Thursday, March 8, 2018

Love > Hate

I've been slowly putting together this post over the last few weeks partly because I didn't know 100% on what I wanted to all put into it because to me there is just so much I could say, but mostly because I just haven't had time. Between being slammed at work (read: our receptionist/legal secretary walked out) all the home VGK games which kept Wayne busy and me being a single parent most nights, putting our beloved 11 year old cocker spaniel, Puckett, down after him being sick for 3 weeks, Disneyland with the family and just life in general.

I just haven't had much time for this little space as I had hoped for this year so far.

But back to the topic of this post because I am still seeing various things in which I want to touch and write about.

I've seen a lot of various responses from people over the last few weeks when someone, like me, brings up even the topic of gun reform and the hope of one day seeing some sort of gun reform talk be STARTED. Some sort of change. I am not naive to the fact that it's not going to happen overnight and that it will not solve or fix all the gun problems or violence in this country. There are way too many issues for that.

But when I say Nevada has little to no gun law. That scares me. When I know there is no state to state gun law. That scares me. When you can buy guns at a gun show or online and there is no regulation or registration for that.

And I am not saying I am the most knowledgeable about guns or laws, but that shouldn't matter if you are or not. You should still want gun regulation.

Instead I hear:

"Let's just love one another."

"If people were more accepting of other's, than things like this wouldn't happen."

"Gun reform isn't going to change anything."

"Guns are not the problem, _________ is." Insert another excuse.

Now let me preface this with saying, I agree. In a perfect world we would all love each other and be more accepting of others, there would also be no poor people, no hungry people, no homeless, everyone would be able to be their authentic selves without getting ridiculed for it. The list goes on and on.

But to me the one constant from these people that I keep hearing these GOD DAMN excuses from are people who voted for Trump and support someone who is the epitome of hate and nonacceptance. Someone whose main goal is to stir the pot and make sure it's being stirred on a daily basis.

Some of these people also support a Vice President who believes that "conversion therapy" ACTUALLY works. Really? We're back to that?

I don't like to lump all Conservatives into one basket. Just like I don't like it when someone lumps all Democrats into one basket.

But I cannot support a political party who doesn't support the LGBTQ community. A political party who supports white supremacist groups. Who still use words like fa**ot and ni**er. To me THOSE things are what are driving this country into the ground. In no way shape or form is that "Making America Great Again."

How can you preach all those inclusive things when the very people you are supporting are the exact opposite of love and acceptance?

Don't tell me that if the shooter wasn't white, then the excuses would be ISIS or religion or whatever else you can pin it on. It's always an excuse.

Preaching love and acceptance, but then not really supporting it in the real world or calling someone out on their bullshit when using derogatory words like that because it's all just in fun. I have people in my own family that still use those words and have this way of thinking. Don't think that they don't know how I feel about it. They do.

Talking about humanization and how people relate to each other, but then not being accepting of someone for who they really are and supporting an agenda that tears people down instead of lifting people up.

I say you look in the mirror. What are you doing to help with that?

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