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Hailey Jo {1 - 3 months}

 July 26, 2011
This is you at 1 month old:
Hailey Jo & Dylan Joseph


You weighed 6 lbs 9 oz at birth (29%).

You were 19 3/4 in long (63%).

Your head was 14 inches around (69%)..

You were born with a full head of hair just like your Daddy and it continues to grow everyday.

You are such a good baby, super content and seem to have a "go with the flow" attitude.

You used to like being swaddled your first month, but since then you like your arms and hands out. Daddy was really good at swaddling you.

You went to the Doctor again for your 2 week appointment on July 15, 2011.

You weighed 7 lbs 3.5oz.

You were 20 inches long.

Your head was 14 1/2 inches around.

You are content with laying on your back (if you are awake), but only for a short amount of time.

You really dislike being elevated, because you always strain trying to sit yourself up.

You love to sit up and want to see everything. One of your favorite spots is propped up by a pillow on our bed watching the ceiling fan go round and round.

You disliked the swing your first month, but you have grown to love it. I think you like it because a) you are sitting up b) you get to look around and c) you love the motion of rocking.

You LOVE when I rock you to sleep and cuddle you before I lay you down.

August 26, 2011
This is you at 2 months old:

Photobucket Photobucket

You had your two month Dr appointment for your shots on August 29, 2011.

You weighed 10 lbs 10 oz (16%).

You were 23 3/4 inches long (81%).

Your head was 15 3/4 inches around (67%).

 You are a more patient baby than normal, but every once in awhile you will get mad really fast and we have to hurry up. Most of the time though you usually don't start crying right away and you give us good signs that you are either sleepy, wet, or hungry.

You fight to go to sleep sometimes and I think it's because you don't want to miss a thing.

You wore newborn outfits/diapers for about your first month and half.

You are now in size 1 diapers and soon enough will actually be ready to move up to size 2.

You don't mind getting your diaper changed. I think you feel a lot better after it's done.

You don't mind being naked or just in your diaper, just as long as you are warm.

You are ticklish on the bottoms of your feet. I knew that early on, but as of right now I haven't found any other spots.

You did OK with bath time your first month, but since then we have been putting you in the shower with one of us. You have liked it so far and do not cry at all. You really like the warm water and you like the baby lotion massages that I give you afterwards. You are so happy after that, when we put you in either PJ's or clothes and you are all clean and moisturized.

You hate to have your nose suctioned after a bath/shower. Always have and probably always will.

September 26, 2011
This is you at 3 months old:

Photobucket Photobucket

You've been wide-eyed since you were born. You have pretty, big eyes and you like to look around. Lately, we find you following me or Daddy when we move.

You have super long eye lashes that keep growing. Surprisingly, you actually got these from your Daddy

You love to watch TV. I think you like the colors and motion.

You love to eat and I can tell when you are content because your eyes glaze over when you take those first few gulps of your bottle. You relax very fast and I know that's exactly what you needed.

You are a GREAT burper and often burp like an adolescent boy. Everyone always gets a kick out of you when they hear you burp.

You will get the hiccups every once in awhile, but as you've gotten older it is less and less.

You recently just got your first diaper rash, but thankfully Mommy caught it and it didn't last long. You cried very hard and loud and me and Daddy did not like that.

You are still what I would call a skinny baby with not many rolls or pudge.
We go into the Dr again at the end of October for your four month check-up and more shots.

You continue to sleep well at night and are sleeping more and more throughout the night the older you get and the more you eat. I am very grateful for this. :)

You just started sleeping in your crib for naps and at night a couple weeks ago. Instead of a bassinet, we have a pack and play in our room and that afforded us to have you in there even when you started getting bigger. We will be taking it down this weekend since you have transitioned so well.

You like to sleep on your left side, curled up in a ball, with a blanket around you to keep you warm.

You have always hated tummy time, and would rather just relax than work, but when you do work, it's really hard and you tend to whine and grunt throughout.

You are always kicking your legs and waving your arms.

You are becoming more "noisy" as Daddy calls it and finding your voice more and more everyday.

You like to blow bubbles and have been drooling a lot lately.

You are fully smiling at us and recognizing who we are. It warms both of our hearts when we look at you and make eye contact and your whole face lights up with a smile.

We see your dimple more and more everyday. You have it on your left side, just like Mommy.

I catch myself calling you peanut or punkin. Daddy calls you his "little lady."


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