Monday, June 22, 2020

Here We Go Again

What. A. Week. What a month. What a year. What a life. It’s crazy. If you haven’t heard the news yet, well the D Fam is moving to Nashville, Tennessee.

5 years ago, Wayne and I took a leap of faith and moved across the country from Minnesota, the only place we had ever known, to the desert in Las Vegas. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, but we never imagined that it would be what is it today or that this city would mean as much to us as it does. Now, we are again taking a leap of faith and preparing our family for another cross country move to Nashville, TN. Even though our hearts are heavy for leaving this city, our hearts are also full and open for this new experience. Las Vegas has felt more like home than anywhere else. We’ve only been here for 5 years, but it honestly feels like 20. The amount of love that we have received in the last 5 years from not only our sports families (#vgk #lvaces), but the city of Las Vegas in general will never be forgotten. This is where our son was #vegasborn. This is where we experienced the tragedy of Route91, but also saw this city and the country music community rally together and come back better than ever. Las Vegas, NV has for sure had an impact on our journey in this life and will always have a special place in our hearts.

Right now our plan is to head out mid to late July as school starts there at the beginning of August and we want to give our family a bit of time to get settled. In the meantime, we have a house to sell and pack and prepare.

Wayne will head out there earlier than us in order to look for a home for our family and start working in Nashville. He will then fly home and we will make the trek together as a family of 4, along with our puppies. As I have said so many times this whole thing is surreal and very bittersweet!! This is not goodbye, but see ya later!

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