Friday, February 10, 2012

High Five For Friday! {02.10.2012}

TGIF!!! I am linking up with something new this week. Go check out Lauren's blog: "From My Grey Desk" for her High Five for Friday link up!


You share five of you favorite things this week. Here are mine.

1. NY Giants winning the Superbowl.


I am a huge fan of both Manning brothers and am hoping Peyton comes to the Vikings next year. Purple 18 jersey? Yes please! Well, enough about Peyton. This is about Eli. He has now won TWO superbowls, both against the Patriots and both against Tom Brady! He had so many people talking crap about him this year when they lost 4 in a row.Just goes to show you, never give up!

2. New England Patriots losing the Superbowl.


I am NOT a Patriots fan or a Tom Brady fan. I think he is a whiny baby.

3. Kelly Clarkson at the Superbowl.


I love her and thought she did such a great job singing the National Anthem and looked stunning doing it

4. I have Ben's 1st Birthday party tomorrow at my friend, Laura's house. Looking forward to seeing her, her 3 boys as well as her family. Go look at THIS picture of him the day he was born.

5.And of course this little face is my favorite-st of the week:


What are your favorite things this week?

Mrs. Mama D

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