Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday {07.26.2013}

Here are 5(ish) things I'm loving from this week!

 photo H54F_zps5f1a2011.png

1. Royal Baby. Need I say more? I pretty much love anything to do with those Brits and all their royalness. So happy for them!

 photo Collage-royalbaby_zps7d03674a.jpg

2. Candy. These have been my addiction lately. Has to be Strawberry. MMmm.

 photo IMG_6457_zps0e903c90.jpg

3. Make-up. New favorite mascara.

 photo IMG_6451_zpsd462ccbe.jpg

4. Toddler shoes. Not a very good picture, but I picked these sandals up for Hailey at Tar-jay for $10. They are SO cute on her.

 photo 2013-06-26190650_zps81a11cb2.jpg

5. Fun. I saw this on Pinterest this week and even though I don't drink vodka anymore, it still pretty much hits the nail on the head.

 photo IMG_0051_zps823734e2.png

And because I HAVE to throw a picture of my loves in here SOMEWHERE.

My Peanut.

 photo Collage-Hailey_zpsf72a1e60.jpg

And my crush. Yes, I'm still crushin after 10+ years.

 photo IMG_5237_zps20171020.jpg

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

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~Dawn~ said...

I'm usually not too obsessed with the 'royal' anything, but I really got into waiting and watching for the little {prince} to arrive and what they'd name him. Will and Kate are just so cute together! They seem pretty genuine!

Have a great weekend :)

Sarah said...

Aubrey has those same sandals! Too cute!

Oh and I use that same mascara. I love it!

Happy friday!

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