Monday, August 12, 2013

Music Monday {Vol. 7}

A few months ago my Husband started working with a country station down in AZ (WILD 97.1), where he voice tracks the night show from MN. Since then he says country music has started to grow on him a little. He would mention songs and artists here or there, but he's never actually bought anything. He's always been a fan of Toby Keith since he was little, but that's about it.

So that brings us to two weekends ago, on our way to my family reunion. He tells me he bought some new tunes.

 photo IMG_7065_zps384d0ea2.png

So then, after listening to nothing but that the whole day to and from the reunion, I decided I would embrace the country too and put it on my iPod. Well, I have been completely obsessed with this song:

"Get Your Shine On" by Florida Georgia Line

Anyone else? Aren't they dreamy?

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcQftzB2dcfmIPoRny1iB_zps895c8355.jpg

Thanks Hubby for getting me semi-hooked on country music. I could see this snowballing, too as one of my good friends, Katie, LOVES country music. Over the weekend she brought her laptop over and dumped a bunch of country music on my computer for me to go through and listen to. Needless to say she's loving it and is 100% enabling me! THANKS KATIE!

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