Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday {10.11.2013}

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First off, will you please say a prayer for Wayne's Green Gramma. She's back in the hospital again, for the second time. The first time was back at the end of August. She is having some heart issues that we thought were resolved, but apparently not. She's got plans to move back here to MN within the next couple months and I can't wait to have her back! She will still be 2 hours away, but it will be tons better than having her in AZ. In the meantime please pray for her. Thanks loves.

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Wayne starts back on his weight-loss program again on Monday. At the end of his program and about the same time his gallbladder started acting up (middle of August) Bouari changed their name to Soza and decided to go a different advertising route. So we said OK, he focused on dealing with his gallbladder issues, we had the State Fair, his surgery and recovery and well, now they want to start up again. So here we go. He ended at 298 (just under his first goal of 300) and now is starting back at 306. His new goal is to get down to 270 by December 10th a/k/a Jingleball. If you want to catch up start HERE and HERE.

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Speaking of Jingleball, this year is going be HUGE and they are announcing artists today! I'm so pumped!! This will be my 6th Jingleball!!

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I am so excited that H&M opened in Ridgedale (a local mall close to me). So convenient. Also, a Kate Spade is opening in the Galleria and Madewell is opening in the Mall of America. Although Madewell is way too expensive for my tastes as far as clothes go, it's still pretty exciting. And I'm excited to go check out the Kate Spade store, even if I don't buy anything.

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Since last Friday, I have worked out 3 times. Last Saturday (Zumba), last Sunday (Core) and yesterday(HIIT). I missed out on Tuesday's Insanity class cause Wayne had to be at WE Day even earlier then I would be getting up, so it didn't work out, but I am still proud of myself. I could've just not gotten up on Thursday and went back to my old ways. But I didn't and I'm determined to make this a real habit.

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Unknown said...

You worked out three times! Congrats I can't recall the last time that I did. =\

Also, I've always wanted to go to Jingle Ball!! Can't wait to hear about it!

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