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Hailey Jo {14 months}

August 26, 2012

This is you at 14 Months:

 photo 14months_zps6168fd80.jpg

You are getting into everything.

You are always on the go.

You are constantly climbing on everything.


You took your first trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota for a family wedding.

 photo Collage2_zps42f459a3.jpg

You did such a great job in the car for 5+ hours.

You are eating anything and everything and feeding yourself regularly.

You are exploring with spoons and forks.

 photo Collage_zps6a0a92e2.jpg

You can see not a whole lot of eating happening, but that's OK. It's about learning, too, right?

You are now 100% on cow's milk (2%).

You are still just starting to like juice.

You tried some new foods at the State Fair.

 photo IMG_3021_zpscd62088a.jpg

You are still wearing size three diapers, but not for much longer.

Your sleep schedule is pretty much the same. If you wake up early or in the middle of the night, Mommy will cuddle and get you back to sleep.

 photo IMG_2719_zpsa343e14f.jpg

You always wake up happy and in a good mood.

 photo IMG_2977_zps2eac66ab.jpg

You always are a happy girl with a big smile on your face.

You love to cuddle with your Daddy, especially in the morning.

 photo IMG_2670_zps32c6d518.jpg

You are so independent.

You look so grown up when we put your hair in a pony.

 photo IMG_2708_zpse77dfa96.jpg

You always want to be outside.

 photo IMG_2901_zps7437b250.jpg

You are running everywhere.

You love to play and explore the park.

 photo IMG_1099_zps9a2acf12.jpg

You take 2 short naps a day.

 photo IMG_2927_zps9e97bbbb.jpg

You are always so interested in what the dogs are doing.

 photo IMG_1111_zps5133eb10.jpg

You know how to help put the dogs in the kennel when we go bye bye.

You still love bath time.

 photo IMG_2918_zps82e30ae7.jpg

You have the longest and most beautiful eyelashes.

 photo IMG_2889_zps09538f5b.jpg

You are talking all the time, and constantly adding new words.

You are still getting teeth in, but I never know when or which ones because you never let them bother you.

You are now wearing all 12 month clothes and a few 18 month things.

You are learning all the different body parts..eyes, ears, etc. and it's so funny to play that game with you.

You love to sit in my closet and play with my shoes.

 photo IMG_3056_zps2e66547e.jpg

You love to give "smooches."

You went to your first Twins game.

 photo Collage3_zps3c30e12c.jpg

You also went to your first Vikings game, too!

 photo Collage-VikingsGame_zps642ee1d0.jpg

You were having the best time with this plastic toy bucket.

 photo IMG_2700_zpsc3fb17fc.jpg
You are so funny and love being goofy.

You love making others laugh, just like your Daddy.

Your giggles are the best and so contagious.

You are just the best thing ever!

We love you so much, Hailey!

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