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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three Things Thursday {08.08.2013}

Three Things Thursday {08.08.2013}
Thursday, August 8, 2013
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1. Anyone else as excited as I was that Desiree picked Chris and didn't end up with Brooks? Holla! Just goes to show me that I can't believe everything I read (Reality Steve). I LOVED everything about the finale, the proposal AND After the Rose show.

I picked him early on and am so happy she picked him and they are still together. Now will it last, is the real question? Only time will tell.

 photo 1375796510_desiree-chris-bacheloret_zpsd57753e3.jpg

2. I am so excited for football season to start, specifically the NFL. I'm not much of a college football gal. Also, my Husband is joining the KFAN team for Vikings post-game coverage!! Yay!

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcRJLw2FeKFdGTCJgyBGD_zps49bbb2ad.jpg

He has been down at training camp in Mankato a few days this week with Paul Allen.

Also, have you seen this commercial on TV?

Just another reason why I love the Manning brothers.

3. I needed a new eye lash curler badly last week. Wayne was stopping at Walgreens to pick up some milk, so I asked him if he would pick me up one. He said yes, of course, cause he's sweet like that. The only guideline I gave him was Revlon, cause I've always had good luck with those and I didn't want to be too specific. Well, he said he splurged and got me the more expensive one.

 photo IMG_6964_zps83407089.jpg

At first I was like, what? Is this thing really going to work, or does it just look pretty? It's pink and has rhinestones. But you guys?! It's so fantastic!!I think this is the best one I've ever had!!! Absolutely love it!

Anything new with you this week?
Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Randoms {03.15.2013}

Friday Randoms {03.15.2013}
Friday, March 15, 2013
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So here we are again.Yes, I got fakes put back on. I am in a wedding in April and decided I wanted them again for the shower and parties and then eventually for the wedding. I know I'm so vain, but I love having them.

Here are my nails this week:

 photo IMG_5226_zpsed33bd71.jpg

I've almost completed two full weeks of using MyFitnessPal. 
Is anyone else on there? Find me at ladanielson.

 photo MFP_zps4793021e.png

Using this app, has made me realize how much I'm eating and what I'm eating and also that working out on a daily basis affects my calories. I'm proud that since joining the gym and really committing myself back on February 16th I am down about 5 lbs. That's about a pound a week, which is HUGE for me! I can already feel it in my clothes and can tell my body is changing for the better. 

I've been exercising about 3 times per week. Usually Zumba.I've also been eating better, eating smaller portions, I cut out coffee completely (for lent), am limiting soda and drinking more water. Oofta. It's all hard work, but it's really paid off so far. It's only been one month and I'm just beginning, but I feel like I've gotten a good start and want to keep on going. I've found a lot of motivation all around me from fellow bloggers to my friends to just seeing the results of it all and wanting to keep going.

 photo IMG_5222_zps97bd2086.png

This week I have been groovin to Nelly's "Hey Porsche." He is one fine lookin specimen.

I love it and crank it up anytime I hear it!

I'm so happy that Fashion Star is back! Anyone else watch it? I love Jessica Simpson. Always have and always will. I have no shame and I know she's a ditz, but girl knows her shit and no one can argue with that.

 photo Fashion-Star_510x317_zps8c07a967.jpg

I'm excited about my two new Zumba workout tanks I got off Zulilly. I'm slowly building up my stash of new AND cute workout clothes. I've realized I don't like working out in anything else other than tanks. I just get too hot in t-shirts and I like working out if I feel like I look cute.

 photo IMG_5271_zps43f29924.jpg

Also? Can we talk about cuteness, please? My friend owns a laser business and made me this cutsom iPhone 4s case. I just got it today and am in love!!!

 photo IMG_5265_zps3ca934ed.jpg

I'm looking forward to this weekend. No really big plans. I am going to a jeans party tomorrow evening, running some errands and hopefully a little shopping at the MOA.

What about you?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

365 Photoaday Challenge {January 2013}

365 Photoaday Challenge {January 2013}
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
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So I am continuing my Photoaday Challenge this year, but I am not using any sort of prompt. I am taking a few photos a day and then picking one per day to be that photoaday winner.

I always post these to Instagram, most of the time I also post them to twitter and some times I will post them to facebook.

You can find me on each of the social media outlets and connect with me on my sidebar.

