Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lil D's 2nd Trimester {Week 21}

Thursday, 02/24/2011
(21 weeks)
My stomach has definitely been feeling very dry and itchy lately. I have been lathering on lotion at night, although I know I should do it in the morning, but I just never seem to have time. I really have to start getting up earlier to do so though. I haven't noticed any stretch marks yet. We'll see.

I'm looking forward to (but also nervous), about our Dr. appointment on Monday night. Keep us in your prayers!


Baby's now the size of a banana!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday! {02.23.2011}


Today is the first day that I am linking up to Jamie for her “What I'm loving Wednesday” weekly post. I could probably find a bunch of things that I am "LOVING" right now, but I will limit the list to five.

This week…

I'm Loving GAIAM's Shiva Rea’s Prenatal Yoga DVD that I bought over the weekend (even though I haven't tried it yet) and the GAIAM mat I also bought along with it (that I haven't yet taken out of the packaging). I'm hoping to try them both tonight!


I will take a real picture of my actual mat that I bought. It is somewhat like this one pictured below.
I'm Loving my NOOK that Wayne got me for Christmas and it's lovely red case!

I'm Loving the book that I am reading (on my NOOK) "Heart of the Matter" by Emily Giffin. This is book number 5 in a line of series that are not all directly related, but semi-directly. If you have read them you know what I am talking about. If you have not read them YOU NEED TO!

I'm Loving the fact that Emily's first book "Something Borrowed" was made into a movie and is scheduled to come out in May! I'm also Loving that Kate Hudson is in it! Super excited!

I'm Loving Britney's new video for "Hold It Against Me." I could NEVER get sick of Britney.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Names {2011}

So in less than a week we are scheduled to have our Ultrasound. First and foremost I want to make sure he or she is healthy, but also that is when we will hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to find out the sex. There have been several people that have asked us if we are going to find out and yes, we are and then the follow-up question is do you have names picked out? Yes, we also have names picked out as well.We've had the girls name picked out since practically our first date and we had a boys name picked out but when we actually got pregnant we decided we didn't like it 100% and started from scratch.
Wayne swears it's a girl, he said he just had a feeling from our very first ultrasound, when the baby was just 2cm and measuring 8 weeks, 3 days.

Here is our girl name:

Hailey Jo

origin: English

 meaning: From the Hay Clearing

With many variations of this name on the most popular list, your little Hailey is going to be spelling it out for people no matter which version you pick. Hailey’s currently the most popular version, but it first appeared in the ’60s as Hayley, thanks to the star of The Parent Trap. It wasn’t commonly used until the ’80s though, and since then has been steadily climbing the charts. (Even though it’s gone down a little bit from its peak position, all the multiple spellings make it hard to tell whether it’s really shifted in popularity.) The original spelling comes from an Old English place name meaning “hay clearing,” which sounds more beautiful when you consider it a lovely and idyllic meadow opening.

current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 25

We have always really liked the name Hailey and like I said above had that name picked out since we first started dating (I knew early on I was going to marry Wayne and we would one day have children). Hailey has no connection to our family and is not taken from anyone that we know of. On the other hand, the middle name "Jo" is my Mother's middle name and my little sister's middle name.

Mother: Karla Jo
Sister: Amie Jo

I've had a feeling thus far it's a boy. I don't know why, but I just do. As we get closer to the Ultrasound day though, I feel less and less certain it's a boy. I don't know if it's all the old wives takes that are making me second guess myself or what, but this is our boys name:

Carter James

origin: English

 meaning: Driver of a Cart

Part of the last-name-as-a-first-name trend, Carter’s risen rapidly over the last decade and is still well on its way up. It’s also yet another one of those popular profession last names…yes, this literally means “someone who carts.” As in, schlepping stuff around. While it’s a fine sounding name, we like it even more when there’s a little history (perhaps a lost maiden name somewhere along the family lines) to make it relevant.

current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 65
As with the girl name, Carter has no connection to our family and is not taken from anyone, we just really like the name. "James" is taken from Wayne's great uncle Edward James Peck or Uncle Oddie as he was called by most people. He was always like a Father figure to Wayne growing up. When we first were playing around with the name, we didn't know that Oddie's middle name was James. Then one day I asked Green Grandma and when she said James, I said to myself...yup, that's it.

