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Five on Friday {10.04.2013}

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Linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday.

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So I found the Michael Kors clearance website this week. Um, yes please. And how come I never knew about this before now? Does this exist for every brand? I've been wanting a MK purse for quite some time now, but have been putting it off.

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I actually put this one on my wishlist on Amazon and have been waiting for an excuse (Anniversary/Christmas), but with these prices, I don't really NEED a reason, right? I have been a Coach girl since the beginning of time, but have felt the need for a change lately. So we'll see. I have my eye on a few one.

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So last week I wrote about my fitness struggle and then this week I wrote about my first day working out with a new schedule. If you've been following along, I did not get up and work out on Wednesday morning like I had hoped. I had a little technical difficulty as I like to call it. But I did get up yesterday morning and made it to the gym for a HIIT class. It was hard, but I really liked it. I'm hoping I can stick with this and make it a regular thing every Tuesday (Insanity) and Thursday (HIIT) morning. I think my body needs to adjust a little bit to getting up so early. I have been such a night owl my whole life, that it's been hard to shut my brain and body down at a decent hour, so for now we're going to stick with T & Th's and go from there. I'm also debating on doing before and after pictures, but the thought of that scares the CRAP outta me.

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I have been cooking quite a bit the last couple weeks. Which is also another huge thing for me. I'm so not a cook or baker (unless it comes from a box), but I'm trying. I printed off a September - December 2013 calendar and have been trying my best to meal plan and not eat out so much. Also, to try and curb our grocery bill every month. Most of the recipes have been first timers for us and I will be tweaking them the 2nd time around to what works for us. These are not considered healthy recipes or "clean" recipes. I hope to share some of those recipes soon.

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Britney Spears came out with her new "Work Bitch" music video. Love it. No surprise. She looks better than she has in a LONG time. I'm really hoping to get out to Vegas within the next couple years to see her out there. I'm NOT a huge fan of Vegas, but I AM a HUGE fan of Britney, so we'll see. We also have grand plans of hopefully buying a house in the spring and having another baby in 2014, so Brit Brit might have to wait. I went to Vegas once on a girls trip and that was enough for me.I'm so not a gambler and I just can't party it up like I used to.

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I'm so excited for Bloggy Boot Camp next weekend!! I've been messaging with a few of my ladies and I can't wait to see them in person!! Hugs for everyone!! Anyone else going?

 Happy Friday friends!!

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Huggies and Heels said...

What?? A MK clearance website?? How have I lived my entire life without knowing about this?! Checking it out now! :)

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