyday...if I like it, I watch it, otherwise I delete it. anything with Nicki Minaj in it...see HERE... to a new favorite of mine, Far East Movement - "Like a G6"...see that HERE

Looking forward to...this weekend...October 29th at Valentinos for the Exotic Erotic Ball (Far East Movement and HWood are performing)...October 30th at the Target Center for SYTYCD with Lemonhead...paying off bills...hopefully being pregnant soon


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