Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday {Vol. 5}

This week it's all about the Backstreet Boys. Their new album, In A World Like This, comes out tomorrow!

I'm a sucker for boy bands and especially this one!

Here is a newbie off of their new album: "In A World Like This"

And just because I LOVE them so much, here is one of my favorite oldies: "Everybody"

This is their 8th studio album (7th in the U.S.). This is the 1st album featuring all 5 original members in 6 years. It will also be their first independent release since they left their old label, Jive Records, in 2010. It is also their 20th Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary boys! What boy band is your favorite?


~Dawn~ said...

Pretty sure I was going to 'marry' Nick Carter at one point in my life...LOL Love me some BSB!! :)

Allie | LunaVida said...

I was borderline obsessed with BSB back in the day :P
New follower here!


ajs {of MN} said...

BSB! looooooooooove them! i also really loved finding my CDs and my 14year old niece looking at me saying "WHO!?"

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