Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Workout

So I did it. I got up this morning and made it to the gym. And you know what? I survived to blog about it. Ha!

The 1st picture is how I felt about getting up early.
The 2nd picture is how I felt about doing an hour long insanity class.
And the 3rd picture is me putting my game face on.
It's all about mindset, right?

 photo Collage-workout_zps9b019f4b.jpg

Here is a rundown of what my morning looked like:

5:30 am - Woke up and changed. I had laid everything out and got my bag ready the night before.
5:40 am - Left the house.
5:50 am - Got to the gym.
6:00 am - Class started.
6:50 am - Class ended.
7:00 am - Shower time.
7:30 am - Left gym.
7:45 am - Stopped at Brueggers to get a celebratory bagel and orange juice. Don't judge.
8:00 am - Arrived home.

Hopefully this will become habit and this is what my morning will look like more often than not. Give or take the stop for a bagel.

Wayne was awake when I got home and because our dogs are crazy when anyone comes home, Hailey was stirring in her bed shortly thereafter. They got up, we ate breakfast and got ready for work/school and then headed out the door.

Right now as I'm writing this I can admit I am NOT tired AND I am feeling great. Honestly. It wasn't that hard to get up this morning, but I know it will get worse, before it gets better. I think it partly has to do with adrenaline. I've been psyching myself up for a few days now and preparing myself. I was just going to start out with Tuesday and Thursdays for the month of October, but I almost want to keep it going tomorrow. We will see.

As I was walking through the gym to get to the locker room at 5:52 am and saw all these people already into their morning workouts, full-on sweating, I realized it's kind of like a cult. Only REALLY crazy people get up that early, just to make it to the gym to get their work-out in for the day. Or I realized they're just really dedicated.

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcTaZ_5n7qFt5_zWpMu0S_zps92372bb9.jpg

It was like this club I was joining that I realized I really want to be apart of. I felt like this morning was my initiation, but who am I kidding, it takes more than just one morning to really do it. On my way home, Wayne texted me.

 photo IMG_7622_zps3650aff0.jpg

That man melts my heart he does. He told me he was proud of me, too, after I got home. I said it's just one day and he replied with "That's all it takes."

Which is true.
Today is day 1, but I have a motivation right now like I've never had before.
I can do this.

I can be dedicated, too.


Brittany said...

You go lady!!

Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

Great job on day 1!!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Good for you, Leah!! You're motivating me!!

Leigh said...

Nice job of getting up early to get your workout in! I love working out, but nothing can get me up early to work out. I am over lunch or after work type of person. Either way, keep it up! :)

~Dawn~ said...

You're a ROCK STAR! Keep it up, girl!

Leah said...

Way to go!!! We have a 6 a.m. meeting with a trainer tomorrow....... woofda.

Kelly said...

Way to go mama! Congrats and keep it up!

Gabriella said...

Awesome! Keep it up!!! :)

Bridget said...

whoop whoop...good job!!!

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