Friday, June 12, 2020

Life Lately - January 2020 - April 2020

Uffda, it's been a hot minute since updating this little blog. I keep saying I need to be more consistent in posting, but I just can't seem to set aside the time to do it or I just don't feel like typing. So here we are now already well into 2020 and I find myself asking where has the time gone?

But in all actuality, this is where our time has gone:
Alex Tuch Meet n Greet

Ingrid Andress opened for Keith Urban at the Colesseum

Tenille Townes opened for Keith Urban at the Colesseum

Hailey kicking butt at school and getting awards
Dierks Bentley with Caylee Hammack opening

Friends in town visiting for a fun weekend including a VGK game
Fun with friends at The Place on 7th

Birthday Parties with friends

March 15th was when the Governor closed schools and then the following week is when the Stay at Home Orders went into place.

Even with the order in place, I continued to work at the law-firm full-time, Wayne started working mostly from home, Hailey switched off of staying home with Wayne and coming to work with me and Griff continued to go to his daycare/school.
Birthday Celebrations while still social distancing

Birthday wishes via zoom with my best people

Ronald McDonald Virtual 5k

Here's to keeping up with this blog.

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