Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Not} Going Gluten Free

I get the daily Jillian Michaels email.

Anyone else?

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I love her!!

Some of the articles in the email apply to me and I read them, and some I just skim through and delete.

Yesterday's email was extremely helpful.

I was pretty clueless when it comes to what "gluten-free" truly means and why some people are "gf."

I do know what celiac disease is and that whole part of it.

THIS article gave me lots of really good points.

A few major ones that I didn't know or made me think further:

"Most people do not have to worry about gluten and should eat whole grains as part of a balanced diet."

"The average person won’t get any additional health benefits from foods with the “gf” labels and these new products may even be less healthy."

"Gluten is found in many whole-grain foods that have an array of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and are vital to a healthy diet."

"Don’t be fooled — gluten-free doesn’t automatically mean “low calorie” or “healthy.” In fact, gluten-free foods are not only more expensive, but full of extra calories and sugars to make up for taste and texture when alternative products are swapped."

Like I said before, I know what celiac disease is and know that being "gf" does wonders for those people. I also know of people who are "gf" just for the hell of it, because they think it's healthier. I'm not judging anyone. Whatever you want to do for you is great. I'm just sick of feeling guilty about NOT being "gf" and wondering if we should be. This article makes me feel a little better about it all. I don't have to constantly worry if I am making the wrong choice or not. Bottom line is I need to do what's right for my family. If we continue to eat a mostly healthy and balanced diet, and we continue to work out regularly, we will be just fine, right?


Is anyone out there gluten-free? I would love to hear your story and insight.


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~Dawn~ said...

Thanks for sharing this because I was beginning to have the same feelings you did about GF - that it is healthier for everyone.

I agree, healthy meal choices and keeping activity a part of your daily life is essential.

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