Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I recently started working out again. I had taken a break, which was partly by choice and partly because I have been so busy and/or lazy lately. It's hard for me to get motivated about it, even though I REALLY want to be and I know that I more importantly NEED to be.

Being pregnant for the short time I was I put on a few pounds. Some people wouldn't think anything of it, because that is "normal", but I had also put on a few pounds even before that as well. I haven't been feeling the greatest about my appearance lately and to put it simply I've been feeling "frumpy."

I know that with my surgery about a month ago I couldn't really get back into anything for a couple weeks, even though I was dying to get back in the gym again. Now I have no more excuses and need to get my butt going.

I know it's also not just a physical thing, I know I need to eat a lot better. I am also working on that. I had started months ago in preparation for pregnancy, but then once again used the excuse of the miscarriage and the surgery and just said to myself, "well we can't try for awhile anyways, I'll start up again in a month or so."

Well, that is exactly what is wrong with my mindset. I need to stop thinking of the just right now and think of the future of my health, body and mind. To me, it's all related. When they say that physical activity can help relieve stress, etc. they are right.

I've been struggling the past 3 weeks or so with headaches. I asked my Dr about it yesterday at my post-op appointment to see if they may be related in some way to hormone levels, etc. she said they may be tension headaches and stress related. I've never experienced headaches like these in my life. She also told me that if they continue to see my regular dr.
In conclusion, you will most likely be seeing more posts like this from me that involves working out, exercising, eating better, etc. as I continue on this never-ending journey of well-being.


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