Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day {2011}

I received this cute poem in my babycenter.com email yesterday.
 (along with every other mom-to-be)

It made me smile.

We're counting the days, right along with you
At least while you're waiting, you can eat for two!

Morning sickness is a drag, and heartburn's no fun
But you win the award for the most potty runs

We love how you look when your belly is showing
Swollen ankles and all, you're absolutely glowing

Your new job is the most important on earth
A great mom will be born on the day you give birth


Our Valentine's Day was low key. I have really wanted to go to The Melting Pot for awhile to try it out and so we will be going there for our "Valentine's Day Dinner." When that will be, I don't know exactly, but in the interim Wayne picked up a couple of heart shaped pizzas from Broadway Pizza - Robbinsdale.


Robbinsdale is the only location we go to or pick-up from since it's family owned. It was delicious as always.

I got Wayne a card and this:


Of course he made the joke, "Well, this isn't going to fit." Hardy har har.

He got me a card and these:


Now if you look at the bouquet you will only find 9 roses...why not a full dozen you ask? Well he put something cute in my card that for every white rose that turns red, we are another month closer to growing our family. There are 9 roses...5 are red symbolizing that we are 5 months pregnant with 4 white ones (a little over 4 months to go).

I thought that was so sweet and creative and super special. What a great Daddy he will be.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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