Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekly Web Recap {10.05.2013}

So I've seen this done on several other blogs. I like the idea to highlight and mention any posts or articles that I see throughout the week that are helpful to me or inspire me or just plain make me laugh. Plus a shout-out to a fellow blogger or friend never hurts, right?

First off, I love Alissa over at Rags of Stitches. I love her weekly videos. I loved last weeks video about 3 Myths of Work/Life Balance and I equally love this weeks video where she shared her first 3 of 6 tips of how SHE balances it all. I can't wait for her other 3 tips next week.

As I've mentioned recently, I am going to BBC (Bloggy Boot Camp) next weekend. I scoured The SITSgirls website and read up on what to wear, what to expect, what to bring with you, etc.  THIS was my favorite and most informative read yet.

I also loved reading THIS post from Jess over at Wrangling Chaos on people being opinionated. I love her, too. She keeps it real.

I LOL'd after reading THIS post cause it's so dang true! How could WE, as their MOM, be annoying? Go read Mandy's take on it over at A Sorta Fairytale.

I thought Nicole's post about Marriage + Finance over on her blog Pharr Away had some great tips in it. Definitely things I need to remember.

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Jen @ wonderfullyunkempt said...

I have an outfit I want to wear, but now I'm worried a dress might be too fancy. Ugh! It's like the first day of school all over again! :P

I did find this article too that I liked.

And I also love Wrangling Chaos. :)

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