Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Currently {January 2014}

 photo Currently_zps4adf3802.jpg

Excited: for my new purse to arrive!! Hurry up and Merry Christmas to me!!

 photo MKTote_zpsc9ec0ceb.png

Reading: blog posts. I've been trying to keep my Bloglovin feed under 100. We'll see how long it lasts.

Creating: blog posts. Trying to get caught up as usual.

Loving: my hair. Got a fresh cut and color a couple weekends ago and also went back to the side part instead of the middle part.

 photo Hair_zpsbc730cd5.png

Also, Loving: dinner dates with this little lady:

 photo Noodles_zpsebf96a0c.jpg

Hating: the busy-ness of the gym this time of year. I get it that everyone has to start somewhere, it's just annoying. Looking forward to February when it goes back to normal.

Also, Hating: how grown up Hailey looks after getting a hair cut. Seriously? Just stop.

 photo Haileycut_zps773b8581.jpg

Wondering: when we will get our new medical insurance cards in the mail. I need to make an appointment stat!!

Eating: lots. What am I not? Snacking on these...

 photo CrushCollage_zps4a99a735.jpg

Drinking: orange soda...any a little addicted lately. I haven't had any Coca Cola in about 2 weeks. Gasp.

Craving: a snickers bar. Per usual.

Hoping: to maybe see a movie this weekend with the Hubs.

Watching on TV: what am I NOT watching. See THIS post.

Listening to: just about everything under the sun, including this:

 photo BS_zpsef41db00.jpg

Wearing: I've been wearing a lot of tunics and fleece lined leggings. Obsessed with both this winter.

  photo Outfit1_zps4b79af0d.jpg

Looking forward to: Taking Hailey to Sesame Street on Saturday morning. We took her last year, and I'm wondering if she will still like it as much as she did last year.

Feeling: Pretty good. My favorite Zumba teacher has been on vacation, so the gym is just not the same without her. Boo.

Weather: Not as cold as it was at the beginning of January, but apparently the Polar Vortex is coming back. Yay! < < sarcasm

Wanting: a warm vacation. Like yesterday.

Needing: a new phone and service. Both have been pretty crappy as of late.Hopefully soon.

Thinking: about house hunting this spring.

Enjoying: My low key weekends. Haven't had any major plans and it has been so nice after the busy holiday season.

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