Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hailey's 1st Birthday Puppy Party

So apparently I completely forgot to blog about the details of Hailey's 1st birthday party... back in July 2012. Shame on me. Well, I guess better late than never, right?

And what made me think of it? Well, I'm starting to plan her 2nd birthday party.

Yes, 3 months early.

And yes we have decided on a theme and although we are excited about her party, we are NOT excited about her growing up so fast. I wish I could freeze time for awhile and enjoy her at this age a little longer.She is just so fun right now and I love to see her learn and grow everyday.

So here are the details on Hailey's 1st Birthday Party!

The theme was a "Puppy Party!" Anyone who knows us, or has snooped around this blog, knows that we have 4 dogs. Yes 4. We are big animal/dog lovers, so it seemed fitting since she wasn't into anything yet, such as Dora or Elmo. You can see the invite HERE!

This was her outfit for the day (pre birthday cake!

Outfit photo Collage-H1stBday4_zpscb742256.jpg

There were lots of family and friends that made it.

Friends photo DSCN0442_zps5cfa5089.jpg

Hanging out with Godmother/Auntie Amie.

Auntie Amie photo Collage-H1stBday8_zps3bcc546c.jpg

Saying Hi to Gramma Kimmy and Ben (top). Meadow (middle) also came to play, as well as the Horton Family and Kally (bottom).

Friends photo Collage-H1stBday9_zpsf0fe8ac2.jpg

These were some of the decorations I put up around the house.

I found the balloons from an online store and based the color theme off of those.

I found inspiration from websites and blogs for the decorations and food ideas. 

Decorations photo Collage-H1stBday3_zpscc48a07c.jpg

I decided to do a chocolate fountain.

Food photo Collage-H1stBday2_zps42e21ad1.jpg

I wanted to incorporate the theme somehow into the food, so I had a variety of snacks.

"Pup-cakes" = Cupcakes
"Bark" = Almond Bark that I made with sprinkles.
"Bow-wow-nies" = Brownies

Food photo Collage-H1stBday1_zpsb7c9c7a0.jpg

"Chew Sticks" = Pretzel Rods
"Scooby Snacks" = The graham crackers that are in the shape of bones.
"Pup-corn" = Popcorn

"Dog Food" = A bowl of cocoa puffs
"Puppy Chow" = I used the regular recipe for Puppy Chow.
And sugar cookies shaped as paw prints and bones.

Her cake was in the shape of a paw print.

Cake photo DSCN0423_zpsdda07508.jpg

She received a ton of great gifts from everyone!

Presents photo Collage-H1stBday6_zps0f0808af.jpg

One of her favorites was her shopping cart. She was obsessed.

Obsessed photo Collage-H1stBday7_zpse80677c3.jpg

It took her awhile to get into her cake, but as you can see she loved it.

Cake photo Collage-H1stBday5_zpsae9b01a3.jpg

We gave her a quick bath afterwards and she was energized and ready to go again.

So excited! photo DSCN0528_zpsf3649d7e.jpg

I made "Doggy Bags" for all the kids as they left.

Doggy Bags aka Gift Bags photo DSCN0425_zps0cd0a681.jpg

It was such a great day to see everyone and hang-out for awhile, talk, catch-up, laugh and eat some tasty treats.

Thank you to everyone that came to our house and helped us celebrate Hailey's 1st birthday!


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