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Hailey Jo {15 months}

September 26, 2012

This is you at 15 months:

You absolutely love to run...everywhere

 photo IMG_1245_zps55579abf.jpg

You love to go on walks with Daddy around the neighborhood.

You want to be outside ALL THE TIME.

 photo IMG_1332_zpsbfee8af4.jpg

"Let me out."

 photo IMG_3207_zps3d0913b3.jpg

You love your car.

 photo Collage-Car_zpsbe31a99e.jpg

Papa put up a swingset in the backyard for you.

 photo Collage-SwingSet_zpsff942ae7.jpg

You love to swing and would stay in there forever if we let you.

You went to your first Lynx Basketball game on August 31, 2012.

 photo Collage-Lynxgame_zps50f8397f.jpg

You are such a little DIVA.

 photo IMG_3287_zps50dca8ec.jpg

You have so much attitude. Look at your little hip pop out.

 photo IMG_3397_zpsc71b8ea2.jpg

You love to Skype with Green Grandma in Arizona.

 photo Collage-Skype_zps23f642a4.jpg 

You love your Auntie Kate.

 photo IMG_3276_zpsc2df2b87.jpg

You are still so good about sitting in the cart when shopping.

 photo IMG_3214_zps99112fa5.jpg

You are growing so much. Gramma Kimmy bought these new shoes for you.
Now, you match Momma with your pink kicks.

You love Mommy/Daughter dinner dates.
So does Mommy.

 photo IMG_3317_zps3a315ad0.jpg

"Where's my food?"

You are picking up on so many new words and phrases that we say.

You let Momma paint your toes. You were actually sleeping while I did this.

 photo IMG_3178_zps30e71595.jpg

You have a new "cheese" face for the camera.

 photo IMG_3196_zps8f71d8e4.jpg

You still are so in love with your "Doddi." (Daddy)

 photo Collage-Daddy_zpsfb5a81d1.jpg

You two are 2 peas in a pod.

 photo IMG_3199_zpsb49702b0.jpg

You love to wrestle and roll around on the ground.

 photo Collage-Mommy_zps6a5fe993.jpg

You love laying with Daddy in the morning and snuggling in our bed.

 photo IMG_3547_zps0c208694.jpg

 photo IMG_3496_zps8a12ed18.jpg

You love face-timing Mommy while she's at work.

 photo IMG_3331_zps424b138f.jpg

Your smile is just the best.

You are loving cartoons more and more each day.

You like Barney.

 photo IMG_3452_zps974e6fac.jpg

You like Sesame Street.

 photo IMG_1285_zps9b34e8e9.jpg

You love just hanging out in Momma's chair.

 photo IMG_1327_zps3ca205fa.jpg

You are getting into, behind, on top of things all the time now.

 photo IMG_3403_zps475411a4.jpg

Your expressions on your face are just priceless.

You are so goofy!

 photo IMG_3567_zps1aeeaad8.jpg

You have officially transitioned into one nap per day.

 photo IMG_3535_zpsb1b8e44c.jpg

You are just so precious and peaceful when you sleep.

 photo IMG_3460_zpsf58d4913.jpg

You love to play at the mall and explore with the other kids.

 photo Collage-Mall_zpsa324a195.jpg

You are the most social and curios child.

You got another haircut on September 12, 2012.

 photo Collage-Haircut_zps038b23e7.jpg

You cried a little, but overall did so good at sitting still.

You look like such a little girl after you get your hair cut.

 photo Collage-Posthaircut_zps635ff180.jpg

You are trying new foods everyday and getting very messy in the process.

 photo Collage-DirtyFace_zps3eda5ec7.jpg

You spent a trial day at daycare and this was you sleeping on the cot.
When I saw this, I teared up instantly.

 photo IMG_3225_zps74ab98d0.jpg

You are getting so big.

You started your first day of daycare a/k/a school on September 20, 2012.

 photo 09202012_zpsc7002d30.jpg

You do lots of fun things at school, like paint, sing and read books.

 photo Collage-Painting_zps98d0fdc5.jpg

You went with us to visit your Grandpa Todd at the cemetery for the first time on September 23, 2012.

 photo Collage-VisitingTodd_zps73dd2b0e.jpg

You are saying so many words everyday.

You know what the Viking logo is.

 photo IMG_1324_zps73c83f41.jpg

You say "Bikings"

"Doddi." (Daddy)

You still love to be in Momma's closet playing with her shoes.

 photo Collage-Shoes_zps19b9d52d.jpg

You still love music of any kind.

You constantly dance to anything.

You love when Ross brings out his guitar or drums.

 photo JammingwithRoss_zps6a34109f.jpg

You think it's hilarious to run after the puppies.

Your new thing is to climb and run back and forth on the couch.

You have started saying "no."

 You saying "naughty."

You love to snuggle with Mommy.

You think Mommy is hilarious!

You have the best laugh!!

We love you so much with all our heart!

 photo Collage-Fun_zpsd36896c5.jpg

Happy 15 months!


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She is so cute! I love the haircut pictures! Such a little lady!! :)

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