Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Currently {January 2014}

 photo Currently_zps4adf3802.jpg

Excited: for my new purse to arrive!! Hurry up and Merry Christmas to me!!

 photo MKTote_zpsc9ec0ceb.png

Reading: blog posts. I've been trying to keep my Bloglovin feed under 100. We'll see how long it lasts.

Creating: blog posts. Trying to get caught up as usual.

Loving: my hair. Got a fresh cut and color a couple weekends ago and also went back to the side part instead of the middle part.

 photo Hair_zpsbc730cd5.png

Also, Loving: dinner dates with this little lady:

 photo Noodles_zpsebf96a0c.jpg

Hating: the busy-ness of the gym this time of year. I get it that everyone has to start somewhere, it's just annoying. Looking forward to February when it goes back to normal.

Also, Hating: how grown up Hailey looks after getting a hair cut. Seriously? Just stop.

 photo Haileycut_zps773b8581.jpg

Wondering: when we will get our new medical insurance cards in the mail. I need to make an appointment stat!!

Eating: lots. What am I not? Snacking on these...

 photo CrushCollage_zps4a99a735.jpg

Drinking: orange soda...any a little addicted lately. I haven't had any Coca Cola in about 2 weeks. Gasp.

Craving: a snickers bar. Per usual.

Hoping: to maybe see a movie this weekend with the Hubs.

Watching on TV: what am I NOT watching. See THIS post.

Listening to: just about everything under the sun, including this:

 photo BS_zpsef41db00.jpg

Wearing: I've been wearing a lot of tunics and fleece lined leggings. Obsessed with both this winter.

  photo Outfit1_zps4b79af0d.jpg

Looking forward to: Taking Hailey to Sesame Street on Saturday morning. We took her last year, and I'm wondering if she will still like it as much as she did last year.

Feeling: Pretty good. My favorite Zumba teacher has been on vacation, so the gym is just not the same without her. Boo.

Weather: Not as cold as it was at the beginning of January, but apparently the Polar Vortex is coming back. Yay! < < sarcasm

Wanting: a warm vacation. Like yesterday.

Needing: a new phone and service. Both have been pretty crappy as of late.Hopefully soon.

Thinking: about house hunting this spring.

Enjoying: My low key weekends. Haven't had any major plans and it has been so nice after the busy holiday season.

What's new with you?

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~Dawn~ said...

I love your new hair color/style. I'm in need of a transformation desperately...but, I think I'm going to try going lighter..we'll see!

Totally jealous of your new purse..gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Yay for house hunting! We're taking the plunge too!

Kristin said...

Yes BRITNEY JEAN!!!!!!!!!! Also, that purse is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ooofta, and here comes the snow and another Polar Vortex! Hello from a fellow MN blogger :)


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