Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five For Friday! {02.17.2012}

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Here's five of my favorite things from this past week:


1. We got our tax money in the bank!! Cha-ching! So happy that I can continue to pay off a few things (little by little) and we don't have to live paycheck to paycheck.
2. I found a swimsuit that I feel comfortable wearing. It's a total mom swimsuit, but what's important to me is that it's not so revealing and super comfortable. My boobs are huge and I just don't want to feel self-conscious or weird. I want to look good, but really it's more about comfort for me. 99% of the time I will be with Hailey swimming, and bending over and twisting and turning and holding her, etc. The list goes on and on. It needs to serve a purpose now more than anything else.

3. We got a new laptop tonight. It will take some getting used to, but so far so good.We've had it for about 2 hours now.


4. I am so proud of the continuing progress with my Husband's weight loss. I can tell that he is losing weight by just looking at him. It's kinda crazy. I love that his clothes are fitting better and he's gaining more self confidence.

5. This weekend. Wayne is going out of town, so it's just me and the babe and I don't have anywhere to be. I plan on cleaning my house, getting caught up on my DVR, spending some quality time with the Babe, napping, playing around online with our new computer.


What are your favorite things this week?

Mrs. Mama D

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Momma B said...

Hi Leah! I do live in Minnesota! I think my husband bought me that same laptop for v-day, I looooove it! And I know all too well how the 'mom suit' goes...

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