Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits {09.03.2013]

First off...WOWZA. I can't believe it's September already and we are experiencing fall weather. Not sure how I feel about that one yet. I know everyone is jumping on the Blogtember that is happening over at SOML, but I just am not that organized for that right now.

The MN State Fair is done and I, for one, am so happy about it. I finally have my Husband back and my life can go back to some kind of normal. We went 2 times this year, which is less than normal, but plenty this year with the heat. We got in all the yummy foods we needed and then some.

I usually take weekends off for blog posts and I counted yesterday as part of the weekend. So no Music Monday yesterday, but I'm already thinking of next week, so stay tuned.

My Babygirl starts full time daycare this week. Both of us decided to take her this morning, since she starts in a new room, with a new cubby, new(ish) teachers and new(ish) friends. Usually Wayne drops off and I pick up, but we both decided to go to make the transition complete. She's already been in this class off and on for about a month now, but she will officially be moved over starting today. We'll see how we all are at the end of the week. I know that a lot of parents are going through the whole 1st day of school business, so just know that I kind of get it, too, OK? OK.

We have regressed in the whole potty training department. She did SO good at the fair both Friday AND Saturday and then for some reason on Sunday she just wasn't into it. We were home most of the day, too and it just wasn't clicking. It's so hard to not get frustrated or discouraged, but I'm trying to not let it get to me. Monday was more of the same. I'm hoping to get her back on track this week and keep at it and hopefully school will help me re-enforce it as well.

Anyways, that's all I got for today. Hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend and I hope you all have a great first week of September.


Sarah said...

Bummer about the potty training regression! I'm so amazed that she did the fair! Did you bring a portable potty with you or just hold her over the toilets at the fair? We haven't ventured out of the house with undies on Aubrey yet- I'm so intrigued by how you did it!

Jen @ wonderfullyunkempt said...

I hope Hailey loves her new room and going full time!!

Momma B said...

I'm so glad the fair is over too! As a fellow Minnesotan I get sick if hearing about it. I get really excited to go every year and stuff my face, but once I've gone I don't want to hear anymore about it until next year!

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