Thursday, August 30, 2012

New York, New York {Days 5, 6 & 7}

So instead of doing the whole week long vacation in one blog post,
I decided to break it up and do a couple days at a time.

Wayne's Aunt Dana, Uncle Jason and their two boys, Logan and Jackson, live on Long Island in a small town called Point Lookout. It's BEAUTIFUL. They moved there a couple years ago from Florida, so it was not only our first time out there to visit them at their new house and in their new city, but it was our first time in New York. Wayne's Green Grandma was also there for the week, as well as his brother Andy. We really had a great week and did lots of fun things. It was our first family vacation as the three of us AND Wayne's first vacation since our honeymoon back in 2007. Let's just say it was a much anticipated trip. Hailey also turned 1 years old while we were there!

To catch up:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Andy left this morning. It was fun to experience some of New York with him and I'm so glad he was with us on Hailey's 1st birthday.

After Dana dropped Andy off at the airport that morning we hung out for awhile and then walked to the local park that is just right down the street from their house. It was very warm outside, but we had to get out for at least a little bit. Jackson wanted to help with Hailey and so we swung, went down the slides and climbed on the equipment.


Love my adventurous little lady. She really has no fear.


Later that day we headed off to our tattoo appointment with KT at Lone Wolf Tattoo. We had talked to Dana before our trip and told her while we were there that we wanted to each get a tattoo. We had both been wanting one for a long time and were going to get them while we were in LA in May, but ran out of time. We thought New York would be the perfect time to get them done. Dana asked around and found a place that her sister-in-law had gotten her tattoo at. It was perfect.


Wayne went first.


He got 'Hailey' tattooed on the inside of his left wrist.


He made it look so easy. I was not in the most comfortable position.


My many faces of pain (as I call them) and me squeezing onto him tight. Wayne didn't have any qualms about documenting my pain.Can you see him in the background smiling and laughing at me?


Finished product.


Oh what an experience. I have great respect for people that get anything more than I got.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today we decided to take a drive to Southhampton. We had lunch at a local sandwich shop. Delicious. After lunch we walked around and looked in the shops and after finding out we couldn't afford ANYTHING, we stopped at the candy shop, grabbed a few snacks and then headed home.


It was a fun, but long day.

Of course Floyd was there throughout the whole week. I know the Monti Family is not complete without mentioning Floyd.


What a handsome boy. Love him!

Friday, June 29, 2012

It was time to go home. Dana dropped us off at the airport in the morning and we had a good flight home. We didn't have an extra seat on the way back, so it was a little cramped, but we made it.


Hailey was so excited to be back in Minnesota!

My Mom came and picked us up from the airport and we headed home. It was a great, but exhausting week. We enjoyed every minute and made some great memories and spent quality time with loved ones. We had such great hosts. Thank you to The Monti Family for welcoming us into your home and letting us stay with you. We love you all so much!

We were having Hailey's 1st birthday party a/k/a her Puppy Party on Sunday and this Mama had so much to do before then.

Stay tuned for the details of her Puppy Party!


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