Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Highlights: March 28 - March 30, 2014

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Friday after work, Hailey and I met my Mom and sister, Amie, at Perkins for dinner. I was totally fine all day long and then as soon as we got there I was NOT feeling well at all and actually puked (I know TMI) a few times after getting home. I think it was just a little bug. I felt better most of the rest of the weekend, minus a few moments each day. Not a fun way to spend a Friday night.

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Saturday I attended the 2nd Annual Minnesota Blogger Favorite Things Party. I was a horrible blogger and didn't take ANY pictures. I get SO mad at myself when I do this. You think I would learn. The premise behind it is you bring 3 of your favorite items ($5 max) (mine was Cocoa Butter lotion cause I am currently obsessed with it) and then your name is drawn and you get to go up to the table of "Favorite Things" and pick one thing at a time for 3 rounds. I came home with lots of chocolate, hair ties, pasta, a dressing shaker, and of course a Brit fan.

Thanks Andrea for the picture and for being a fellow Britney fan.

I also got to hang out with all these lovely people! Thanks Zhenya for the pic!

The rest of Saturday was spent hanging around the house and being lazy. I also went to bed super early because I knew Sunday was going to be busy.

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Sunday, we went and moved Gramma out of the GROSS house. You can read about that HERE. It was a pretty good day all around. Just long. This is one of the things I ended up taking.

So, a rock, her little desk that I think I am going to re-do at some point, some dishes of hers and her newest pot and pan set (Thanks Paula Deen). Other people took some things and the rest my MIL is going to have a garage sale at some point. Once we got home Sunday night, we unpacked and organized a little, but I was totally not into it, so there is still some of that to do. We ate dinner, my BIL Andy stopped by to said Hi, we got Hailey to bed and then I watched a couple of my shows to catch up.

Overall, a pretty good weekend.

How was yours?

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ajs {of MN} said...

it was great seeing you saturday, i hope you were feeling ok then- bummer you had a crappy friday night!

you are SO welcome for the brit fan... thank you for being a fellow brit lova!! ;)

i hope you love the dressing shaker and make something tasty with the random box of orzo! ;)

~Dawn~ said...

So fun seeing you Saturday - wish we could have talked more. Ahhh! Let's get together again soon, tho, K?

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

Wish I could have talked to you on Saturday! It was such a big group. Glad you were there, though :)

Sarah said...

So fun to see you Saturday! We should try to get the girls for a play date together!

Brittany said...

Glad you were feeling well enough to make it to the party :) it was good to see you.

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