Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hailey Jo {7 months}

January 26, 2012

This is you at 7 months old:


On January 12th you went to the Dr for your 6 month check-up and...

You weighed 18 lbs 6 oz. (86%).

You were 27 3/4 inches long (95%).

Your head was 17 3/4 inches round (96%).


You have tried all the beginner fruits and veggies and are now onto more diverse food combos, such as  Banana Mango or Pear & Wild Blueberry for breakfast and Beef and Vegetable or Apples and Chicken for dinner.

You have pretty much liked everything you have tried so far.


You eat a fruit combo in the morning (with Oatmeal) and a vegetable/protein combo at night (with Rice cereal).

You eat about 4 oz of milk for daytime feedings and about 6 oz of milk at bedtime.

You are usually in bed by about 9pm and sleep until about 8am...on average. You are still sleeping great and Mommy really appreciates that.

You love to pull on the dogs hair. They have started to get a little nervous around you because you like to scream at them. It makes us laugh.


You still put everything in your mouth.

You are such a drool machine! You go through about 3-4 bibs a day.


(Do you see that string of drool? Can't get away from it.)

You love your jumperoo and your walker.

You are really grabbing onto things on your jumperoo and activity gym and pulling on them.

You now sit up by yourself for long periods of time.


You still have deep, gray eyes.

Your hair is still growing and Mommy actually had to cut your bangs. This is a before and after shot.


You are growing right on rack, but are still our peanut.

You are wearing a few 3-6 month clothing, but are mostly in all 6 month clothing and pajamas.

Your giggle is the best thing in this entire world.

You are officially in size three diapers.

You open your mouth when we kiss you like you are trying to kiss back.

You have two teeth now. Mommy and Daddy were so surprised, because you were not even fussy at all.


You have definitely found your teeth and make funny faces.

You are always talking and making noise.

You still don't care for your nuk at all. I can't even remember the last time you had it.

You still don't like tummy time, but pull your knees underneath you almost like you are ready to crawl. You don't last very long on your tummy at all, though and we find you rolling over to your back.

You love when we hold your hands and you stand up. You are so proud.

You LOVE your jumper you got for Christmas.


One morning Mommy put you in there for just a little bit and you fell asleep still holding your teether.


You LOVE bath time. We still do bath's in the infant tub, because you are just really starting to sit up on your own and Mommy is a nervous nelly.


You have so much hair, so one night I tried this just to see what your reaction would be. You didn't try and fight me or anything. You just laid there and loved it.


You rocked your first pony tail one night after bathtime.


You are the most adorable little human being on this planet and your smile is infectious.

We love you so much and cherish each and every single day with you!



Anne said...

Cute, cute, cute! I can't wait for her to meet her bff Ellie!

Gabriella said...

She is precious! Happy 7 months, Hailey! :)

Leah D said...

I know! Do you have any trips to Minny planned?

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