I know picking out names for some couples can be hard, but for us it was least this first time around. If we have a second child, it might be a lot more difficult. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Another thing that we have heard is to have a back-up name in case the name we choose doesn't fit the baby and it doesn't look like a Hailey or a Carter upon arrival. To us that just doesn't make sense. What does a Hailey or a Carter really look like? Something to think about I guess.

Stay tuned for my eventual post about whether we have a little Hailey or a little Carter!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Foods & Pregnancy

I read this online at The first is a list of top 10 healthy "fast foods" = THE GOOD. They are pretty much a given and expected. These are ones you will see over and over again on what to eat while you are pregnant aka uber healthy for baby.

What I didn't expect after the top 10 list, was a few of the things on the list of the 5 "foods to avoid" = THE BAD.

1. Fruit

Grab an apple, banana, pear, orange, or another favorite fruit. Or if you prefer, try those handy little 4-ounce fruit cups, which count as one serving toward your daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables during pregnancy. Choose varieties packed in their own juice rather than in sugary syrup.

Find out why fruit is one of our ten best foods for pregnancy.

2. Raisins

A small (1 1/2-ounce) box provides a little boost of fiber, iron, and potassium while satisfying a sweet tooth.

3. Yogurt

One 6-ounce container of this classic nutritious-and-convenient food can provide 25 percent of your daily calcium requirement, as well as protein and several necessary vitamins and minerals. If the label says "live and active cultures," you'll also get the benefit of probiotics – helpful bacteria that aid digestion and protect your digestive tract.

Find out why Greek yogurt is one of our ten best foods for pregnancy.

4. Make-it-yourself trail mix

Add a cup of whole grain cereal to a handful of your favorite dried fruits and nuts (try dried cherries and almonds, or dried cranberries and walnuts). Keep it in a resealable bag in your desk or car for a handy, crunchy snack.

Find out why walnuts are one of our ten best foods for pregnancy.

5. Salad bar

Some fast-food restaurants and many grocery stores have salad bars where you can serve yourself practically a whole day's worth of fruits and vegetables. Load up on spinach, carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and zucchini. Add nuts, chickpeas, and kidney beans for a protein boost, and top with raisins for iron, fiber, and potassium.

Find out why dark, leafy greens are one of our ten best foods for pregnancy.

6. Baby carrots

Carrots are full of vitamin A and fiber, and you can find them in single-serving bags. Dip them in hummus or yogurt for an extra dose of nutrition or add a dab of salad dressing for flavor. Look for other prewashed veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach to make a quick dinnertime stir-fry.

7. String cheese

If you don't know about string cheese now, just wait until your baby is a toddler – this food is likely to become a favorite snack. Low-fat mozzarella sticks are full of calcium, and one stick provides the same amount of protein as an 8-ounce glass of milk.

8. Orange juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D

Just half a cup provides half the daily requirement of vitamin C and about 15 percent of your calcium needs. Grab a juice box (check the labels for maximum fortification) when you're on the go.

9. Whole grain cereal or instant oatmeal

Stash a few single-serving packages in your desk at work for a quick, filling snack. Almost all breakfast cereal is now fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, including folic acid.

10. Fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a good source of protein and a fair source of calcium. Look for single-serving containers in the dairy section of most grocery stores. Top with fruit or throw in a handful of nuts and dried fruit to make things more interesting.

Foods to Avoid

1. Packaged ramen noodles

Read the label: These quick-cooking noodles are packed with salt, fat, and little else.

2. Soda

If you fill up on empty calories and sugar, you won't have any room for more nutritious drinks. Low-fat milk, water, and juice are better choices.

3. Shelf-stable commercial lunches

Sure, they're a quick fix for hunger pangs, but preservatives, salt, and fat make most of them a poor choice. There are some okay packaged lunch options out there, though, so check the labels!

4. Too many frozen prepared meals

There are some good choices out there, but many have astronomical amounts of salt and fat. Instead, pop a potato in the microwave, then top it with cheese and steamed broccoli for a fast, healthy meal. If you can't avoid the occasional frozen meal, look for organic brands that are low in salt and fat.

5. Iceberg lettuce

When it comes to lettuce, choose greens, such as romaine, that are full of fiber, A and C vitamins, folic acid, calcium, and potassium. Iceberg lettuce has only trace amounts of these nutrients.

They all make sense after reading, but I just thought there are worse things out there to be on a list like this than ramen noodles or iceberg lettuce. But what do I know? Good thing I have gotten my fair share of ramen noodles over the years and I tend to eat spinach salads. Haha.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lil D's 2nd Trimester {Week 20}

Thursday, 2/17/2011
(20 weeks)

This is me and Lil D this week:


As you can see my belly has popped out somewhat. It's still so crazy to me.

