Monday, July 23, 2012

Wendy's Baby Shower

Sunday June 17, 2012

It was Father's Day, but it was the only weekend The Mahoney's could come into town from Kansas, so we spent the afternoon honoring Wendy and her baby bump!

It was a great day, celebrating one of my besties. We threw the shower at Kristin's house and split up the tasks.

We started out with introductions and a quick game of measuring the bump.


Wendy's Mom, Tammy, brought the cake. It was so cute and yummy. Here is the food table.


We ate, chatted for a bit and then all of us made a scrapbook page for Wendy to take home with her. We each took a month, so she has a book going from month 1 to 12 months. It was so fun and such a great idea Kristin had.

After scrapbooking, Wendy opened gifts.


We took some photos.


1. Kristin, Wendy (Mom to be) and Me. Note: Kristin is also pregnant and they are due just a few days apart.
2. Grammy Vanny (Pat's Mom), Wendy and Grammy Tammy (Wendy's Mom).
3. Wendy and her Mom, Tammy.

And then we just hung out for a bit.


1-3 People standing around talking before shower started.
4. Pat talking before shower.
5. Hailey fell asleep in the chair with her bottle while we were scrapbooking.
6. Hailey loving Kristin's pups.
7. Hailey and Kennedy looking out the front door.
8. Hailey hanging out.
9. Kristin and her son, Blake.

It was such a great day! Happy pregnancy, Wendy!! Love you!

Mrs. Mama D

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