Thursday, February 10, 2011

Benjamin Scott Sweeley

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I went last night to visit my friend Laura and her newborn son at the hospital.


He was born on Tuesday, 2/8/2011. I had planned to visit Tuesday night right away, but he was born with low blood sugar and was put on an IV in the special care unit and we weren't even able to see him, so Laura text-ed me that it might be better to come on Wednesday evening instead. He was on the IV until yesterday at about 2pm. He is doing just fine now and was snoozing away last night during my visit.

They hadn't had a boys name picked out and were struggling with that. They finally decided on a name. So now she has 3 boys, Nick, Jack and Ben and then of course her sweetie, Scott. I told her last night that now she is way outnumbered with all the testosterone in the house. She just laughed at me.

Wayne's reaction when I told him that the baby had to be put on an IV because of low blood sugar was really cute. He was all concerned and asked me questions about it. I don't think in the past he would have even batted an eyelash, but now since we are expecting he is more interested in those type of things.

Also, it was fun to hold a newborn baby that was just over 48 hours old. There were a couple of other family members there at the same time as me, and so we chatted about various things to do with pregnancy, delivery and newborns, etc. and it got me WAY more excited about our own adventure!

Congratulations again, Laura and Scott!!! 


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