Maternity Clothes: I had purchased 2 bella bands (one white/one black), but didn't need to start wearing them until last Thursday (week 19). I have also resorted to the rubberband trick of keeping my pants together and then with the bella band it gives it enough support so that my pants stay up.I can only zip them up about half-way.

Sleep: I'm not as tired now in the 2nd trimester as I was in the 1st, which I know is common. Some evenings/nights are better than others. If I am so tired, where I do go to bed early, I wake up in the middle of the night from 2am - 4am. So it really depends on the day(s) or evening.

Best Moment of the Week: Being 20 weeks along and half way!

Movement: None so far that I can tell for sure is baby. Everyone keeps asking me and I'm sure I have felt it at some point in the last couple weeks, but nothing real definitive. Two of my friends, who are also first time mommy's both said that they first felt it between 20-21 weeks and then it gradually got more and more consistent.

Food Craving: See this post...HERE.

Food Aversions: Meat, unless it is smothered in some sort of sauce.

Morning Sickness: None.

Gender: N/A yet. We are scheduled for our Ultrasound on February 28th, so in addition to them checking all of baby's systems and making sure he or she is growing good, we will hopefully be able to find out the sex as well if baby cooperates. Keep your fingers crossed.

Symptoms: Flatulence and constipation are the major two that have stuck with me thus far

What I miss: I continue to miss Caribou less and less each day, although somedays I really want a caramel cooler. I know I can, but I just don't at this point. I don't think I have the power to just have one and not want one the next day, too. So I'm not even going to start.

Wine is the other thing that I find myself missing. Wayne and I had gone to The Olive Garden a few weeks back and used a giftcard from Christmas and I really wanted a nice cold glass of Reisling with my pasta. I know they say it's ok to have a glass, but honestly, I would want more than just one. Who am I kidding? Haha. 

What I'm looking forward to: Our next Dr. appointment, which includes an ultrasound and new pictures on February 28th.


Baby's now the size of a cantaloupe!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day {2011}

I received this cute poem in my email yesterday.
 (along with every other mom-to-be)

It made me smile.

We're counting the days, right along with you
At least while you're waiting, you can eat for two!

Morning sickness is a drag, and heartburn's no fun
But you win the award for the most potty runs

We love how you look when your belly is showing
Swollen ankles and all, you're absolutely glowing

Your new job is the most important on earth
A great mom will be born on the day you give birth


Our Valentine's Day was low key. I have really wanted to go to The Melting Pot for awhile to try it out and so we will be going there for our "Valentine's Day Dinner." When that will be, I don't know exactly, but in the interim Wayne picked up a couple of heart shaped pizzas from Broadway Pizza - Robbinsdale.


Robbinsdale is the only location we go to or pick-up from since it's family owned. It was delicious as always.

I got Wayne a card and this:


Of course he made the joke, "Well, this isn't going to fit." Hardy har har.

He got me a card and these:


Now if you look at the bouquet you will only find 9 roses...why not a full dozen you ask? Well he put something cute in my card that for every white rose that turns red, we are another month closer to growing our family. There are 9 roses...5 are red symbolizing that we are 5 months pregnant with 4 white ones (a little over 4 months to go).

I thought that was so sweet and creative and super special. What a great Daddy he will be.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Staying hydrated...the skinny on water.

So I know I am supposed to normally supposed to be drinking a lot of water, but when you are pregnant it is even more is why.

Hydration is always important, and during pregnancy those fluids are even more precious than usual. Your body needs water to formamniotic fluid, produce extra blood volume, build new tissue, carry nutrients, help indigestion, and flush out your wastes and toxins. (Baby’s, too!) Drinking lots of fluids during pregnancy can work wonders, easing constipation (and therefore hemorrhoids), softening skin, reducing edema and decreasing risk of both urinary tract infections and preterm labor. It’s a good idea to get eight cups each day, and if it’s hot or if you’ve been exercising, you probably need even more.

If the thought of all that water makes you grimace, don't worry -- you’re free to include other fluids. Milk, juice, soup, sparkling water,tea and coffee (decaf only!) all count, and fruits and veggies even add to the tally (five servings of produce = two servings of fluid).

I always knew it was important but never really knew why specifically. Now I know! 

