Saturday, November 18, 2017


I never thought I would own a piece of jewelry made from a bullet, let alone with such a special meaning behind it. But I do now.

There was a vendor at Route 91 selling Bullet Jewelry. They are a little Mom and Pop type shop. They were by the front entrance of the festival. The old man that helped us create our one of kind pieces was very nice and the shop was very accommodating on what type of stone we wanted in the middle and different chain lengths and even different charms.

Initially, both Katie and Sam bought theirs on Friday, while I said I was going to think about it over the course of the next couple of days. Well, Saturday came around and I decided to buy one because they are each so unique.

All three of us ended up buying a necklace that weekend and Sam actually bought 2.




It didn’t actually hit me until that following Wednesday, October 4th when I was wearing mine that it was an actual bullet. I texted Katie and Sam regarding that same thought and asked them to send me a picture because I wanted to share and write about our necklaces. Katie had informed me that much like me and mine, she hadn’t taken hers off. Sam on the other hand hadn’t taken hers back out of the bags after returning home. She said the thought of them scared her. She knew they shouldn’t scare her, but they did. I again asked her and said that no matter if she wears them ever again, if she could at least take a picture for me, I would be much appreciative. She sent me the above picture minutes later. I explained to both Katie and Sam that my necklace represents only positive. Not negative. It represents our friendship as all three of us bought one that weekend. It represents what we went through that night of October 1st into the next wee morning hours of October 2nd. It represents not only me, but all three of us being safe and physically unharmed. I wear it thinking about them; about us and what we survived.
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