Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Randoms {03.15.2013}

So here we are again.Yes, I got fakes put back on. I am in a wedding in April and decided I wanted them again for the shower and parties and then eventually for the wedding. I know I'm so vain, but I love having them.

Here are my nails this week:

 photo IMG_5226_zpsed33bd71.jpg

I've almost completed two full weeks of using MyFitnessPal. 
Is anyone else on there? Find me at ladanielson.

 photo MFP_zps4793021e.png

Using this app, has made me realize how much I'm eating and what I'm eating and also that working out on a daily basis affects my calories. I'm proud that since joining the gym and really committing myself back on February 16th I am down about 5 lbs. That's about a pound a week, which is HUGE for me! I can already feel it in my clothes and can tell my body is changing for the better. 

I've been exercising about 3 times per week. Usually Zumba.I've also been eating better, eating smaller portions, I cut out coffee completely (for lent), am limiting soda and drinking more water. Oofta. It's all hard work, but it's really paid off so far. It's only been one month and I'm just beginning, but I feel like I've gotten a good start and want to keep on going. I've found a lot of motivation all around me from fellow bloggers to my friends to just seeing the results of it all and wanting to keep going.

 photo IMG_5222_zps97bd2086.png

This week I have been groovin to Nelly's "Hey Porsche." He is one fine lookin specimen.

I love it and crank it up anytime I hear it!

I'm so happy that Fashion Star is back! Anyone else watch it? I love Jessica Simpson. Always have and always will. I have no shame and I know she's a ditz, but girl knows her shit and no one can argue with that.

 photo Fashion-Star_510x317_zps8c07a967.jpg

I'm excited about my two new Zumba workout tanks I got off Zulilly. I'm slowly building up my stash of new AND cute workout clothes. I've realized I don't like working out in anything else other than tanks. I just get too hot in t-shirts and I like working out if I feel like I look cute.

 photo IMG_5271_zps43f29924.jpg

Also? Can we talk about cuteness, please? My friend owns a laser business and made me this cutsom iPhone 4s case. I just got it today and am in love!!!

 photo IMG_5265_zps3ca934ed.jpg

I'm looking forward to this weekend. No really big plans. I am going to a jeans party tomorrow evening, running some errands and hopefully a little shopping at the MOA.

What about you?



Kelly said...

You nails look SO great!! Super cute color. Great job with your working out too. LOVE the iPhone case ;-) Have a nice weekend-- and if we HAPPEN to be in the same ROOM like last weekend, you'll have to say hi hahahaha. CANNOT believe that happened last weekend! ;-)

JJ said...

I really love that phone case. so cute!

Have a great weekend girl! Are you coming to the blogger party? You should!

Sarah said...

Your nails look great! Love the color!

Andrea @ Love is... said...

I've been wanting to get my nails done lately! I haven't had them done in so long & it's time I think! Congrats on all of your workout stuff, that's awesome! I just added you on MFP & hopefully I'll start using it again soon! = ) I'm the same way & only like working out in tanks too, & totally agree that when they're cute, it helps!

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