Me in 2013. Bring it! HNY. #day1 #photoaday365

 photo Day1-Jan1_zps057117e4.jpg

Sick toddler means sleeping in the big bed with M&D. #sick #toddler #sleep #day2 #photoaday365

 photo Day2-Jan2_zps0b51b132.jpg

We'll see what this fortune means in 2013. #day3 #photoaday365

 photo Day3-Jan3_zps562a4d8e.jpg

This is why my Husband is the best. Taking care of this sick little girl today. She is such a Daddy's girl. #bestdaddyever #besthusbandever #day4 #photoaday365

 photo Day4-Jan4_zps0ebb1e51.jpg

Viking Pride no matter what in our house. #day5 #photoaday365

 photo Day5-Jan5_zps8d3f62df.jpg

#day6 Sitting like a big girl. #18months #photoaday365

 photo Day6-Jan6_zps3c35c05c.jpg

#day7 Premiere night of the Bachelor. #tv #photoaday365

 photo Day7-Jan7_zps6d565cfe.jpg

#day8 This is what I listen to every morning while getting ready for work. #itsbritneybitch #photoaday365

 photo Day8-Jan8_zpsfba07a14.jpg

#day9 Demon eyed doggies. This is where they chill in the morning while I get ready. It's the only safe place from Hailey. Ha. #dontmindtheunmadebed #photoaday365

 photo Day9-Jan9_zps34041304.jpg

#day10 I have come across so many job/career related things lately in my life. We'll see what 2013 has to offer. #photoaday365

 photo Day10-Jan10_zps1821f692.jpg

#day11 I love getting pictures like this while I'm at work. #lovesofmylife #cuddles #daddysgirl #photoaday365

 photo Day11-Jan11_zps7295423b.jpg

I love that she climbed up and fell asleep. She loves when I play with her hair. #naptime #day12 #photoaday365

 photo Day12-Jan12_zps6e3afe69.jpg

Family Day at Sesame Street Live #myloves #day13 #photoaday365

 photo Day13-Jan13_zpsc90d6aa8.jpg

#day14 You know a toddler has been digging in your purse when you find a random crayon. #photoaday365

 photo Day14-Jan14_zps18b9d3e8.jpg

#day15 This is my life right now. #sinusinfection #cold #photoaday365

 photo Day15-Jan15_zps9dcb3a9f.jpg

#day16 Time to renew my Notary. #jobproblems #photoaday365

 photo Day16-Jan16_zps6b60ccac.jpg

#day17 My favorite part of the day. Bedtime snuggles with H. #photoaday365

 photo Day17-Jan17_zps75705541.jpg

#day18 Bella & Moo Moo are listening to Daddy read books too. @bigdradio #photoaday365

 photo Day18-Jan18_zps87bc339b.jpg

#day19 Trying to get some work done. Do you think he wants some attention? #mypup #photoaday365

 photo Day19-Jan19_zps76992c6c.jpg

#day20 Do you see something wrong with this picture? Isn't that what the bed is for? #toddler #photoaday365

 photo Day20-Jan20_zps86be0331.jpg

#day21 This is happening. Happy Friday night to me. #warmcookie #photoaday365

 photo Day21-Jan21_zpse70c4870.jpg

#day22 Ok. I guess I will share the couch with you. #idontrealluhaveachoice #photoaday365

 photo Day22-Jan22_zps94519cbc.jpg

#day23 Lifesaver. I don't know what I would do without it. #photoaday365

 photo Day23-Jan23_zps69c4bebe.jpg

#day24 I wish I could nap and have someone else drive. #toddler #photoaday365

 photo Day24-Jan24_zps99e7c050.jpg

#day25 Dinner. Yum. #yesplease #thankyou #photoaday365

 photo Day25-Jan25_zpsc0deedb1.jpg

#day26 My fave target purchases today for the little. New shoes, festive socks, piggy bath towel and bath crayons. #photoaday365

 photo Day26-Jan26_zpscf44a3c9.jpg

#day27 Haircut day. #photoaday365

 photo Day27-Jan27_zps2c831343.jpg

#day28 Confession. I like to put Heinz 57 sauce on my tater-tot hot-dish. #saucy #photoaday365

 photo Day28-Jan28_zps3b2965cd.jpg

#day29 Yesterday is gone. All we have is tomorrow. #words #photoaday365

 photo Day29-Jan29_zps7284c9c0.jpg

#day30 After 10 years together he still makes me giddy. #love #marriage #photoaday365

 photo Day30-Jan30_zps96ae3afe.jpg

#day31 New Blog Look! So excited!! @laurenanne005 #photoaday365

 photo Day31-Jan31_zpsb0ceaa94.jpg

Here's to another great year!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday {08.20.2012}

Miscellany Monday {08.20.2012}
Monday, August 20, 2012
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Going over to Carissa to link up for Miscellany Monday.

