Friday, July 27, 2012

Hailey Jo {12 months}

June 26, 2012

This is you at 12 months old:


You wouldn't sit still for Mommy again this month and let's be honest, you really don't sit still at all anymore. I was going to get 13+ month stickers, but not sure if it's worth it, yet.


You wanted to rip the sticker off so bad.


You are a little stinker.

At your 1 year Doctor visit on July 3, 2012...

You weighed 23 lbs (88%).

You were 29 1/2 inches long (59%).


Your head was 18 inches round (93%).

You are always on the go.


You are totally walking on your own (sometimes running) all over the place!!

You are always getting into everything. "Who me?"


You have found some new places to hide or sneak into...behind the couch, into the bathtub or side of the toilet. 


You sometimes like to get into your puppies kennels, too.


You like to give yourself kisses in the mirror.


You went on your first airplane ride to New York City. Which meant a lot of firsts for not only you, but Mommy and Daddy, too. It was our first family vacation.


Your first time to a petting zoo.


You fighting sleep in Aunt Dana's van on our way to visit the Hamptons in NY.

Your first trip to the ocean.


You hated it. I think it was too loud and too cold for you.

You loved playing in the sand though.


You love the pool. You are spoiled that way.


You like the sprinkler.


And had no fear.

You try pretty much any type of food we give you. No complaints yet.

You see anybody eating anything and you are immediately by their side begging for some.

You love the cheddar penguins from Walgreens. They are your favorite snack right now.


You absolutely love ice cream of any form.

You are still repeating several words:

"bye, bye"
"no, no"

You have now begun to repeat a couple new ones:

"Papa" = Grandpa

You obviously don't say the word entirely clearly yet, but you can definitely tell you are trying to copy what we are saying. It's so fun.

You are eating about 8 oz of milk for feedings. We are going to start to transition you to cow's milk now that you are one.

You love drinking water, but are not a fan of juice, yet.

Your sleep schedule has been pretty much the same. Mommy & Daddy love waking up to this happy, smiley face.


You love to be outside.


You love to swing.

You experienced your first ear infection, your first trip to Urgent Care and your first time with meds.

You had your first (and hopefully only) allergic reaction to Amoxicillan.


You love walks in the stroller.

You are going after the dogs more and more now that you can walk and run. They usually scatter away from you.

You are talking all the time, especially when you are mad or angry. Then it is like you are cursing in another language.

You love to dance to any kind of music!

You have started to drool like crazy again.

You are teething big time.

You still only have 4 upper teeth and 4 bottom teeth, but your gums are swollen and you constantly are chewing on your right side..

You like to play air guitar with Mommy's brush.


You love sitting in the shopping cart.

You love to people watch and are so curious.

You have the biggest and most beautiful eyes.


You We love when your hair is in a ponytail.


You look like such a little person and way too old.

You got your first haircut in the salon on June 15, 2012.


You did so good sitting in the chair and letting the lady cut your hair.


You love your Auntie Amie and she loves you, too!


You still love bath time.

You and Daddy celebrated his first Father's Day. We went out to dinner to celebrate. This is you sleeping on Daddy on our way into the restaurant. It melts Mommy's heart.


You are now generally wearing all 12 month clothes (a few smaller onesies) and even a few 18 month things, but not many.

Your giggle is the best thing in this entire world.

You are still wearing size three diapers.

You had your first birthday in New York!


You love to make funny faces.


You love kisses from your puppy Bella.


You are growing to be such a big girl.

You are just so special and  I want to squeeze you all the time.


We love you so much!


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