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Hailey Jo {17 months}

November 26, 2012

This is you at 17 months.

 photo IMG_1452_zps3bb06d62.jpg

On October 28th, we went to the pumpkin patch and you picked out your own pumpkin.

 photo Collage-PumpkinPicking_zps6c08412a.jpg

You and Daddy carved it together.

 photo Collage-Carving_zps7339e4e2.jpg

You thought the guts were a very weird texture.

You didn't sit still the whole time, but a lot longer than what we thought.

You were a cupcake for Halloween 2012.

 photo Collage-Halloween_zps79c7ee30.jpg

You went to Grandma Kimmy's house and to Papa & Gramma Karla's house to trick or treat.

On November 2nd, we had a play/dinner date at the EP mall with the Drankas that were in town.

 photo Collage-DrankaVisit_zps16ca1f16.jpg

You love playing with friends and Mommy loves to see you and Ellie together.

You love playing at the mall. Now that it is cold outside, it is a great place to burn some energy.

 photo IMG_1480_zpsb12f1b9b.jpg

You still love your Minnesota Vikings!

Still supporting her Vikings!! photo IMG_3920_zpsa23e63a1.jpg

You make the funniest faces!

 photo Collage-FunnyFaces_zps900b91d9.jpg

You still love to cuddle with Daddy in the mornings.

 photo 9a0611e9-f891-44fc-8ce9-4ec69625ce15_zpsa01f278b.jpg

You enjoyed our annual Stager Christmas on November 10th at the Wright's house.

 photo StagerXmas1_zps0e7d7d37.jpg

You love your Papa (Grandpa) so much!

 photo StagerXmas_zpsa6425044.jpg

You love to give kisses.

You are still climbing up on everything and being so adventurous.

 photo Collage-Climbing_zps14c13fa9.jpg

Your favorite snack right now are cereal bars.

 photo Collage-CerealBar_zpse175bd73.jpg

You got to meet Philip Phillips at Daddy's work on November 13th.

 photo Collage-PhilipPhilips_zps3c473aa1.jpg

You got another hair cut on November 18th.

 photo Collage-HairCut_zps48f44688.jpg

You are just so beautiful. I can't get over it.

 photo IMG_4062_zpsd802c683.jpg

Before that though I liked putting your hair in a little pony on the top of your head.

 photo Collage-Ponytail_zps83139f67.jpg

You still love to wear Mommy's shoes around the house.

 photo Collage-Shoes_zps642f7ab5.jpg 

You still enjoy bath time.

 photo IMG_4095_zps048d398e.jpg

You sit like such a big girl on a regular chair now when you eat.

 photo IMG_4114_zps2a533d62.jpg

Your puppy Bella, loves to sit by you still and catches everything that you feed her drop.

 photo IMG_4117_zpsa642e3a7.jpg

We will often find her or one of your other puppies laying outside your bedroom door at night.

 photo IMG_1534_zps4b1af8a3.jpg

You sometimes like to play in their kennels.

 photo IMG_1523_zps1363e6c8.jpg

You sometimes will just sit and watch a show in Mommy's chair, but it usually doesn't last for that long.

 photo IMG_4084_zps03191ef8.jpg

For Thanksgiving we went to Papa and Gramma Karla's house like we do every year. We saw Great Grandma Kleene, Great Auntie Laurie and other cousins. It was a great family day.

 photo Collage-Thanksgiving_zps9f839d12.jpg

You went with Mommy & Daddy to go visit Grandpa Todd at the cemetary.

 photo Collage-VisitingGranpaTodd_zps78a79991.jpg

You have the best smile and dimple in the whole world and I love to smooch your cheeks!

 photo Collage-MeampH_zps2703fd4e.jpg

You are getting to be such a big girl.

 photo 3ofus_zps1b962910.jpg

I love our little family and you so much!!


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