1. I would say I'm ready for Fall so that our schedules slow down a bit, but our schedules don't really slow down until October/November this year. At least I'm hoping they will slow down. And although I LOVE summer and am trying to enjoy it as much as possible with Hailey, this Mama needs a break and needs to hibernate. I feel like everyday is a marathon.


2. Speaking of hibernating...can't wait for fall TV to start up. Looks like there are going to be so many great shows starting. The only problem is getting hooked on one and then it getting cancelled. I fell like it's such a waste of time then. So glad Revenge was picked up for Season 2!

 It has switched from Wednesday nights to Sunday nights, so we will see how that fits into the schedule.


3. I'm so behind on blogging, but am really trying to get caught up. My photography business is always booming this time of year with graduation pictures and then a wedding or 2 on top of that. Don't get me wrong, I love it, it just can get overwhelming at times with a full-time job, side business, 1 year old, Husband, Family, etc. I just have lots on my plate at the moment and am trying to focus on one thing at a time.

4. Did I miss this? Taken 2? I absolutely LOVE the first one so much and Liam Neeson, too.

Can't wait!

5. I swiped all my pictures off my phone last week. 600+ down to zero. Yes, I back up all my pictures. Don't worry. Of course after this weekend I'm back up to 100+. Never fails. The iPhone is just so darn convenient.


6. Speaking of Apple, Hubs and I are looking at possibly getting a MacBook. We have an iPad now, but neither one of us really uses it for it to be worthwhile. We are thinking of trading in the iPad and our current PC laptop for a Macbook. Thoughts?

7. Wayne is back on the weight loss train. He started about a week and a half ago. After 6 days, he was already down 8 lbs. Go him!!

8. Anybody out there watching Bachelor Pad? Is it me or is this season so annoying? EVERYONE on the show right now is just annoying to me. Ugh.

9. I finally got to meet my friend, Krista's little girl, Kate, last week. They came in for lunch to visit the office while she is on maternity leave. She is seriously SO CUTE!! 

10. If you haven't checked out my July Photoaday Challenge post go HERE!

11. My Hubs is the greatest. After staying the week with his Aunt in New York and using hers, this had been on my list to get. Well, he surprised me yet again.


12. Also on my want list: these shoes.


I need a new pair desperately. Love them.

Any random things going on in your world? Let me know!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Randoms {06.15.2012}

Weekly Randoms {06.15.2012}
Friday, June 15, 2012
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I saw Snow White and the Huntsman a couple weeks ago. I went to the premiere before it opened to the public. I loved it.


I'm planning on seeing Rock of Ages tonight with Falen.


True Blood started last Sunday night. Seriously love that show. So excited to see Christopher Meloni a/k/a Elliott Stabler on the show this season.


The Bachelorette is getting so good. "This week she told a guy to "Get the F**k out."

I was nervous that she was going to be too nicey, nicey, but she is a sassy little thing.

My new nail color this week is OPI Pink Flamenco.



It's the perfect Summer pink.

Loving this song right now: Katy Perry - "Wide Awake"

Our cousins just opened up their new restaurant in downtown Robbinsdale. They officially opened Monday morning. It's called Birdtown Cafe. Hubs has been twice this week already. I can't wait to go and try the Eggs Benedict. It's my fave and he said it was so good! This is where my MIL works as well. She is officially back to work after 1+ year of being laid off. Yay!!

With her being back to work, means that we are in flux with someone to watch Hailey. This week we used my Mom everyday, but she lives about 20 minutes from us. It's not horrible, but some days with the traffic back and forth. I think we might be looking into getting a Nanny. We'll see. 

I can't believe we go to New York next week! I haven't started packing, but I have made a list. Go with a list. We are so excited for our family trip!

I just got my first Birchbox yesterday in the mail. I haven't had a chance to use anything out of it yet, but will be blogging about that on Monday!

Lately I have been obsessed with these:


How was your week?

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Mama D
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