Drink your H2O!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lil D's 2nd Trimester {Week 19}

Thursday, 2/10/2010
(19 weeks)

Yesterday I was 19 weeks and it has been the first time that I actually feel pregnant...I mean belly wise. Up until this point I have just felt chubby, but today I actually feel like I have a pregnant belly. I can't believe we are almost at the half way point. It's going faster than I expected.

Baby's now the size of a mango!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Benjamin Scott Sweeley

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I went last night to visit my friend Laura and her newborn son at the hospital.


He was born on Tuesday, 2/8/2011. I had planned to visit Tuesday night right away, but he was born with low blood sugar and was put on an IV in the special care unit and we weren't even able to see him, so Laura text-ed me that it might be better to come on Wednesday evening instead. He was on the IV until yesterday at about 2pm. He is doing just fine now and was snoozing away last night during my visit.

They hadn't had a boys name picked out and were struggling with that. They finally decided on a name. So now she has 3 boys, Nick, Jack and Ben and then of course her sweetie, Scott. I told her last night that now she is way outnumbered with all the testosterone in the house. She just laughed at me.

Wayne's reaction when I told him that the baby had to be put on an IV because of low blood sugar was really cute. He was all concerned and asked me questions about it. I don't think in the past he would have even batted an eyelash, but now since we are expecting he is more interested in those type of things.

Also, it was fun to hold a newborn baby that was just over 48 hours old. There were a couple of other family members there at the same time as me, and so we chatted about various things to do with pregnancy, delivery and newborns, etc. and it got me WAY more excited about our own adventure!

Congratulations again, Laura and Scott!!! 


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food cravings so far...

I haven't had too many cravings thus far and it has been actually burdensome to find something that is actually appealing to eat, but I think it is getting better and better week by week. These are the things that I have been the most consistent thus far:



I usually get a cinnamon sugar bagel with plain cream cheese.


Orange Juice...pretty much any kind or brand will do. For a few weeks I changed to apple juice (couldn't get enough of it and I don't even care for apple juice), but now it seems I am back to OJ.



I find myself wanting this almost every night for dinner:


1 slice of cheese pizza...I haven't found meat very appealing thus far unless it is slathered in some sort of sauce to drowned out the meat flavor.


And as you are supposed to have 6 small meals per day, then I find myself snacking in the meantime on other various things such as popcorn, chips, granola bars, etc.



McDonalds shakes...specifically vanilla.




DQ ice cream...specifically an oreo or snickers blizzard or a peanut buster parfait.


I usually eat a pickle a day. I think it is a vinegar thing because sometimes I crave french fries and ketchup. I only like a certain kind:


Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up and have a popscicle:


Some of these are cliche...pickles and ice cream, but I don't care. I'm eating what I want and still trying to sneak in those fruits/veggies. I think I'm doing good so far. Almost half way there.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lil D's 2nd Trimester {Week 18}

Thursday, 2/3/2011
(18 weeks)

Well, we had our Dr. appointment on Monday, January 31st with Nancy Decker. Dr Emery is on medical leave as she is struggling with some personal medical issues. Not sure the status yet and it makes me nervous, but we will see how next time goes.

This is the second time in a row that we have met with Nancy instead of Dr. E. I'm really ok with that becuase I LOVE Nancy and I think Wayne does, too, which is terrific.But if this is going to be a regular thing than we might just decide to switch Drs now. I've also heard great things about Dr. Minke, so we will see what this next appointment brings.

This is me & Lil D this week:


We also scheduled our next appointment for February 28th (21 weeks), which will be the Ultrasound appointment where we find out the SEX! Hopefully, keep fingers crossed that baby cooperates with that.


Baby's now the size of a sweet potato!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Laura’s Baby Shower

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I went to my friend, Laura’s, baby shower. Our history is an odd one, but nevertheless we have remained friends through it all. She was in my wedding and as we have gone through life experiences/changes we have managed to stay friends. It’s hard to believe that if I hadn’t had the miscarriage this summer, I would be right where she is now. Actually I would have been about 2 weeks behind her, but definitely in the home stretch. It was super fun as I was the only other one pregnant and it really made me look forward to my baby shower(s) to come. I hadn’t seen some of those ladies in awhile (Laura’s friends/family), so it was definitely much needed catch-up time. Here is us:


I am 16 wks and Laura is scheduled for her c-section on Tuesday, February 8th. They did not find out the sex and Laura has two boys from a previous relationship, so I am very excited to see if she will have a third boy or if she will finally get her girl. Whatever it is, it will be loved!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a post about her little one.

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