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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Ride {2012}

Let's just start out this post by saying Thank You to my wonderful Husband, who loves me unconditionally and supports me in all my neurotic tendencies. This wouldn't have been possible without him and his help of making phone calls and his understanding. Us getting this car was the result of us at the dealership 3 days in a row. Love you, honey!

Now, to reveal my beautiful new ride. I'm so proud of it and love it so much. I want to drive everyone, everywhere.. Who wants to drive? I WILL!!

Here are the specs:

Year/Make/Model: 2008 Chevrolet Equinox LS
Exterior Color: Sandstone Metallic
Engine: 6 Cyl.
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 61,916

City MPG: 17
Hwy MPG: 24

And now here she is...


Isn't she a bute? Ha. What shall I name her?

If you know me in real life or have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I just got a "new" car at the end of September, actually September 26, 2011, to be exact. Well, just about 4 months to the day I got THIS "new" one. While it's not new (obviously it's a 2008) and it's really nothing fancy, like a BMW or Mercedes or anything, it is "new to me" and perfect for me AND my family.


Last September we purchased a 2007 Dodge Caliber. See this post HERE for a few pictures. While I liked the car initially, I wasn't in love with it and I knew that leaving the lot. I felt like it was my best option at the time, so we went for it. It was something we could afford and somewhat of a crossover type with what we thought was more room than my 2002 Toyota Camry. Overall it was a great vehicle, but with my Husband being a bigger guy, he hated it and called it the micro machine. He refused to drive it, let alone ride in it. So that was that. There were also a few other things it was lacking and therefore prompted us to start looking. Again.


I used to drive a 1991 Chevy Blazer S10 in High School and post HS (from about 1999-2004), courtesy of my Dad and I loved it.Then it became old and needed fixing and after throwing some money into, we traded that off in 2004 for a 2002 Toyota Camry. While I loved my Toyota Camry (I had that for almost 8 years), I always really missed driving an SUV. I figured since the Caliber is somewhat of a crossover, it would totally fit our needs. Wrong. It did sit higher, which I liked, but it just wasn't cutting it with the space we needed. I feel like the Equinox is not only more roomy, but has such a warm and homey feeling to it, compared to the Caliber.

Front seat // Back seat


Bigger back end.


Look at all the room and potential it has.

Love the dashboard.


Ain't it purty?



I love that it has the AUX option, so I can still hook up my IPOD for trips. That was one thing I did like about the Caliber.


One of MY main reasons for wanting to get rid of the Caliber (besides Wayne hating it) is because it didn't have power locks. Or power windows for that matter, but that was not as important or convenient as power locks. Yes, I knew that when we bought it, but I thought it was something that I could just get used to. Something I would have to adapt to. I thought it would be simple. Wrong. Do you know how hard that is. Extremely. Especially with a baby in a car seat, a purse, a diaper bag and whatever else I usually tote around. Let's just say there were many a times where there was cursing going on. It was VERY inconvenient. Actually, I hated it to be totally honest.

So between now having everything power, lots more space, my Husband actually liking the vehicle and not whispering underneath his breath about how dumb it is, I am truly a happy Wife and Momma.

What's that live and you learn? Well we did just that.

And what's that other saying? Happy Wife = Happy Life...haha. right again.


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