Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WILW and Insta Lately!! {02.27.2013}

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1. I'm Loving this newer artist...Olly Murs. He was in the KDWB Skyroom at the beginning of February. 

The D Fam with Olly Murs photo 407576_4830878483421_225622670_n_zps529a0195.jpg

2. I'm Loving this song that he sings! I am so obsessed!

3. I'm Loving my new mascara that I purchased recently.

 photo IMG_4912_zpsee4ac82d.jpg

4. I'm Loving that this little girl is sitting on the potty more and more everyday. Going both 1 and 2 by the way. So pumped!!

H going on the potty. photo 6f2c9d146e8811e2901022000a9e13ab_7_zps977a13e0.jpg

5. I'm Loving these cute boots I picked up for Hailey. You can never go wrong with black sequins.

 photo Collage-boots_zpsf46fd338.jpg

6. I'm Loving this Puma track suit that Hailey got for a late Christmas present from The Hortons. It's so adorable!

 photo IMG_4821_zps120ac882.jpg

And she looks so cute in it!

 photo IMG_4907_zps64facb29.jpg

7. I'm Loving my new workout tops and our new gym membership. I've been more motivated lately not only with going to the gym and working out, but with what I am eating & drinking. I'm also Loving Zumba classes.

 photo IMG_5121_zps295f8251.jpg

8. I'm Loving the way I am feeling lately. I recently gave up having Caribou Coffee on a daily basis and I have to tell you I am feeling a lot better. I feel like I have more energy and I think with drinking more water and working out only a couple times a week is helping too.  It's only been 2 weeks today, but I'm Loving it!

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcRWsC-MgHfgPKkR3Bp8K_zpsa9bc2568.jpg

9. I'm Loving my Eric Condren Life Planner that I received last week and have gotten so many compliments on it.

 photo IMG_5133_zps18bf415c.jpg

10. I'm Loving this little girl and the man I made her with. They just light up my life!

 photo Insta4_zps5b897d61.jpg



Andrea @ Love is... said...

Ah, so many fun things! So glad you're feeling better & enjoying your workouts. It's amazing how just changing things a little, can make such a big difference. I fell off the wagon when I got sick a few weeks ago & need to get back on track. As I sit here laying on the couch blogging, when I should probably work out.... Yeah, about that. = )

Perfectly Jenn said...

I gave up coffee when I started Advocare and loved substituting it with Spark but of course I've fallen off the wagon and gone back to my beloved coffee most days. Some days though I crave Spark. There are some great Advocare products that could help you with your goals if you're interested let me know.

I adore your photos and your sweet little Hailey! I've used that mascara too and love it!

Thanks for linking up!

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