Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday {02.07.2014}

Happy Friday friends!

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Linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday!

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I've been meaning to blog every day this week, but just can't seem to focus. It's cold again here this week and it just really sucks. All it makes me want to do when I get home from work is snuggle under a blanket (or in bed) and cuddle with my girl.

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I giggle at all the peeps down in TX, because it's "cold" down there (19 degrees) and "snowing." Ha! If they only knew!!

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A couple weekends ago I invested in a humidifier. The air has been so harsh up here this winter with it being so cold all the time. This sits on Hailey's nightstand, I make sure it's filled up every night before bed (usually it needs it every other night), and it runs all night in her room.

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Let me tell you how awesome it has been. I originally got it because I could tell Hailey had a croup cough starting after we got a notice about it at her school. I did some research and they said to get a cool humidifier, not one of those hot vapor ones. So that's what I did. I paid $26 for this bad boy at Wallymarts, mostly just to see if it would work and it's been perfect. If I want it can be "portable," which means I can put it in the living room or where ever we are hanging out in the house. Her cough loosened up over night. She went a couple days with a regular cough/runny nose and then has been good since then. No trip to the Dr or anything. That's a win in my book.

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I got my purse that I mentioned in this post.

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I love everything about it and now am a huge MK fan. Why did I wait so long?

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Sorry Coach.

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So this happened last night.

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I know EVERY Mom says this, but it's so true. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE A CHILD OLD ENOUGH FOR THIS. Gah. She won't officially move over into that particular class room until June, but she's already spent a few days in there because she's one of the older ones in her classroom right now. Brain. Exploding.

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My Husband posted this on my Facebook wall. He thought he was SO funny. And he is. Why am I the only one she does this to?

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I thought it was hilarious, too, I have to admit and so true. This is Hailey to a T and reminds me of the Family Guy episoide where Stewie is badgering Lois...

Can anybody else relate? I sure can!

How has your week been? Let me know!

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~Dawn~ said...

We bought one of those fancy Vicks humidifiers for like $60 at Target at the beginning of winter and returned it because it made the LOUDEST water dripping sound that drove me bonkers. I thought maybe it was just a defective machine, so we exchanged it for the same one..and again, made THE Loudest dripping noise.

If you can tell me that the one you have doesn't make a sound..I'm SOLD! haha

Stephanie of WMMblog said...

I'm here is TX and I am so over all the drama that this cold weather causes. They close down for the littlest things and I'm over it!

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